Friday, March 14, 2014

Hello, Jelly Bean!

In an attempt to see the same gynae who delivered Naomi a couple years ago, I made a phone appointment to see her last week just to make sure that she'd give me a slot. My husband and I even went back and forth to the hospital in town three times today. This gynae is always full-booked and happened to be at the operating theatre twice this morning; hence after registering my name at the counter at 8.30am, we only managed to see her at around 2pm. What a long wait for a 10 min consultation.

Today we were due to see baby #2 for the first time and I was so relieved to finally see a little jelly bean inside my tummy. I was very happy too when the gynae mentioned that baby #2 is looking healthy and doing great so far. As the gynae did the ultrasound exam on me, she was checking the possibility of seeing more than one jelly bean inside me, which I secretly hoped so because twin babies are so rare and cute; but there was only one jelly bean. My husband cheered and literally said "YES!" when the gynae confirmed this singleton pregnancy. My husband believes that taking care of one baby at a time is better idea, physically and financially. Then the gynae also made a remark about this. She said that she actually prefers handling pregnancy with one baby because it's generally less risky. Oh well.

Minutes later, the gynae let us hear baby #2's heartbeat for the very first time and my husband was so wowed hearing this tiny baby's heartbeat which sounded like the thunder of galloping horses.

Hi there!

Anyway, baby no #2 is about 8 weeks old now and if all goes well, he or she (cross fingers, it's going to be a "he") will be an October baby.


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