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Year End Giveaway with Human Nature Malaysia

Not sure if you still recall but back in June, I did a review and giveaway on Human Nature's products. To briefly re-introduce Human Nature to you, Human Nature offers various chemical-free personal and kids care products at affordable price that are very safe for the whole family. Just so you know, Human Nature is built as a socially responsible enterprise and the products' ingredients they use are directly bought from Asia's poorest farmers at a fair price so the company can, in a way, help them get out of poverty. In essence, we are changing these farmers' lives too when we use Human Nature's products. You can read more about my previous Human Nature's products review here.

Anyway, since my first encounter with Human Nature's products, I was hooked and am pretty much attached to a couple of its products namely the strengthening shampoo and conditioner. After I finished my first bottles, I've become their repeat hair care products buyer.

When I noticed that Human Nature was doing a flash sale not long ago, I didn't want to miss my chance to replenish my shampoo stocks at a discounted rate, hence I bought myself my much needed shampoos. The team at Human Nature Malaysia was so kind and together with my shampoo purchases, they sent me some of their items for me to review. Not only that, they are also once again sponsoring some of their products for you, my readers! More on the giveaway later.

Another goodies from Human Nature Malaysia are in the house!

Before we move to the most exciting part of this blog post, let me show you the products that Human Nature sent me to try this time around.

Sunflower Cleansing Oil

Personally, I don't wear make-up every single day but I do wear make up on special occasions or when I need to look somewhat 'proper' in public such as when I attend events like weddings or birthday parties, go to church, explore the big malls in KL, do some sightseeing or date my husband. Sometimes, I put on some make up too when I feel like dressing up or simply want to feel good about myself.

Human Nature's Sunflower Cleansing Oil.

Usually before going to bed every night, my routine would involve applying facial toner and night cream on my face and then I'm all good for my slumber. However, that is not the case when there's make up on my face. If I come back home with some make up on, I'd definitely need to cleanse my face thoroughly with a make-up remover first before applying any toner or night cream; otherwise I'd feel so guilty if I sleep with my make up on.

Me camwhoring with the Cleansing Oil.

The Human Nature's Cleansing Oil that I tested works quite effectively in cleansing my make-up, even for my waterproof lipstick and eye liner. It only takes one time application of this cleansing oil to remove my entire make up (including the eyes and lips areas). As this product is non-emulsifying, after massaging for about 1 minute or so and wiping the oil off with one or two cotton pads, we will need to wash it off with our regular cleanser or facial wash. This is probably the only hassle that I find from this product as we can't just apply toner right after using this oil. This oil also has a pretty strong after-use smell if we don't clean it thoroughly with facial wash or toner. Another good thing about this product is that the oil won't turn milky like other cleansing oils in the market. 

Purifying Strawberry Facial Scrub

Do you know that I love pampering my face with face mask once or twice a week? Other than pampering my face with face masks and getting the benefits from them, I think it's very important to exfoliate my face twice or three times a week in place of my daily cleanser as part of my beauty regimen.

Human Nature's Purifying Facial Scrub.

Exfoliating our face with facial scrubs removes dead skin cells that can leave our complexion appearing dull and clog up our pores. Using facial scrub is indeed one of the easiest ways to get a happy and healthy skin.

That's me applying the facial scrub.

If you are looking for a gentle facial scrub with a mild fruity scent, I'd recommend you try Human Nature's Strawberry Facial Scrub. It is made with real strawberry seeds and bamboo granules that effectively exfoliate my face and leaves me with clean and soft feeling. The scrubs are not too harsh for my face and this product exfoliates my face without any irritation nor redness.

Berry Bliss Healthy Lotion

If you love putting on body lotion that smells yummy, Human Nature's Berry Bliss Lotion is the one for you.

 Human Nature's All Natural Healthy Lotion.

It's a great all-natural moisturiser that doesn't make your skin feel greasy after application. It's perfect to be used after shower or just massage them all over your feet, arms and hands as often as you want.

Skin feels great and smells yummy!

What I like best about this lotion is actually its mixed berry fragrance. It smells so delicious and sweet, almost like candy or rather fruity bubble gum scent. Too bad the lotion is meant for my skin instead of my mouth; else, I'd have eaten it already. Just joking.

