Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lazy Day

Today is public holiday in Negri Sembilan but not in some other states of Malaysia so my husband is out-stationed for work now. A bit of a bummer indeed since we can't have some day-out with my husband or something like that today. Needless to say, my little girl and I are doing our routines on this lazy holiday just like any other weekdays, except that this week I am not that busy with work because I am that close to finalize my projects. *fingers crossed everything would go smoothly until D-Day!*

No make-up selfie with my little girl.

I have been feeling extremely lazy these days. Not sure if this is the impact of the pregnancy or whether I am just that lazy. I still cook for Naomi and take care of her like usual (because her Nanny was mostly absent this month and she's going to take another 3 weeks off due to the coming school holiday) but I am not so motivated in doing my own stuffs. Packing my luggage for the upcoming trip to home town or baking, for one thing. I have been planning to bake some cake or cookies during my free time but when I finally have the free time, dang!, I am just not in the mood to mess my kitchen with flour, butter and stuff. This is so weird considering that I was mostly high on baking and I couldn't sit still doing nothing when I was pregnant with Naomi. And the fact that I am updating my blog with not so important topic on a lazy day like this is even weirder now.

 Naomi trying to win Daddy's heart. Again and again.

Speaking of laziness, sleeping a lot has been my utter necessity too nowadays. On some days where drowsiness is unbearable, I take nap when Naomi naps so I don't get cranky and fatigued throughout the day. Also, I have been eating more than usual in the past couple of weeks as if I have not eaten food for two days in a row. Sometimes I take heavy lunch twice in a day, plus supper. Little zits have also appeared in my face and I do not like them them. My complexion is so dull now despite all the skin care products including face masks that I use regularly. Where the heck is the pregnancy glow that people often talk about? Baby boy, is all this because of you?

Anyway, my second pregnancy is around 19 weeks in now and this implies I am almost half-way through my pregnancy and there's just about 4,5 months for me to go before the reality of "Mom of Two" hits.

Recently, I am really trying my best to enjoy my time with cheeky Naomi, take care of her as much as I can, give her as much attention as I can and so on before her little brother arrives in October.

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