Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Checking Out Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm

We just had a long weekend here in Malaysia and my husband and I decided to go for sightseeing during the long weekend. I know I supposedly still need to observe my confinement period but opted not to be cooped up at home for the whole month due to many reasons. I thought it would be nice for both of my husband and I to take a breather from what happened in the past few weeks. Also, we reckoned Naomi would enjoy the short day trip with Mom and Dad.

Since I didn't feel like going to a place too far from where we live and was not in the mood to do any shopping spree in the malls either, I proposed to my husband to check out the Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm. I read somewhere in the internet that Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm is dubbed as the biggest strawberry farm in Malaysia and other than the strawberry farm itself, it actually houses lavender farm, mushroom farm, etc. so it sounded to be a very interesting spot to visit. My husband agreed to my idea because he himself had never been to this place before and off we went to this farm on last Sunday morning.

In the beginning, I was so excited and very much looked forward to this day trip. However, I happened to have a very bad throat infection and did not sleep well the night before our scheduled trip. Therefore, by the time we reached Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm on Sunday afternoon, I was feverish and kinda drowsy from the medicine I took earlier that day. Moreover, my sore throat was literally killing me the whole time. It's just a shame that I could not really enjoy the trip as planned.

Anyway, the entry to Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm is free and shortly after visitors enter the premise, we're greeted by rows and rows of strawberry plants. After getting a plastic basket from the counter, visitors can pluck the fresh strawberries straight from the plants for RM 8 per 100gr.

Naomi and Daddy at the Strawberry Farm.

Visitors are not allowed to eat the fresh strawberries as they pluck them from the plants though. As my husband and I were very well aware that this part would be extremely challenging for Naomi, who loves eating strawberries, to resist; we both decided to take a rain check on the strawberry plucking experience for Naomi. On top of that, we honestly think that the price for plucking the fresh strawberries was really on the high side as compared to the store bought ones.


Lovely to see but I bet they are quite sour to eat.

Seeing other kids were happily running around in the farm, Naomi was not eager to sit quietly in her stroller anymore and immediately roamed around the whole place like a free bird.

Catch me if you can.

Not long after checking out the strawberry farm, my husband followed Naomi who had seemingly found her way up to the Lavender Farm real fast. I would love to check the lavender farm as well, but I had a stroller and an industrial size diaper bag with me and noticed that I had to climb a flight of stairs to get to the lavender farm from the strawberry farm area. My husband was already in the lavender farm following Naomi running around in the garden and I was left down there in the strawberry farm area with all the heavy belongings that I could not carry upstairs all by myself. So there you go, after going all the way to Genting, I didn't get the chance to witness the lavender farm first hand together with Naomi and my husband. All I did was grumpily find a seat for myself near the strawberry farm while watching over Naomi's belongings and waiting for Naomi and my husband to come back.

The beautiful lavenders photo my husband took.

While it seemed that Naomi was having so much fun in the lavender farm, my husband came back with a not so happy face because he said the lavender farm was actually not that big and the lavenders didn't fully bloom yet. Further, he said Naomi was very hyper in the lavender farm that she circled the whole flower farm three times. In the end, I scrapped my plan to see the lavender farm on my own, let alone take some selfies showcasing my hideous puffy eyes next to the pretty flowers (no, thanks!). It's okay, I'll see you some other time, beautiful purple flowers with wonderful scent!

Here are some pictures of gleeful Naomi in the lavender farm. She was one delighted little girl surrounded by the colourful flowers, wasn't she?

What's that on the right? 

My little girl.

 Lucky girl with the lavenders.

I myself had never been this close to real lavenders like Naomi did.

Don't pluck the flowers, girl!

Done with the lavender farm, the three of us went on to view the other parts of the Leisure Farm. The next place we went to was the Strawberry Farmhouse Cafe. I was quite hungry by then and asked my husband to order some Strawberry Waffles for me.

 Bon appetit.

For RM 4.50 per portion, their freshly made Strawberry Waffles were surprisingly not bad. If I ever come to this place again in the near future, I'd like to try their Strawberry Tea for sure.

Naomi testing the strawberry waffles.

Next, we continued our journey to check the Mushroom Farm but didn't snap any photo there because the mushroom growing facility was quite dark. We also walked past the souvenir shops and other street shops before we exited the Leisure Farm. Nevertheless, we didn't buy any souvenirs because the stuff they sold there were very similar to those sold in Cameron Highlands and we already have some.

Naomi and I just before we said good-bye to the Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm.

Albeit I failed miserably to enjoy this place to the max, thanks to my irritating sore throat and mild fever, I was very pleased to see my little girl having a really good time at Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm, particularly the Lavender Farm.

In conclusion, I think this concept farm is quite nice for a short visit with kids because they would definitely enjoy the new environment, fresh air and the beautiful scenery this farm has to offer.

Genting Strawberry Leisure Farm
Address: No. 1, Lot 3707, Jalan Jati 2, Bandar Gohtong Jaya, Genting Highlands, 69000, Genting Highlands, Pahang


  1. Oooo noo fever, hope your well now. Your girl had fun at least. =)

    1. Haha yeah.. throat infection is indeed a bummer!

  2. Love to see ur smiling face again , Christine... :)

    1. Haha.. Thanks! I think I need a well-deserved holiday .. :)


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