Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Weekend Before Christmas

This weekend is the weekend before Christmas and I am feeling really ordinary. We've put up a new Christmas tree in the living room since early December to get the Christmasy feeling in the house but other than that I haven't really prepared much for Christmas. It's already December 21st and I haven't done any Christmas baking either. Both my husband and I were busy with our daily life and work as per normal. Nothing special happened in the past couple of weeks as if Christmas mood had not sunken in. A side effect of not going back to Indonesia for Christmas holiday perhaps? Nevertheless, I am still looking forward to the actual Christmas Day next Thursday because my husband and I plan to have a small Christmas gathering with some friends here.

Decorating the new Christmas Tree.

On last Friday evening, my husband texted me, asking if I had a special plan for the last couple weekends of 2014. I replied him with one syllable "Oh." While I thought my husband would plan something kinda special this weekend, like a Christmas shopping in the malls and such, he suddenly fell ill on Saturday morning. This said, we mostly just stayed at home yesterday, ate porridge and didn't even dine out for our nice weekend meals. Bummer to the max.

Anyhow, I would say the biggest highlight of this weekend is Naomi's first children Christmas celebration with her Sunday School teachers and fellows this morning (although we didn't join the celebration until the end as Naomi was acting cranky and naughty about an hour and a half into the celebration). Here's the detailed events.

The Christmas celebration in the church this morning started soon after the Sunday Service concluded. Before the celebration commenced, the thoughtful Sunday School teachers gave a pack of Milo and a piece of sausage bread to each participating kids so they wouldn't be hungry during the party. Not long after Naomi finished eating the sausage inside her first sausage bread, she passed the sausage-less (alias kosong) bread to her Dad and ran to the back of the Sunday School area asking for more bread. Obviously, she wanted to eat more sausages and the Sunday School teacher had to oblige to her demand. So yeah, while each kid had a piece of bread, my child had two.

Sing and dance your heart out!

When the  Christmas celebration finally started, Naomi was quite okay and she enjoyed looking at the Sunday School teachers singing and dancing with the other kids. Next, Naomi who still cannot abide the general rules of sitting quietly in the school, ran to the stage and took the teacher's bag that was full of Santa Claus hats! Those hats were meant to be the rewards for the children who could answer the Christmas pop quiz. How embarrassing. In the end, the teacher gave Naomi one Santa Claus hat even though she didn't answer any Christmas quiz. Heck, Naomi can't even speak yet.

Santa Claus hat for Naomi.

Naomi's typical drama was officially launched when the bible lesson for the kids began. Naomi insisted to leave the room where the Christmas celebration was held and explored the area outside the room. It was so tiring to follow her running around here and there until this kiddo herself was sweating like a pig. My husband also complained to me that he started developing headache following his toddler running around non-stop like crazy.

After a while entertaining Naomi's exploration, I had enough and forcefully carried her back to the Christmas celebration's room. Who knew that when I just managed to sit down, the next thing announced during the Christmas celebration was children games held outside the room, in the area where Naomi released her energy just moments ago. Waa... waa.. waa..

With this, I thought of just waiting for the next session in the room with Naomi, my husband and other Sunday School teachers while other parents and kids were having fun outside. As expected, Naomi wanted to follow where the crowd went. I tried to hold her to stay put in the room and wait for the Christmas presents distribution which was going to be done at the end of the celebration (I was once young too and I knew the most delightful part of Christmas celebration during Sunday School was receiving the Christmas gift from the Sunday School teachers!).

Moving on, when an elderly lady saw me trying to hold Naomi who was kicking and screaming, she strongly advised me to just bring Naomi outside so she could mingle with the other kids. I was like "Yeah, but this girl still doesn't understand. She will just mess around." The lady said, "No lah, let her go.". I reluctantly said "OK, loh..." and brought Naomi outside.

Just seconds after I let Naomi go outside, she immediately dashed to the games area and grabbed some of the props that the other children were going to use for the games. I heard people collectively saying "No, no, no, no!" in the background. We tried hard to make Naomi put the props back to where they belonged so the games could continue smoothly. However, Naomi didn't want to let the props go and made a scene as if Mommy and Daddy were forcing her to drink bitter gourd juice or something. My husband couldn't take this stress any longer and he told me that we should go back home first.

Alas, I asked the Sunday School teachers to excuse the three of us to leave the Christmas celebration earlier. Before we left, the teacher handed my husband Naomi's pack of food, which was meant to be given away to the kids at the end of the Christmas celebration.

Naomi loves fried chicken!

An hour later, after we reached home, my friend texted me saying that Naomi's name was called during the Christmas gifts' distribution but too bad, we already went back home.

Oh well.

This is my weekend before Christmas.

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