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Human Nature Product Review and Giveaway

Natural body care products are certainly gaining new heights of popularity as more and more people, particularly women, are looking for organic and more natural ingredients for their beauty and personal care essentials.

While you think that normally natural or organic products would cost you a bomb, I was recently introduced to a brand of premium yet affordable chemical free personal care products called Human Nature in Malaysia. Human Nature is a socially responsible personal care products brand and their natural products are suitable for men, women, kids and babies. Not just in Malaysia, Human Nature also has presence in the USA, Philippines, Singapore and Dubai.

When I was asked to do a review on some of Human Nature's products, I quickly agreed and the following are some of the items that were sent to me for review:

The Human Nature goodies for Naomi and me to test.

Other than applying day cream before leaving the house, facial wash twice a day and skin toner before bed time are my daily skin care regimes. Speaking of facial wash, I think a good basic facial wash is the one which lathers away every speck of dirt, make-up, sweat and oil without leaving our skin dry nor cause pimples. Also, they don't necessarily have to be expensive.

Human Nature's Nourishing Facial Wash and Face Toner.

The Human Nature's Nourishing Facial Wash that I tested works well for my normal skin as it is packed with Tomato Extract. The tomato extract here acts as an antioxidant agent to soothe and repair skin while retaining moist and  making skin smooth and soft. I think this Nourishing Facial Wash is really soft and personally I really fancy this facial wash's light fruity fragrance. Also, this non-creamy facial wash gently cleanses and refreshes skin without irritating nor leaving our skin feeling "tight". Albeit, this facial wash doesn't really generate voluptuous foam which some people, including myself, like. 

Apply your face toner every night!

Next, I must tell you that I am a huge fan of facial skin toner. I apply face toner before I turn to bed to give me a clean and fresh feeling before I end my day. From my experience, using a toner every night before bed would drastically improve my skin condition because skin toner removes the residue from make-up and even the cleanser that I just used to get rid of dirt. 

I've tried using some alcohol-based skin toners before but hey, they sting and have pretty strong alcohol smell. Anyhow, fret not; the above will not be the case for Nourishing Face Toner as it contains no alcohol and other harmful chemicals. I apply this toner on my face every night and in return, I get a fresh and clean face (that smells pleasant!) to keep my skin looking at its best the next day. 

When I was younger, I used to be so proud of my luscious black hair and lots of people complimented (and envied) me on my thick hair. However, right after I graduated from high school I was so into frequent hair colouring and rebonding. As a result, I had dry and damaged hair which subsequently led to major hair loss problem. Furthermore, few months after I gave birth to Naomi, I experienced severe post-partum hair loss. My hair got thinner and thinner and lately, I had to turn to perming my hair permanently to make my tress looks thicker and good looking. Another chemical exposure on my hair! All this said, I am bound to use anti hair-fall shampoo and conditioner every time I wash my hair simply because I cannot afford to lose so many strains of hair in a day. Save your hair before it's gone!

Natural Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner with Soothing Aloe.

Natural Strengthening Shampoo with soothing Aloe scent is infused with hydrolized protein to fortify our hair and the Philippine coco nectar in it provides amino acids, vitamins and minerals. In tandem with anti hair fall shampoo, I religiously use Hair Conditioner as well to nourish my hair and prevent further hair fall. 

I have yet to try these products for long but I can see that nowadays I lose lesser hair during and immediately after shampooing. Have I mentioned that my hair has this long-lasting refreshingly clean smell too after I use this duo? They are indeed one of the best smelling shampoos and conditioners I've found in the market so far. And my husband is of the same mind with me on this one.

Update in end of July 2014: I have finished a bottle of Natural Strengthening shampoo and conditioner and have decided to get them again on my personal account. Since I finished them last week and went back to using the 'old' brand shampoo and conditioner that I used before I was introduced to Natural Strengthening hair care products, I've been losing more strands of hair when and after washing my hair. It's really creepy to see how much hair strands I lose every time I sweep the floor in my house. I think the natural aloe extract used in these Human Nature products really helps for reducing hair fall. Well, at least in my case and that's why I am going back to them, at least for now.

Baby skin needs particularly careful protection because it can be up to ten times thinner and more sensitive than adults', hence it damages easily. We should, therefore, use baby care products that are compatible with our little one's skin.

Human Nature's Baby Care Set.

Although Naomi is no longer a baby per se, I tried bathing her with Human Nature's All Natural Baby Wash. This baby wash is made with lavender, rosemary and chamomile scents and it is great to nourish, protect and relax our baby's skin. However, I personally think this baby wash smells a little to strong for my liking and doesn't foam much either - I guess because it doesn't contain any synthetic foaming agents or something like that perhaps?

As for the baby lotion, admittedly I was not a big user of baby lotion before this. These days, I realized that Naomi's feet skin was not so soft and pretty dry. As such, I tried to moisturise her feet with this baby lotion to keep them soft and smooth like baby bums. It is non-greasy and perfect to rehydrate little tot's skin. After continuous use for few days, I can see how softer Naomi's feet skin had become and I think from now on, I will stick to slathering baby lotion on Naomi's skin after bath everyday.

Just applied the lotion on her feet and some wonder oil on Naomi's scars.

Have I told you that my little girl is so active that I often feel that she is very much like a mischievous little boy? She runs and jumps around, climbs here and there and falls many times too. So unladylike. That's why Naomi's feet, especially, have so many boo-boos from her falls or insect bites that she scratches too much to the point that her skin breaks and bleeds a little. I really hate her habit of "playing" with or scratching her scars on her feet excessively because it only makes them worse.

When I read that Human Nature's all-purpose Wonder Oil, which contains pure and premium grade sunflower oil, helps heal little bumps, boo-boos and insect bites; I applied few drops of this non-greasy baby oil to Naomi's boo-boos and mosquito bites on her feet. After 3 days of application, I noticed that Naomi's boo-boos and scars on her feet were getting better. More importantly, she doesn't scratch or touch her scars on her feet as much as before. 

For the sake of practicality, I always prefer 2-in-1 Shampoo and Body Wash for my child's daily bath and hair wash. 2-in-1 Shampoo and Body Wash products save space in my bathroom and they are so handy to be packed during travelling as well.

Human Nature Best Seller 2-in-1 Kid Shampoo!

Human Nature's Tangerine Kids Natural Shampoo and Body Wash is my newly found favourite product for Naomi because it's so easy to use, convenient and has great smells too. 

Bathing time is so fun with this great-smelling shampoo!

What I love the most from this best-seller product is its zesty citrusy scent - It is just so yummy (that I wanted to eat it!). Thanks to its unique protein care system, this 2-in-1 kid care nourishes and moisturises little tyke's both hair and delicate skin.

Finally, I noticed that the shelf life of these all-natural products are generally quite short. Roughly they will expire within a year or so. I reckon, this must be because of no harmful chemical preservatives present in these products so it's best to finish them quickly before their expiry dates come.


Just so my blog readers get to enjoy the goodness of natural personal care products as well, Human Nature is happily sponsoring some of their products for you! 

Thank you for reading this blog and hope you take delight in this giveaway!

THREE (3) lucky blog readers will walk away with a bottle of 200ml Tangerine Kids Shampoo and Body Wash plus a product of your choice (choose from here, except the bundle packs)!

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Good luck and have heaps of fun with this giveaway!

[UPDATE on 30 JUNE 2014]

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I am thrilled to announce the three lucky winners of this giveaway:
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