Sunday, March 30, 2014

Prettified by RibbonMadness Store

Being a Mom to a baby girl, I always drool over cute, girly and pretty stuff for my minion especially when my friends post their baby girls' pictures in the internet, all dolled up in matching outfits and headbands. When Naomi was just a few months old, I came across RibbonMadness Store, a Jakarta-based handmade ribbon designer, on Instagram because my BFF uploaded her baby girl's picture wearing the handmade headband by RibbonMadness Store. Back then, I could only be smitten with every picture posted on RibbonMadness Store's Instagram account, double tapped almost all the pictures posted there and imagined that someday my own baby girl would wear those pretty things on her luscious black hair.

When I was about to go home to Indonesia sometime last year, I could not hold my desire to buy some of the ribbon headbands by RibbonMadness Store for my little girl and ordered some for Naomi through my BFF who also made some headbands purchases for her baby girl. I asked my BFF to pay those customized ribbon headbands for me first. I collected the stuff and paid my BFF back when I saw her in person in my home town. Both Naomi and my BFF's little girl wore RibbonMadness Store's ribbon headbands on some of their first studio photo shoots. I was so excited and happy to eventually see my Naomi wore the famous RibbonMadness Store' headbands that had been such a huge hype among Indonesian mommies in the Instagram space.

What do I like most about the handmade ribbon headpieces by RibbonMadness Store? First, it's gotta be its endless array of classy and creative designs. RibbonMadness Store has a vast collection of customized headpieces for babies, kids and even adults. Flowers, classic ribbon bows or combination of flowers, pearls and bows, in any colour and pattern. You name it! New products with brand new designs are released periodically and there are limited cool products sold for festive seasons like CNY or Christmas too! The talented lady behind RibbonMadness Store does customized headpieces, brooches or wrist corsages to match your or your baby's party outfits too. This said, you can always discuss or send the picture of your dress/costume and leave it to RibbonMadness Store to create something nice and personal to complement your (or your baby's) dress so long the materials are available.

Second, the product quality. RibbonMadness Store's headpieces are made of high-quality material, neatly done, exactly the same as per shown in the pictures on its online gallery, well-crafted and strong. In addition, when I bought some for my 7 m/o Baby Naomi last year, they came in the perfect sizes for Naomi's head. Yep, it's best to mention the age of your baby or kids to RibbonMadness Store when you make the order of soft headbands to ensure that they fit to your baby's head nicely. Third, the great service provided by RibbonMadness Store to its customers. The young lady who runs RibbonMadness Store is undoubtedly friendly, surely knows what's best for her customers' needs and provides after-sale service just in case your headpieces is broken or their sizes don't fit well to your babies any longer as your kiddos grow bigger. Should customers wish to adjust the size of their babies' headbands or change the soft headbands into hard-bands, hair grips or hair-clips; they can mail the products back to RibbonMadness Store and it will be happy to readjust the products at minimum service charge.

Understanding that these days Naomi is not eager to wear headbands any more; recently, RibbonMadness Store sent some of its latest hair clip collections to Naomi. Who was more excited in receiving this package from RibbonMadness Store, you guess? Naomi or her Mom? Umm... Her Mom of course.

The package from RibbonMadness Store arrived sound and safely to Malaysia on one Friday afternoon and when I opened it, I went gaga to see all the cute hair clips thoughtfully prepared for my little girl. The hair clips, sent all the way from Jakarta to Seremban, were wrapped tightly and came with floral hard-carton boxes for the hair clippies' storage.


Before I move on, have a good look at each of the pretty hair clips that were sent to Naomi.

 Tiara Crown Hair Clip.

 Knit Mickey Head, Bunny Ear and New Year's Eve Mini Hat Clippies.

 Flowery Hair Clips.

Ribbon Bows Hair Clips.

Anyway, in the past few weeks, I have appointed Naomi to become my model for RibbonMadness Store's hair clips and following are the final results of the candid photo shoots that I did on her. Out of some 50-60 pictures of Naomi wearing RibbonMadness Store's hair clips, only few of them are good to be shown here. Naomi is so active and it is incredibly challenging to get nice photos of her when she is not in the mood of taking pictures.

