Friday, September 12, 2014

Naomi Comic Issue #9: Let Me Sniff You

I can't remember the last time I took selfie with Naomi; hence, I took some today. Most of the selfie poses happened to be me sniffing Naomi's hair because erm, her hair smells so good to me.

Is it normal for a Mom to think that her kid has the most amazing smell ever, even though he/she has been sweating and hadn't had a hair wash since yesterday? LOL.

Here you go, pictures of me sniffing Naomi until she got very irritated and literally ran away from me.
Issue #9: I love her smell best.

Speaking of Naomi, these days she has been a really cute yet annoying little girl at the same time.

For examples, Naomi is so adorable when she plays house with her stuffed toys of all sizes and characters. She's the big Momma here and some of her selected toys are her babies. Naomi lines her babies on the bed, sleeps next to them and asks me to cover her and her babies with my blanket.

Cute Mama lulling her babies to sleep.

What makes me chuckle most is the occasions when Naomi would run to me with her monkey stuffed toy and a cloth napkin. At first, it took me a long time to understand what Naomi wanted me to do with those two when she handed them to me and ordered me to do something with them in her baby language. Ultimately, my motherly instinct aided me in deciphering my daughter's baby language that is somewhat mysterious to human history. And oh, apparently Naomi wanted me to swaddle her monkey stuffed toy with her cloth napkin like a real baby.

On the annoying part, nowadays, Naomi loves to throw things around when she is not happy or her whatever wish is not granted. She'd unload her toy basket and throw all toys inside it across the room. She'd empty her coloured pencils pouch and throw all the pencils all over the room. She'd open her puzzle box and throw the contents out. I can only imagine a mini king kong on rampage when Naomi does this. Most of the time, she refuses to tidy her scattered toys up too.

This is just a small part of the room with Naomi's scattered toys. 

Frankly, sometimes it is quite maddening to tidy Naomi's messy toys, puzzle pieces or pencils all over the room back to where they belong several times in a day, especially when I need to sweep the room. It's not funny either when I accidentally step on these toys when I need to go to the toilet at night. Alas, when my husband and I get really angry and tired with this attitude, we have no choice but confiscating some of her favourite toys and coloured pencils for few hours or days.

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