Thursday, July 17, 2014

Monkey See Monkey Do

My soon-to-be 22 m/o daughter has been watching Disney's Cinderella cartoon once in a while. Sometimes Naomi refuses to watch Cinderella and passes me the TV remote control so I could change another cartoon for her to watch (she's very picky with her cartoons by the way). However, there are times when she is all giggly and smiley when she watches Cinderella's singing with the birds, the mice cute "Work Song" and even the evil cat, Lucifer, chasing the mice. Naomi also enjoys watching (or God forbids, maybe swoons over) the scene where Prince Charming dances with Cinderella at the Royal Ball.

Naomi's expressions when watching her favourite cartoons.

Little did I know, seemingly Naomi has been mirroring and adopting some of the cartoon's scenes into her real life.


One night, Naomi wanted to create some toddler graffiti on our bedroom's wall with her colouring pencil. When I saw that, I quickly moved her away from the wall but Naomi got so angry and was so adamant to pour her creative juice to the wall. Her Dad then reprimanded her that drawing on the wall is a big no-no in our house and said, "Hey, Naomi, don't do that! (不可以!)".

I was expecting major tantrums as Naomi didn't get what she wanted but seconds later my husband and I actually witnessed Naomi's new crying pattern. She ran to our bed's edge, covered her face and cried after her father scolded her. She just didn't want to show us her crying face and kept on crying like this for few good minutes. Just like how a very unhappy and weepy older kid would react.

Crying scene: Cinderella vs. Naomi.

Deep inside, I reckoned Naomi was mimicking Cinderella's crying scene after her step-sisters spoil her dress. As I thought this imagination of mine could not be so true and my daughter is all too young for this, I didn't think much of Naomi's new crying behaviour until few days later; I noticed that whenever my upset Naomi cried, she still covered her face on our bed like the above picture.

Last night, I realized that this Disney's Princess classic has really taken its toll on Naomi. Just before bed time, Naomi was having some time out with Cinderella again. Meanwhile, my husband was reading some online articles on super bikes and I was lying on my bed, just chilling out while watching some videos on YouTube with my phone.

I was so engrossed in watching the funny video in front of me and was actually laughing out loud when suddenly I screamed because out of the blue, *POW* I felt some serious pain in my head. Naomi apparently just whacked my head with the TV remote control for no reason. My husband immediately scolded her for hitting me in the head like that but Naomi was acting dumb, unapologetic or maybe she was just didn't really know what's going on.

I was so angry and in pain that I almost did a revenge on my kiddo but no, for your information, I did not hit Naomi back with the TV remote control. I just curled in my bed hoping that the pain in my head would soon go away.

Thinking back, did Naomi hit my head with the remote control really for no reason? The answer is no.

It's highly likely that Naomi just mimicked another scene from Cinderella animated movie. I am pretty sure that Naomi just saw Cinderella's ugly step-sisters fighting where Drizella hits Anastasia's head with a flute during their horrible singing session. Somehow Naomi found that particular scene was so inspirational and it prompted her to grab the TV remote control next to my feet and hit Mommy's head with it. Duh!

While I agree that mimicking is a marvellous milestone for kids but can you see that toddlers are imitating our every move or other things they see and yet, they can't filter what's good and what's not to mimic? The latter is indeed scary and we don't want that. Maybe I should ban Cinderella and welcome Pocoyo more in my house?

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