 Naomi rocks polkadot blue flower clip.

Pretty much now?

 Naomi wears Shabby Daisy Clippy.

 Naomi and her Knitty Mickey Head clippy before going to supermarket with Mommy.

Peach Rosette Clippy for Naomi.

Naomi shows off her Polka Fritters Clippy to match her shirt.

See how much difference headpieces would make on little girls? They simply transform them from cute and pretty into such sweet, feminine and adorable little princesses.

Last but not least, be sure to check out RibbonMadness Store's impressive handmade headpieces gallery on Instagram and Facebook and be ready to fall in love with those eye candies, Mommies! Make sure you follow RibbonMadness Store's Instagram and Facebook accounts so you don't miss its latest product updates, promotions and cool giveaways! You can make your order or purchase directly on its Instagram or Facebook accounts or be in touch the designer directly at the stated contact numbers there.

RibbonMadness Store now SHIPS WORLDWIDE; so Mommies, wherever you are, you can prettify your little darlings with RibbonMadness Store' handmade headpiece creations now.

**RibbonMadness Store's handmade ribbon headpieces gallery is available on Instagram and Facebook.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

One Saturday Evening at Port Dickson

Yesterday afternoon, we went to the mall in town to accompany my husband buying some stuff for his phone. When my husband was busy choosing his stuff at the phone shop, I brought Naomi to play with some token rides in front of the phone shop. Some time later, when my husband came over to check on us, he put on two tokens on the ride that Naomi was sitting on. To our surprise, Naomi really enjoyed the movement of the ride. Before this, she always wanted to get out from the rides when they started moving after we inserted the tokens. In the end, I spent about RM 5 to buy 10 tokens for Naomi's rides because she was having so much fun and I didn't have the heart to put her happy playtime to an end just yet.

Naomi and I had to call this "massive fun" a day when my husband finished purchasing his stuff and told us that it's time to go home. On our way back home, I consoled Naomi by telling her that Mommy and Daddy were going to give her Fun Moment Part II as we planned to go to the beach with Daddy's BFF and his family later today. Anyway, I don't think she understood what I said.

At about 4.30pm after Naomi took her nap, we headed to Port Dickson beach which was quite near from where we live. My husband brought along a lot of things, including a big bag of Naomi's toys, as if he was going to camp at Port Dickson for three days. The last time I played water at Port Dickson was when my parents and brother came over back in 2012. After that, we barely went to Port Dickson for the beach again.

As we walked to our little picnic spot, Naomi saw the beach in front of her and jumped with excitement. She spontaneously screamed some words in her baby language and pointed the beach! I guess she still remembers Langkawi very well.

When we reached Port Dickson, it was still way too hot and sunny for the kids to go for a dip in the sea water; hence, all of us hung out at our picnic spot for about 30 mins and the curious Naomi was busy exploring her surroundings as usual. The first thing I did after we settled our belongings on our picnic mat was gorging a Ramly Burger. It was around 5pm and I was so famished despite the heavy late lunch that I had some three hours earlier. These days, I think I have bigger appetite than my husband and am like hungry all the time. Duh!

Hello from PD.

The moment I noticed that the sun was not too hot for the kiddos to play water at the beach, I brought Naomi to get closer to the beach. As we walked closer to the beach, I realized that the water at Port Dickson looked kind of polluted and brown as compared to those clear beaches in Langkawi. So much difference indeed.

Let's hit the beach, babe!

At first, when the waves got near Naomi, she got so frightened and kept on shaking her head. Then, she ran away from the waves. Because of this, my husband and I took her to play with her sand toys instead. Unfortunately, the beach sand at Port Dickson was no good for moulding. The sand we moulded always came out shapeless and destroyed. Too bad.

Shortly after we concluded that playing with sand toys at this beach was quite pointless, my husband put the arm floats on Naomi and brought her to swim.

First dip.

By this time, Naomi was not so scared with the water any more and she kept on smiling and giggling as she played with the water. Naomi was clearly beaming with joy when she was swimming at the beach yesterday. My husband was with Naomi the whole time she swam at the beach while I made sure that the DSLR hanging on my neck wouldn't get wet from the sea water.

Splish, splash!

