Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Naomi Comic Issue #8: Little Gymnast or Just Too Naughty?

It's been ages since I created Naomi's comic for the last time. I just didn't really have the materials to do so or rather, could not be bothered to turn some of her pictures into comic strips .

Anyway, I was home alone with Naomi last night because my husband decided to drown himself with work in the office until the wee hours. When I was relaxing and playing with my animated cutie patootie before bed time, suddenly Naomi showed me her new capability, not sure if this is worthy to be called as a milestone - but she was trying to do handstand on my bed.

Here's a little comic to illustrate the above:

Issue #8: I am so fit!

After I quickly snapped the above pictures, I made her stop doing her half-handstand stunt and all. And behave, please.

I had no idea where Naomi learned this handstand act from. I also often wonder how come she possesses the little gymnast/yogi's attributes such as strength and flexibility because I am obviously not and had never been so physically fit and flexible at all, possibly in my whole life. Have I ever mentioned that I was always a regular in achieving the poorest score for PE, especially the gym class, during my entire schooling years? In addition, thanks for being incredibly lazy when it comes to exercising, even squatting or getting up from squatting/sitting position nowadays is the ultimate muscle soreness for my pregnant self. With this, every time I see Naomi's exceptionally active behaviour and terrific stamina, I strongly believe that she must have been getting all her sporty and energetic genes from her Dad. The apple somehow doesn't fall far from the the tree, does it?

On another note, Naomi is sooooooooooo (unbearably) naughty, whiny, clingy and full of temper outbursts these days! Sometimes I could only pray to God to shower me with extra patience and energy to tame the "Terrible Twos", because they are certainly not superfluous for a pregnant woman like yours truly.

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