Friday, September 26, 2014

Toddler Busy Bag: Making Felt Fish Tank

Since Naomi often gets excited and happy every time she sees fish swimming inside an aquarium or in a pond; last weekend, my husband and I bought a small aquarium and filled it with guppies. Unfortunately, all the fish survived in our new aquarium only for a day or two. We reckoned the fish could not stand the water changes in our aquarium and since we don't know how to fix this problem yet, our aquarium is now empty. My husband is not so keen in filling our aquarium with more fish as so not to kill more innocent fish, at least until we find out the solution to our aquarium's water.

Anyway, I was browsing DIY crafts for kids using felts (since I still have a lot of them) and came across toddler busy bag idea by creating an adorable fish tank using various colour of felts. The whole idea of this activity is for little kids to use their imaginations to recreate an aquarium/underwater scene, which they are already quite familiar with. This colourful play-set doesn't create much mess, is so easy and fast to make (no sewing needed). It only requires drawing, cutting and gluing works for Mommies.

The felt fish tank and its contents.

DIY Felt Fish Tank

  • White and blue felts
  • More felts with other colours
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Black marker

  1. Draw some ocean wave pattern on one side of the blue felt and cut it according to the pattern.
  2. Put some glue on the blue felt's top part (wavy pattern) and paste it to the white felt (see example above).
  3. Using the green felt, draw some coral or underwater plant shapes and cut the felt according to the shapes.
  4. Using several different colours of felt, draw fish shape and cut the felts according to it. Draw an eye and mouth to the fish felts using a marker.
So simple and straightforward, isn't it? For this play-set, the fish and coral felts are removable as we don't need to put any glue at the back of the felts. Hence, this activity can be played over and over again.

What happened once we put the fish and water plants inside the fish tank. 
Cute much?

Once I was done with making the fish tank and the colourful water creatures felts, I quickly presented them to Naomi. The below are a couple of pictures of Naomi when she was playing with her new fish without getting wet.

 Naomi and her fish tank.

As usual, for storage just pop them in a zip lock or plastic bag.

Placing her fish into the aquarium.

I will try playing this busy bag with Naomi again later and at the same time, do impromptu story telling about the fish inside the fish tank. I hope she'd find this activity more interesting this way.

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