It was so amusing to see delighted Naomi having so much fun at the beach. She managed to float in the water and swam forward by herself.

Look Dad, I can swim! Like a fish or not?

Me loves the beach, Dad!

Although Naomi was reluctant to leave the beach, this time around she didn't really make a scene when my husband took her out of the beach and got ready to head home. No tears, no kicking around, no screams. Good girl.

Time to go home, Naomi!

The only problem all of us had at this beach was finding nearby proper public changing rooms or toilets for adults to clean up and change our soaked clothes. It was quite a pain in the neck really to find such facilities at the beach area.

Anyway, we had great fun yesterday, especially Naomi. Full stop.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Brighten Your Day with CooperVision Contact Lenses

I have been wearing contact lenses since high-school. Back then, I braved myself to switch from wearing eyeglasses to placing some thin lenses on the surface of my eyes every single day. During the day, I prefer contact lenses as my eye correction option and by night, I put my contact lenses back in their lens case and wear glasses until bed time. I never sleep at night with my contact lenses on.

Why I choose contact lenses over glasses? First, I just prefer the way I look in contacts. I am very comfortable and more confident with wearing contact lenses during the day (tho' in the early days, inserting contact lenses onto my eyes could be quite painful and dramatic). Second, if I wear contact lenses I can put on my make-up and my eye make-up definitely shows better this way, doesn't it? If I have my contact lenses on me, I can also wear stylish sunglasses when travelling or sightseeing on a sunny day. Moreover, I just love the freedom and convenience provided by contact lenses instead of glasses. I can literally do about my daily activities without any hassle and am equally active to those lucky people who don't require any eye correction hence no need wear any glasses.

My parents were my sole sponsor when it came to buying my contact lenses during my younger days. Contact lenses were a bit on the expensive side and required extra budget so when I was in high-school so I bought the yearly contact lenses to save my parents' money. In my university years, I bought the yearly coloured contacts and changed my contact lenses' colour every year. Trends change, do they? I've tried hazel, green and grey contacts thus far. A chubby Chinese girl sporting coloured hair with green eyes. How cool was that? Now I feel that I must have looked so peculiar during those years but coloured contacts were so booming around the year of 2002-2006! The only contacts' colour that I constantly avoided was purple because it was too funky for me and I didn't think purple eyes would be suitable for my oriental face.

Once I graduated from university, I guess I got more matured and toned down a lot with my coloured contacts. Thus, I opted clear (no colour) contacts to wear, until to date. I have also switched from using yearly contact lenses to monthly contacts because I think monthly disposable contact lenses are much healthier to the cornea. The moment I got my own job, I retired my parents as my contact lenses provider; so yes, I have been buying the monthly disposables for many years now.

Recently, I was introduced to CooperVisionone of the world’s largest manufacturers of contact lenses and their products are sold in over 100 countries around the world. CooperVision works really hard to develop an incomparable array of lenses that will brighten our life every day. They make the widest range of
lenses in the industry - multifocal, daily, or toric lenses! CooperVision has extensive line of contact lens products to fit every prescription, every personality and every lifestyle. 

My 30-days trial of CooperVision Biomedics® 1 Day Extra.

As part of the introduction, I was given the 30-days trial of CooperVision Biomedics® 1 Day Extra, daily contact lenses which are designed to deliver the most natural, comfortable lens wearing experience. What do I feel about these lenses? I love them and am daily contacts convert now!

Putting on my CooperVision Contact Lens.

CooperVision Biomedics® 1 Day Extra's 55% water content ensures excellent comfort on my eyes and their comforts wear last for up to 11 hours! Also, I feel so much healthier wearing daily disposable contact lenses than the monthly or yearly contacts. Why? Because replacing your lenses everyday regularly helps to promote good eye health. Also, daily contact lenses apparently also reduce the effects of allergies as allergens have less time to build up on daily lenses.


