Sunday, March 23, 2014

One Saturday Evening at Port Dickson

Yesterday afternoon, we went to the mall in town to accompany my husband buying some stuff for his phone. When my husband was busy choosing his stuff at the phone shop, I brought Naomi to play with some token rides in front of the phone shop. Some time later, when my husband came over to check on us, he put on two tokens on the ride that Naomi was sitting on. To our surprise, Naomi really enjoyed the movement of the ride. Before this, she always wanted to get out from the rides when they started moving after we inserted the tokens. In the end, I spent about RM 5 to buy 10 tokens for Naomi's rides because she was having so much fun and I didn't have the heart to put her happy playtime to an end just yet.

Naomi and I had to call this "massive fun" a day when my husband finished purchasing his stuff and told us that it's time to go home. On our way back home, I consoled Naomi by telling her that Mommy and Daddy were going to give her Fun Moment Part II as we planned to go to the beach with Daddy's BFF and his family later today. Anyway, I don't think she understood what I said.

At about 4.30pm after Naomi took her nap, we headed to Port Dickson beach which was quite near from where we live. My husband brought along a lot of things, including a big bag of Naomi's toys, as if he was going to camp at Port Dickson for three days. The last time I played water at Port Dickson was when my parents and brother came over back in 2012. After that, we barely went to Port Dickson for the beach again.

As we walked to our little picnic spot, Naomi saw the beach in front of her and jumped with excitement. She spontaneously screamed some words in her baby language and pointed the beach! I guess she still remembers Langkawi very well.

When we reached Port Dickson, it was still way too hot and sunny for the kids to go for a dip in the sea water; hence, all of us hung out at our picnic spot for about 30 mins and the curious Naomi was busy exploring her surroundings as usual. The first thing I did after we settled our belongings on our picnic mat was gorging a Ramly Burger. It was around 5pm and I was so famished despite the heavy late lunch that I had some three hours earlier. These days, I think I have bigger appetite than my husband and am like hungry all the time. Duh!

Hello from PD.

The moment I noticed that the sun was not too hot for the kiddos to play water at the beach, I brought Naomi to get closer to the beach. As we walked closer to the beach, I realized that the water at Port Dickson looked kind of polluted and brown as compared to those clear beaches in Langkawi. So much difference indeed.

Let's hit the beach, babe!

At first, when the waves got near Naomi, she got so frightened and kept on shaking her head. Then, she ran away from the waves. Because of this, my husband and I took her to play with her sand toys instead. Unfortunately, the beach sand at Port Dickson was no good for moulding. The sand we moulded always came out shapeless and destroyed. Too bad.

Shortly after we concluded that playing with sand toys at this beach was quite pointless, my husband put the arm floats on Naomi and brought her to swim.

First dip.

By this time, Naomi was not so scared with the water any more and she kept on smiling and giggling as she played with the water. Naomi was clearly beaming with joy when she was swimming at the beach yesterday. My husband was with Naomi the whole time she swam at the beach while I made sure that the DSLR hanging on my neck wouldn't get wet from the sea water.

Splish, splash!

It was so amusing to see delighted Naomi having so much fun at the beach. She managed to float in the water and swam forward by herself.

Look Dad, I can swim! Like a fish or not?

Me loves the beach, Dad!

Although Naomi was reluctant to leave the beach, this time around she didn't really make a scene when my husband took her out of the beach and got ready to head home. No tears, no kicking around, no screams. Good girl.

Time to go home, Naomi!

The only problem all of us had at this beach was finding nearby proper public changing rooms or toilets for adults to clean up and change our soaked clothes. It was quite a pain in the neck really to find such facilities at the beach area.

Anyway, we had great fun yesterday, especially Naomi. Full stop.

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