Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Little Model

To celebrate our wedding anniversary, my second pregnancy, my birthday and Naomi's second birthday; in August, my husband and I booked our studio maternity/kid photo session with a professional photographer we know in town. However, just days after we booked our session and paid the deposit, we unexpectedly lost baby #2. Because of this, we had to reshuffle our plans, including this studio photo shoot appointment.

As we were not able to take our deposit back should we cancel this studio photo session, my husband and I decided to just go ahead with our plan in taking pictures at the photo studio, with Naomi as the main star.

Fast forward, the set D-Date for the studio photo shoot was about a week before Naomi's second birthday. Since the studio photo package didn't include our outfits, make-up and props, we had to do a little bit of planning and shopping for this photo shoot session. And this extra shopping automatically translates to additional costs for our studio photo shoot expenses.

We booked our slot in late afternoon because we preferred Naomi to have her nap first before we take her pictures so she's not cranky during the photo session. While Naomi was cooperative during our preparation at home before heading to the studio, we came to the studio about 30-45 minutes late. Why oh why, you might ask? Because I spent way too much time standing in front of the mirror fixing my make up. Goodness.

Here's what happened. I wanted to wear faux eye lashes for our photo session because fake eye lashes are proven to dramatize our look on studio photos (by a lot!), especially if we're not blessed with sky-high lashes. But hey, I underestimated the time I required to put falsies on my eyes. For a first timer, half an hour was indeed too little time for experimenting with fake eye lashes without disaster. I had to put on and take off the fake eye lashes 4 times on my right eye alone thus fixing my eye make up all over again for several times. So yes, the whole fake eye lashes application was obviously not an easy feat for me. Thank heavens, my husband who is usually very particular with punctuality was quite lenient on me that day because he knew I was struggling so hard with my eye lashes.

Anyway, once we reached the photo studio, we quickly changed Naomi to her first outfit. To my surprise, Naomi was chirpy as a canary and not shy when she entered the photo studio. She was not afraid of the photographer, who was a total stranger to her.

The first photo that the photographer took was our formal/boring looking family photo. He then mentioned that the three of us could take more family photos in exciting and fun poses later on. This part really sounded like music to my ears and I looked forward to more shoots of me with Naomi, so not to waste my labour in applying +/- 1cm thick make up on my face earlier.

 Take 1: Pretty Naomi.

When the photographer instructed Naomi to look to the camera and smile, Naomi was very accommodating. I was so proud of my little girl for being so photogenic at such a young age!

Naomi loves riding vroom-vroom.

Nevertheless, shortly after we changed Naomi to her second getup, things began to go downhill. Our biggest worry came true. Naomi lost her interest to the whole photo shooting idea and turned into a very rebellious and hyper little girl. She constantly ran around the entire studio area, touched the studio's props here and there, took down all the teddy bears and climbed the chairs/benches she could find inside the studio. She refused to look to the camera and loved to put a big teddy bear in front of her so the photographer could not capture her face nicely.

Mark my words, trying to deliver "picture perfect" moments with a toddler is so difficult to achieve without the stars falling into alignment.

Take 2: Grumpy baby but still looks cute.

We tried to sing, dance and open iPhone apps to distract her but none worked. Halfway through our session, things turned out pretty chaotic until we forgot the lyrics of some kiddie songs we normally sing to Naomi and our voices became hoarse from trying to sing or say random things loudly to get Naomi's attention. Our photographer who was very patient and cheerful in the beginning started to lose his patience bit by bit and I totally felt for that fella.

Accidental shot of Naomi and me.

After many failed attempts in making Naomi look to the camera, my husband nearly gave up and asked the photographer twice if he already managed to snap enough photos to get the 21 pictures quota. My husband even considered cancelling Naomi's third costume but the photographer asked us to persevere and change Naomi to her next outfit. Up to this point, Naomi was still very uncooperative, I was very positive that our plan to take several cute looking family pictures was going to evaporate in the air.

Take 3: Howdy, cowgirl!

In the end, for the last few shots, my husband forced Naomi to take family picture with us once again. Tired and frustrated, both of my husband and I gave our best in showing off our Colgate smiles for our family pictures. Too bad, Naomi was not very happy with this scheme because she already established boredom from the photo session.


Alas, after 1.5 hours running around and posing in the studio, the photographer concluded that he had taken enough shots of us for the day.

The above are some of my favourite pictures recently taken in the studio. Overall, I am happy with the final results because the photographer managed to immortalize my 2 y/o's cuteness despite her being incredibly too busy to smile or hold a nice pose long enough.

OK lah, money worth spent.

** Naomi's headpieces by RibbonMadness.

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