On another note, another convenience that we gain from wearing daily contact lenses is that we don't need to deal with cleaning and storage hassles of conventional contact lenses. Just put a pair of brand new daily contact lenses on our eyes in the morning and dispose them by night before going to bed. Do the same tomorrow morning! No need to buy the contact lens solutions now. And ka-ching!... Another $$ savings! By the way, this paragraph reminds me of my last trip to Indonesia when I actually forgot to pack my contact lens solution and case with me. My parents' house didn't have any of those and I got panic because I had no idea how I was going to keep my brand new contact lenses for the night without the solutions and the case. Not to mention that I can't function without wearing my monthly contact lenses should they dry up overnight. As such, after long winding trip to reach my home town, later that night, we still had to go to the mall in town which shops were about to close already. We circled the whole mall with tired legs and all just to find one optic centre that sold contact lens solutions! Good thing we found one and they gave me a contact lens case as a bonus.

Ready to start my day with brighter vision.

Now, we all know why daily disposables are in general better for us, right?

Last but not least, before I end this blog post, I would love my blog readers to enjoy the benefits seeing the world through CooperVision Biomedic® lenses as well. Therefore, to those of you who wear contact lenses, CooperVision is giving you 5-days trial lenses for free! All you have to do to get them is SHARE this post link to your Facebook wall, Twitter, Instagram or other social media platform AND SIGN UP for your free trial lenses HERE! As easy and simple as that!

So after you finish reading this post, don't forget to get your free lenses trial and feel the ultimate contact lenses convenience that CooperVision has to offer you.

Chop, chop! Hurry up as this trial period expires by April 30th, 2014.

**Read more information about CooperVision and the Biomedics® lenses here.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Hello, Jelly Bean!

In an attempt to see the same gynae who delivered Naomi a couple years ago, I made a phone appointment to see her last week just to make sure that she'd give me a slot. My husband and I even went back and forth to the hospital in town three times today. This gynae is always full-booked and happened to be at the operating theatre twice this morning; hence after registering my name at the counter at 8.30am, we only managed to see her at around 2pm. What a long wait for a 10 min consultation.

Today we were due to see baby #2 for the first time and I was so relieved to finally see a little jelly bean inside my tummy. I was very happy too when the gynae mentioned that baby #2 is looking healthy and doing great so far. As the gynae did the ultrasound exam on me, she was checking the possibility of seeing more than one jelly bean inside me, which I secretly hoped so because twin babies are so rare and cute; but there was only one jelly bean. My husband cheered and literally said "YES!" when the gynae confirmed this singleton pregnancy. My husband believes that taking care of one baby at a time is better idea, physically and financially. Then the gynae also made a remark about this. She said that she actually prefers handling pregnancy with one baby because it's generally less risky. Oh well.

Minutes later, the gynae let us hear baby #2's heartbeat for the very first time and my husband was so wowed hearing this tiny baby's heartbeat which sounded like the thunder of galloping horses.

Hi there!

Anyway, baby no #2 is about 8 weeks old now and if all goes well, he or she (cross fingers, it's going to be a "he") will be an October baby.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Making Sicilian Orange Cake

Oranges are considered one of my staple foods. I always have them in my fridge and buy a big pack of them regularly every weekend.

Last night I was browsing some easy cake recipes and stumbled upon a very pretty butter cake recipe that incorporates oranges. The cake is called Sicilian Orange Cake and the recipe promises a pleasing tangy butter cake that everyone would find it hard to resist. After quickly reading the recipe, I thought this one is pretty easy to do as the steps are quite basic and all the ingredients are mostly already available in my kitchen.

This early morning, soon after my husband left for work, I decided to get busy in the kitchen making this cake while Naomi was watching Finding Nemo in the living room.

This is my first bake after I got pregnant again and I was honestly a tad worry about the end result of my cake because I think I have been experiencing 'Momnesia' or commonly known as "pregnancy brain" in the past couple of weeks. These days, I feel like I am not as sharp and efficient as usual and I forget many things easily. This is so hard for me because I am one of those persons who have pretty good memory and when I am faced with little bouts of forgetfulness on daily basis, I feel so frustrated. Here are some examples of my Momnesia. There was one time when I actually used Dettol Shower Gel to wash my hair. I didn't realize this until I was halfway washing my hair. I wanted to eat chocolate wafer but found myself munching some raisins instead. Last night, I was actually remembering my to-do-list for Naomi and myself before going to bed. Things like, brushing teeth, taking my contact lenses off, washing my face, putting Naomi on her pyjamas and preparing her milk. By right, all these tasks should be done in order because I am a very routine person. I don't know how I got lost in the middle but after I changed Naomi into her pyjamas, I found my contact lenses cases on top Naomi's milk container. What is that thing doing there? I always keep my contact lenses cases in my bathroom. Where was my head?

