Friday, August 8, 2014

Those Adorable Cum Funny Moments

Although Naomi now often partakes the handful "Terrible Twos" rite of passage, she's also in the stage where she does lots of cute and funny acts, which mostly she imitates from the things she sees or notices around her every day. Again, monkey see, monkey do? Nevertheless, I have a feeling that these acts are going to be temporary - Meaning we only get to enjoy and laugh at them for a short period of time and once Naomi is exposed to or learns new stuff, she'd ditch these cute behaviours and move on to the new ones.

Followings are some of the loveable and boisterously amusing things (I think) that my toddler does these days. I'd like to document them here while some of them are still going on and I still remember them pretty well.


Every time Naomi hears the first part of "Follow the Leader" song that her Dad or I sing to her (because we don't remember the song's entire lyrics), she'd march her way down while putting any random thing similar to a stick such as tree branch, chopstick, bolster, plastic hand-held fan, etc. to her shoulder. I guess the scene and song from Peter Pan where the lost boys are singing this song and marching through the woods stuck on her real hard.

"Tee dum, tee dee. A teedle ee do tee day."

Honestly, once we (adults) sing that song, that song also stuck in our head for hours too.

"We're following the leader, the leader, the leader. We're following the leader, wherever he may go..."

Playing swords

At the beginning of the Peter Pan film, there's this scene where Michael and John Darling play the character of Captain Hook and Peter Pan and use fake swords during their nursery games.

"Papa, watch out!"

Well, these days, Naomi loves to challenge her parents, typically me, to play swords with her using chopsticks, tree branch, Daddy's old plastic gun toys or even her kiddie bricks and blocks that we form into two bulky swords. The latter one breaks easily tho' so we have to redo the 'lego' swords after just one or two hits.

My girl plays like little boys, eh?

Helping adults to wear sandals

A couple weekends ago, my husband was playing with Naomi at our front yard. When my husband decided that this 'outdoor' playtime was over, he invited Naomi to go inside the house as well. Naomi refused and took my husband's sandals (she knew which pairs) and placed them on my husband's feet. With this, Naomi hinted her Dad to wear his sandals before stepping out the house and to play with her again outside. Not long, she also brought my sandals over to me and put them on my feet so I could go outside too.

"Papa, wear your sandals first before you go out, OK!"

My husband and I always make her wear her sandals or shoes before leaving the house or playing in the garden so I guess Naomi has picked up this habit and makes us do this as well.

Making Mommy read books to her

Recently, Naomi only wants Mommy to read her kiddie books to her. When her father offers her to do so, she refused him and runs to me with a book to read. Not sure if this is due to the fact that on daily basis, I am the one who spends time to read books to her the most instead of her Daddy.

Excuse my messy hair and jaded face. It was bed time.

As I read, she'd get rid all the pillows behind me, stand behind my back and hug me from behind. Yep, she hugs me as I read to her. The hugging part is so diabetically sweet, right? I know.

Acting like a good host

Last weekend, Naomi's cousin came over and played with her at the neighbourhood's playground. Naomi has not seen this cousin of hers for many weeks and last weekend, she treated her like a real guest.

At the playground, Naomi took her cousin's water tumbler, opened it and made her cousin drank the water from it. Naomi did this just like how adults normally offer drinks to their guests when they visit our house but I must admit that Naomi's gesture for this occasion was a bit aggressive.

Last weekend: Naomi and her cousin.

Her cousin ran away many times because Naomi forced her to drink her water again and again. Wherever her cousin ran away, Naomi would chase her while carrying her cousin's water tumbler around and made her drink water again until her cousin screamed for Grandma's help.

Filling petrol

Nowadays, some of the big supermarkets/malls in Seremban provide kids trolley cars. When parents shop around the supermarket, the kid sits inside the car. Quite often, Naomi would want to sit in one of these kids trolley cars too when we do our groceries.

Naomi driving her 'car' in the supermarket. 
Picture was taken last year just for illustration.

Earlier this week, my husband and I were at one of the supermarkets nearby and Naomi wanted to sit in one of the kids trolley cars. For few minutes, we had no problem shopping our stuff and Naomi was sitting quietly inside her plastic 'car' as if she was driving a real car. However, when my husband stopped at an aisle to discuss the promo detergents with me before buying them, Naomi came out from her 'car'. I was frantic and questioned my husband why he didn't put the strap on Naomi when she was sitting inside this trolley because once Naomi gets her feet on the supermarket's ground, normally, we can't have peace in shopping groceries any more.

My husband replied, "Don't worry. She'd just walk to the back side of the car, talk to herself for a moment and go inside her 'car' again. She's filling her car's petrol now." I was like, "You sure? New pattern. Since when she fills petrol like this?"

True enough, Naomi really did 'filling the petrol' thingy. When we made few stops at the supermarket aisles, Naomi'd come out from her trolley car for a bit and pretend that she's filling petrol. Once done, she'd come inside her 'car' again and continue her journey with us.

Too bad, when she eventually got bored with this filling petrol activity, she'd roam around the supermarket like a free bird and made my husband ran around chasing her. Erm, told ya.

Playing and singing with the guitar

My husband loves playing guitar and singing at the same time. I guess Naomi regularly sees her Dad doing this hobby at home to the point that she loves playing randomly hitting Daddy's guitar's strings to produce really disturbing noises melody and at the same time, singing with her heart and soul some off-tune Tarzan song in her baby language.

The musical side of Naomi.

Yesterday afternoon, I heard Naomi was 'singing' her signature guitar song again. I found it weird because she was not holding her Dad's guitar as she sang the song. Turned out, she was playing with her alphabet blocks and found a block with violin sticker on it (V for Violin). She thought the violin picture in her ABC block equals to Daddy's guitar and held that particular block while simultaneously singing her off-key pop-rock song again. Naomi's song with the guitar is so hilarious that I usually I laugh my lungs out every time I hear Naomi sing her 'guitar' song like this.

Okay... I think that's about it for Naomi's most memorable funny moments for now. There should be more of these moments that we presently enjoy from her but I can't describe them one by one here right now. I'll continue next time.

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