Sunday, September 28, 2014

Toddler Busy Bag: Making Colour Matching Ducks and Ponds

I think I'm in love with colourful felts and must shamelessly admit that making toddler busy bags is indeed quite addictive.

I had a pretty slow Saturday this week because my husband and I didn't really have plan to spend our Saturday afternoon. To kill my free time at home yesterday, I kept myself busy by 'playing' with my colourful felts, glue and scissors again.

For my third busy bag, I came up with another colour-matching activity for preschoolers and this one doesn't need any sewing work (so not harassing my eyes and fingers!). I made some cute yellow ducks and their colourful ponds using assorted colour of felts. The objective of this busy bag is for kids to place or match the ducks to the right ponds based on to the ducks' wings colour. This time around, I pasted velcro tapes to one side of the felts so the ducks can stick to the ponds better and we won't lose them easily when utilizing them to keep kids occupied on-the-go.

Place the ducks to the right ponds.

DIY Colour-Matching Felt Ducks and Ponds

  • Yellow and orange felts for the ducks' bodies and beaks
  • Black felt for the ducks' eyes
  • Assorted colour of felts for the ducks' wings and ponds
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Paper
  • Puncher, optional
  • Velcro tapes, optional

The final results.

  1. Draw a circle shape on your colourful felts and cut them according to the shape. This round felts will serve as the ducks' ponds. Mine is about 8cm in diameter.
  2. Draw a duck shape on a paper (mine is about 6cm big) and trace this paper template onto the orange felt to create as many ducks as you want. Cut out to pieces.
  3. Cut a mini triangle shape on yellow felt for the duck' beak. Glue the yellow felt to the duck (orange) felt to create the ducks' beaks.
  4. Using a puncher, create a mini round shapes on black felt for the ducks' eyes and stick them to the felt ducks using glue. Alternatively, draw the eyes on the felt ducks using a black marker.
  5. Draw a wing shape on a paper and trace that paper template onto the colourful felts. Cut them to pieces and paste them to the felt ducks.
  6. Cute some velcro tapes and stick them to the back of each duck and the corresponding ponds (optional).

Stack them and pop them in a plastic bag for storage.

I tested this new busy bag to Naomi yesterday evening. I think the cute duck shape attracted Naomi most and she kept on playing with the ducks even before I finished creating the whole busy bag.

Naomi and her new DIY toys.

This morning when we went to KL to visit my nieces, I brought along this busy bag and introduced this activity to my 3 y/o niece who already goes to kindergarten. 

My niece matching the ducks to the ponds.

I took me only seconds to explain to her how to play with these ducks. Once she got the hang of it, we played this game 3-4 times before everyone called us to eat lunch.

Naomi and her cousin playing together.

I think my niece's reception towards this activity was overall better than Naomi because every time I challenged her to play this she was more interested and excited than Naomi was. Is it because generally Naomi gets bored to things faster? 

OK then, the next time I meet my niece again, I will let her play with all my busy bags and see how she responds to them. LOL.


  1. Christine, this is really colourful and nice. Where did you buy the Velcro tapes? Is it easily available?

    1. Hi Sabita, not sure where to get the velcro tapes because my husband gave me his leftover ones and he forgot where he got it! I checked with Mr. DIY but they don't sell it. Not sure about Daiso or maybe those shops selling crafts, metered cloths or fake flowers?


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