Monday, March 3, 2014

Watermelon Chunks

Yesterday, we had dinner at MIL's place.

As I ate my dinner, my Bro-in-Law served watermelon slices in the living room and called all the kids to eat some.

When I realized that the kids were already having watermelon frenzy in the living room, I jumped out of my chair and checked on my girl. By now, Naomi must have had her watermelon claim on her hands - I reckoned. True enough, Naomi was walking around the living room, holding two big chunks of skinless watermelon on both hands.

Since I didn't want Naomi to create mess on her clothes when she ate her watermelon nor drip the watermelon water all over the floor, I ran to the kitchen and gave her a plastic plate and fork. I meant to cut her watermelon into bites so they're easier for her to grab and eat. It's just less messy this way. Just like how I serve her fruits serving every day at home.

I'm a big girl now. Don't treat me like a baby!

When I asked Naomi to put her watermelon on the plate, she ignored me and walked away. Seconds later, I forcefully took the watermelon chunks away from her hands, put them on the plate and told her "Don't worry. Mommy is going to cut the watermelon for you so they are easier for you to eat." Naomi began to shriek.

I halved one of her watermelon chunks with a fork and Naomi screamed as she saw me doing this. It was the kind of expression of "I cannot believe Mommy is doing this to me!" When I noticed that, I was like "What's wrong with you, girl?" Clueless, I did the same to the other chunk. Naomi screamed even louder when she saw her 2 watermelon chunks became 4 smaller ones. I tried to feed one bite to her but she refused her watermelon and kept on crying. So unusual considering that Naomi is an avid fruit lover.

Still didn't get what was going on and thought that the watermelon chunks I cut were too big for her, I cut again. There were 8 watermelon bites on the plate now. Naomi cried her lung out and started jumping, angrily. Major tantrums.

I tried to offer the watermelon bites again, this time with a fork, but she didn't even want to eat her watermelon again.

Naomi cried and cried and cried and everybody in the room began to notice and asked "What's going on? What happened to Naomi? Why is she crying?"

I replied "I don't know. All of sudden, she behaved like this..." When I was trying to finish my sentence, I realized that Naomi got very cross because I cut her watermelon chunks into bites. She wanted her watermelon to be in a big size just like how her other cousins were enjoying their watermelon. Oh my! What did I just do?

Good thing that there was still watermelon in the kitchen and my husband was busy cutting it. Holding a crying toddler on my left hand, I hastily ran to my husband and asked him to cut one big chunk of watermelon for his daughter. There you go, Naomi's tantrums stopped the very instant my husband handed her a big chunk of watermelon. And Naomi was a happy kid again.

If only Naomi could speak our language or I could read her mind.

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  1. Lol! This is hilarious, though I'm sure you didn't think so then. :)



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