Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Naomi: 20 Months Old

Naomi just turned 20 months old yesterday. This means my baby girl is turning 2 in four months' time. So fast.. I thought I just organized her first birthday party not long ago!

20 May 2014: My 20 m/o toddler.

At 20 months old, Naomi is a happy, jolly and active little girl. She runs around really fast (faster than me who barely exercise) and loves to explores every little thing that comes to her attention. She loves jumping on the bed like her cousins, but I honestly don't really like this. Naomi is able to climb the stairs by herself but she needs help when it comes to walking down the stairs.

Naomi has grown up to be a really sweet girl (but admittedly, also annoying at times). She loves come to me and her Daddy, hold our head and kiss us in the mouth. We love this gesture and find this kissing act extremely cute. Nevertheless, every now and then, we try to tell Naomi that her kisses are exclusively for Mom and Dad, not random people. I don't know where she learns this because obviously, not from us! I suspect she imitates this from the princess cartoons that I sometimes play for her. The princess and the prince kiss (in the mouth) for their happy ending stories, don't they? Monkey see, monkey do.

Daddy, let me kiss you.

Naomi's Dad has taught her to wash her hands in the toilet's sink but adults will still have to supervise her when she does this because she needs to step on a small stool to reach the sink and often times, she ends up playing with the water for a long time after she washes her hands. She loves to mimic Daddy brushing his teeth before bed, so her Daddy bought her a small brush for her so he can brush his teeth with Naomi together at night.

Next, Naomi can use spoon quite well now. She practically can feed herself but still produces crazy mess every time she refuses adults to feed her. She can use fork too when I give her fruit bites. Naomi can drink straight from the glass but sometimes, she'd make her clothes wet when she's not careful with it.

Her smile when I asked her to pose.

When it comes to her speech development, unfortunately, Naomi is only able to say only two words so far e.g: Bye-bye and san (δΈ‰). During her last regular check-up at the clinic in March, the doctor mentioned that Naomi is likely experiencing speech delay because she is unable to say few basic words nor mimic our sayings until today. Not even Papa and Mama. She says Papa Mama randomly and we don't think she knows what the words truly mean yet. So how Naomi communicates with us or call us, her parents? She still uses her baby language that we don't understand.

Sometimes, I can't even guess Naomi's baby words and it makes her really frustrated. In the past three days, she had thrown tantrums more than ever at home simply because she couldn't get her way. For instance, she wanted to watch certain cartoon, but I didn't know which one. I played some cartoons that she usually loves but she refused yet she couldn't express the ones she wants to watch. She made me change the TV channels over and over again like there's no tomorrow and when she got really frustrated with it, she'd scream, hit, kick and cry for a long time. Or maybe, just like many women in this planet, Naomi doesn't know what the heck she wants. Women often thinks they do but they actually don't. OMG, help me with the drama! Terrible Two comes early.

Naomi is still very much attached to her pacifier. My Mom has been nagging about this for months because her pacifier might give problems on Naomi's mouth shape, tooth alignments and inhibits her speech ability. I know, Mom... but it is just difficult to break the pacifier habit!

Naomi's span of attention is generally very short so she gets bored really fast. Perhaps this is the main reason why recently my reading sessions with Naomi are hardly successful. She loses interest in her books fast. Also, imagine bringing Naomi to a restaurant! She wouldn't sit still in the baby chair for long and once she's done playing or eating with her food, she'd begin to stand up on her baby chair, try to get out of it and run around. It's really challenging to bring a toddler out for dining outside. And this is why; my husband and I need some dates, sans kids, so we both can enjoy our food properly.

These days, Naomi understands our instructions and few objects. She can go and get her shoes from the rack when we ask her to or when we are about to take her out. She can get some things that we point to her. She gets excited and try to talk to a dog when a dog or cat comes near her; or when she sees birds flying in the sky.

Happy and hyper at the city park.

Naomi now can entertain herself with her toys too. She loves to pour the content of her toys basket and get busy with the toys for few minutes. She doesn't do the tidy up part just yet so my husband and I end up putting back her toys into the basket several times a day. Yes, cleaning her mountain of toys few times in a day can be tiring and irritating. Sometimes, Naomi pretends to feed her dolls with her old milk bottle and throws some soft toys into a mini basketball ring that her Dad attached to the wall. She can put together basic puzzle and knows the difference between circle, square or triangle so she has mastered her shape sorter toys well. She also loves building bricks so my husband and I bought quite a bit of different toy bricks and shape sorters for Naomi.

Naomi playing with stickers.

I find that Naomi still loves playing or interacting with kids around her age. However, she doesn't really like sharing her toys with them. Last weekend, I saw her hitting and almost scratching her cousin's face when that little boy wanted to watch Grandpa's iPad together with her. Every time she did that I fiercely told her "No!" and hit her hand gently. But she still attacked her cousin again when he wanted to touch her iPad again. Gah!

Naomi shows jealousy when I hold other kids, especially during family events or gathering. She'd ask that kid to move away from Mommy and quickly sit on my laps. I wonder how she would accept her little brother when he arrives.

Naomi begins to accept her Nanny but quite frequently, she still refuses her Nanny's presence in the morning. On some mornings, Naomi would cry and scream when her Nanny talks to her. My big girl clings to me like a baby Koala when she sees her Nanny. Naomi still needs a little bit of warm up before she let her Nanny touch or take care of her although she meets her everyday.

Nowadays, I think Naomi's daily schedules are quite routine so it's easier for me to do my own things when I know her schedules. She eats rice, noodles or porridge 2-3x plus fruit bites 1-2x and drinks milk 3-4x in a day. She takes nap once in a day and goes to bed at about 11pm-12pm at night. Still late, I know but better than 2am or 3am, right?

How do you manage your toddler's tantrums and aggressive behaviours?

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