Sunday, September 21, 2014

Naomi's Second Birthday

Naomi turned two yesterday (yippee!). For her second birthday, my husband and I didn't plan any birthday party nor elaborated birthday celebration for Naomi. Instead, we opted to celebrate it in really simple ways (read: do the candle blowing and birthday cake cutting traditions) with close friends and core family members.

On Naomi's actual second birthday itself, my husband and his buddies happened to organize a mini potluck at his friend's new house so we sort of celebrated Naomi birthday there. Yesterday's birthday cake was contributed by my husband's friend because my husband wanted to bring satays for the pot-luck.

When Naomi saw the colourful Happy Birthday letter candles on the cake, she immediately thought of her ABCs songs. She took all the candles out of the cake and put them back again and again as if she just received brand new alphabet toys. As a result, Naomi's created so many holes on the birthday cake even before we had the chance to take photos with it.

As Naomi was too engrossed playing with the birthday cake and the candles, our attempts to take proper family pictures with Naomi's birthday cake flopped miserably. In fact, all the photos we took at last night's gathering were all blurry except the below.

The birthday celebration/housewarming/potluck.

Naomi had her second birthday celebration with family at MIL's house this afternoon. I chose a Disney's Cinderella-themed birthday cake for Naomi this year. Originally, I wanted a Tinker Bell birthday cake for Naomi but the bakery only had Cinderella's edible icing sheets for little girl's birthday cakes. Bummer or what. Seremban is always a bit behind when it comes to fancy customized birthday cakes. Fortunately, Cinderella is not alien to Naomi so somehow I think this Cinderella birthday cake was relevant to her.

Naomi's second birthday cake.

Naomi's peer cousins today were quite excited with the birthday celebration happening in the house but unfortunately, the birthday girl could not be bothered much. When Naomi's cousin came over to Naomi, said "Happy Birthday" and shook her hand, Naomi's reaction to him was as flat as a pancake. She looked at him blankly, didn't know how to respond but to shake his hand back with a bewildered expression. Naomi's toddler cousins were clearly 10,000x more interested on the birthday cake and the whole birthday celebration idea than the birthday girl herself.

The guy on the right was more excited with the birthday than the girl on the left.

By the time everyone sang "Happy Birthday to You" to Naomi, she realized she suddenly became everyone's centre of attention, got very shy, hid her face then ran away.

Naomi, her birthday cake and new bag from her cousins.

Again, today's birthday pictures taken were not so nice and mostly blurry. All the kids, especially the toddlers, could not stay still when I asked them to pose nicely with the birthday cake. There was at least one kid moving in the group photos I took today. I guess this year we're simply not destined to have very nice pictures of Naomi's second birthday.


"Happy Birthday, Naomi! Here wishing you a Terrific Two ahead. 
 Stay healthy, bubbly, funny, happy, sweet, my cutie wootie patootie!
And oh, hope your speech begin to soar very soon too."

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