Chamomile Feminine Wash

To all women out there - do you want to keep your intimate area fresh and clean all day long? If your answer is yes, then please don't forget to wear pantyliner (and change it regularly) and use feminine wash daily.

Human Nature's All Natural Feminine Wash.

Human Nature's Feminine Wash is pH balanced and naturally formulated so it is perfectly safe for sensitive skin. To keep any odour, itchiness, irritation or vaginal infections at bay, I myself tend to use feminine wash more religiously during menstruation and for my post-partum care. To me, Human Nature's feminine wash is almost odourless, slightly lathers and doesn't give any stinging feeling when used. I like it.

And finally! Ding... Ding.. Ding...!!!


Again, we would like you to enjoy the tremendous goodness of natural personal care products and in this regard, Human Nature Malaysia is delighted to sponsor some of their products for TWO (2) lucky blog readersYou can consider this as our Christmas and New Year presents! If you didn't win at the previous giveaway, this is your chance to try your luck one more time! 


1st Prize: A bottle of 200ml All Natural Healthy Lotion (Berry Bliss or Blossom Beauty, you pick!) plus a product of your choice (choose from here, except the Overnight Elixir and bundle packs)

2nd Prize: A bottle of Purifying Strawberry Facial Scrub plus a product of your choice (choose from here, except the Overnight Elixir and bundle packs)

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  3. LEAVE A COMMENT below this blog post and tell me: Your name, city where you reside, email address and the Human Nature product of your choice that you would like to win.
This giveaway is open to readers in Malaysia only and ends on Tuesday, 30 December 2014. Two winners will be picked and contacted via email (and announced here in this blog post)! Please don't forget to state your email address in your comment so we can contact you if you win this contest.

Best of luck and here's wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2015!

** P/S: Human Nature Malaysia reserves the right to determine the size of the products (of the winners' choices) to be given away


Thank you for your support in joining this giveaway!

I am pleased to announce the two lucky winners of this giveaway:

1st Prize goes to Adeline Lim from Seremban

2nd Prize goes to Sheluth Nur from Kajang

Congratulations to you, ladies! An email to claim the prize has been sent to the respective winners. So winners, please try to respond to our email the soonest so Human Nature Malaysia can dispatch the goodies to you soon.

Happy New Year!


  1. OMG! This is the product I would love to try! :D My daughter has sensitive skin and I have been desperately looking for products that are "chemical-free at affordable price that are very safe for the whole family." And after I learned about Human Nature's products from its website, I can say "This is it!" The products I would like to try are All Natural Healthy Lotion and Natural Baby Wash. I choose these two products because of their natural ingredients. I hope I can win and thanks Christine for introducing their products! ~ Adeline Lim, Seremban (

  2. The giveaway is back! This time I would love to try MammoME Natural Body Wash. Products for all with chemical-free. Please let me win ok? Wink wink! Thanks a lot Christine. Merry Xmas & Happy New Year in advance.
    Nurul, Penang -

  3. My interest with nature products rose when I was pregnant with my first child in 2013. Since then, I became cautious with all the chemical products that may bring harm to children. We aim to live green, eat healthy, and take a very good care of ourselves and our surrounding environment.

    One of my 2015 resolutions is to have 'A masker day with hubby' once a week, hence, the 100% Natural Detoxifying Mask + Scrub is my choice. Thank you for the giveaway, Merry Xmas, and Happy New Year!

    Sheluth Nur, Kajang (

  4. I would love the Strawberry facial scrub. Tangarie Molette. Inez.

  5. Hello theree~ I would love to win the 2nd Prize, that strawberry facial scrub. Ive been having a hard time searching for scrubs that wouldnt irritate my skin perhaps an all-natural one would do the trick! *crossing fingers* Also, if given the chance i really wanna try their Sunflower Beauty Oil as ive heard really really good things :D

    You have a nice day and happy holidays!

    ♥ Nora
    ♥ Kota Kinabalu
    - shared on Pinterest, Twitter & G+

  6. I would like to win 1st prize which is Blossom Beauty lotion. It looks nice.
    Kien Mei, Labuan,

    Happy New Year!


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