Monday, May 19, 2014

Pink or Blue?

About two weeks ago, I was around 15 weeks pregnant and down with food poisoning, throat infection and bad flu. I was feverish and the combo was just so horrible beyond words. In fact, I began to spread my flu virus to my little girl and I felt utterly bad about it. I was so sick that I couldn't cook nor take care of Naomi fully plus giving her runny nose as well! Duh!

As such, the night before my husband went out of town for work, he took me to see a gynae in town. I chose to see a gynae instead of general physician this time around. My regular gynae in the hospital only practices until around 5pm so if I were to urgently see a gynae at night, I had to see those who open their private clinics.

Thankfully, we found one available gynae who accepted walk-in patients. After a brief consultation and check, I was told that I had low-grade fever due to my throat infection and was prescribed with some mild medicines. Before we ended the consultation, she offered me if I'd be interested in doing ultrasound scan because my last one was done in the previous month. She also mentioned that she could find the gender of the baby, provided if the baby's positition was favourable. I said "Sure! Why not?"

Baby #2 at 15 weeks.

Minutes later, she ran a thorough scan on baby #2 and my husband was all by my side watching the scan. When it finally came to the legs and bottoms' areas scan, I held my breath. I was so nervous with the gender revelation. Then, the gynae pointed the area between baby #2's legs and said "Hmm.. for now I am seeing a little penis. Your baby is 80-85% boy!"

Spot the pointer!

I was very excited when I knew that baby #2 is highly likely a boy and my husband kept on smiling from ear to ear after the gynae announced this. My husband rubbed my legs so hard until the gynae turned her head to my legs to see why I was shaking during the scan.

Once we left the gynae's room, I spread this happy news to my parents and my husband told his Mom about the high chance of us having a boy for our second baby.

Next, it's time to pay the gynae's bill. While the consultation fee and medicines cost pretty standard, I was a little surprised that the ultrasound scan was charged separately and it was RM 125 for the scan alone. Gasp! But what's done is done and in the end I comforted myself that RM 125 was worth it to compensate my burning curiosity in the past 4 months.

Me and my 16 week's bump.

Last Saturday, I was 17 weeks pregnant and due for my regular monthly check-up with my gynae in the hospital. As usual, my gynae ran a brief ultrasound scan on me not long after she checked on my blood pressure, which was quite low.

I actually didn't expect my gynae to find baby #2's gender at this stage because for my first pregnancy, my gynae only wanted to check my first baby's gender during the anomaly scan at around 20 weeks of pregnancy. However, as she moved on to scan baby #2's legs area, I think baby #2's gender was so obvious that my gynae immediately pointed that little something in between the baby's legs.

17 weeks: Again, spot the pointer.

"There...", she said." I responded, "A boy!" "Yes! This is the little brother of Naomi.", my gynae reaffirmed. My husband who was holding Naomi at the time of the scan smiled gleefully when he heard this confirmation.

So everyone, baby #2 is a BOY!

My husband and I are both very happy, grateful and relief to find out that so far baby #2 is doing great and a boy too! We'd be parents to a girl and a boy.

On another note, before we ended our consultation session with my gynae last weekend, I raised a question to my gynae about my little gain weight so far. To date, I only gained like 2.5kg in total. I used to gain like 2kg every month when I was pregnant with Naomi. In light of this, my gynae assured me that everything is looking normal until now because baby #2 is gaining enough weight. She remarked that baby boy tends to absorb more food from the mother so the mother doesn't really gain that much. Almost all the food that the mother eats go straight to the baby boy inside.

Finally, here's the cake treat that my husband bought for me on last Saturday's afternoon. He promised to buy me a cake if baby #2 is a boy! LOL.

My favorite strawberry marshmallow cheesecake!

Alright then, so it's time for me to hunt some blue pyjamas and boys' typical plaid shirts the next time I hit the mall or baby shop.


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