Sunday, April 13, 2014

Welcoming Second Trisemester

I have been pregnant with baby #2 for about 12 weeks now and my second trisemester is pretty much here (yehey!). You do know that second trisemester is often considered as the best period of pregnancy, don't you?

I visited my gynae for my 4th antenatal visit yesterday afternoon and she said she was doing a very important ultrasound scan on baby #2 yesterday. She checked little jellybean's bones and skull structures, heart, arms and legs and I am so grateful that everything turned normal.

Although I still very much think about baby #2's gender and am REALLY curious about it, but when it times to lying on the gynae's bed for an ultrasound scan, I am more anxious about my baby's overall health. I just want baby #2 to be perfectly healthy and normal above anything.

12 April 2014: Baby #2 at 12 weeks.

I saw baby #2 started kicking around yesterday and it's so cute! He or she is about 5cm long now so it's still rather small and I can't even notice my pregnancy bump by now.

Anyway, I had not gained so much weight so far I think. My gynae didn't mention about this yesterday because I actually missed the chance to get the nurse to record my weight etc as I arrived to the hospital pretty late. My husband asked me to weigh myself in the hospital's weighing scale and if I saw correctly, I only gained like 1-1.5kg to date! Given my bigger appetite and no morning sickness on my first trisemester, this fact is a bit hard to believe; especially since when I was pregnant with Naomi, I gained like 2 kg every month (I even nauseated and vomited once or twice back then!).

Before I ended my antenatal visit yesterday, I casually asked my gynae if it's safe for me to perm my hair. My hair now looks crazy, thin and ugly so I always pony-tail it and am desperate to go to a hair salon to fix it. My gynae said perming hair during pregnancy is fine (phew!), colouring hair is the one that is not recommended for preggers. So I think I'll be meeting my hairdresser for a hair perm next weekend.

Finally, here's a picture of me with my 12 weeks' bump. Still not pretty obvious, is it? My husband took this picture of me last night just before we went out for dinner.

My 12 weeks' bump.

By the way, please read my weekly pregnancy symptoms from my 2nd Pregnancy Journal. It's easier for me to update the symptoms there and I try not to relay the same messages I've written there in my blog posts to avoid repetition.

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