Fresh from the oven.

Anyway, here's the recipe that I used to day to make my Sicilian Orange Cake and this is the original recipe that I followed. Trust me, despite my current Momnesia, my Sicilian Orange Cake turned out really pretty and nice. I love everything about this cake. It's so citrusy, buttery rich and moist.

My Sicilian Orange Cake.

Sicilian Orange Cake

  • 1 pack Unsalted Butter (about 227-250gr), at room temperature
  • 200gr Castor Sugar
  • 4 Eggs
  • Grated orange zest from 2 oranges
  • 250gr Cake flour, sifted
  • 120ml Freshly squeezed orange juice
  • 1 tsp Vanilla extract

  1. Preheat the oven to 180 degree Celsius. 
  2. Cream butter, vanilla extract and sugar with electrical mixer until light and fluffy.
  3. Beat in eggs, one at a time, until the mixture is well combined.
  4. Beat in orange zest.
  5. Fold the cake flour into the cake batter by using spatula.
  6. Slowly pour the orange juice into the cake batter and mix well.
  7. Pour the cake batter into a cake pan that is already lined and greased. 
  8. Bake the cake for 45-60 minutes or until the skewer inserted into the cake comes out clean.
  9. Let the cake cool before unmoulding the cake.
  10. Decorate the cake with some icing sugar dust or glaze, as desired.
Care for a slice?

Easy and straight-forward to make, isn't it? I decorated my orange cake with some icing sugar glaze and sprinkled the cake top with some orange zest.

I don't really have a specific recipe to make the icing sugar glaze. What I did was mixing a tablespoon of milk powder with 2-3 teaspoons of water. Then, I added few drops of vanilla extract and poured some liberal amount of icing sugar into the mix. I stirred everything with a spoon and kept on adding some icing sugar until I reached the glaze consistency that I wanted. That simple.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Watermelon Chunks

Yesterday, we had dinner at MIL's place.

As I ate my dinner, my Bro-in-Law served watermelon slices in the living room and called all the kids to eat some.

When I realized that the kids were already having watermelon frenzy in the living room, I jumped out of my chair and checked on my girl. By now, Naomi must have had her watermelon claim on her hands - I reckoned. True enough, Naomi was walking around the living room, holding two big chunks of skinless watermelon on both hands.

Since I didn't want Naomi to create mess on her clothes when she ate her watermelon nor drip the watermelon water all over the floor, I ran to the kitchen and gave her a plastic plate and fork. I meant to cut her watermelon into bites so they're easier for her to grab and eat. It's just less messy this way. Just like how I serve her fruits serving every day at home.

I'm a big girl now. Don't treat me like a baby!

When I asked Naomi to put her watermelon on the plate, she ignored me and walked away. Seconds later, I forcefully took the watermelon chunks away from her hands, put them on the plate and told her "Don't worry. Mommy is going to cut the watermelon for you so they are easier for you to eat." Naomi began to shriek.

I halved one of her watermelon chunks with a fork and Naomi screamed as she saw me doing this. It was the kind of expression of "I cannot believe Mommy is doing this to me!" When I noticed that, I was like "What's wrong with you, girl?" Clueless, I did the same to the other chunk. Naomi screamed even louder when she saw her 2 watermelon chunks became 4 smaller ones. I tried to feed one bite to her but she refused her watermelon and kept on crying. So unusual considering that Naomi is an avid fruit lover.

Still didn't get what was going on and thought that the watermelon chunks I cut were too big for her, I cut again. There were 8 watermelon bites on the plate now. Naomi cried her lung out and started jumping, angrily. Major tantrums.

I tried to offer the watermelon bites again, this time with a fork, but she didn't even want to eat her watermelon again.

Naomi cried and cried and cried and everybody in the room began to notice and asked "What's going on? What happened to Naomi? Why is she crying?"

I replied "I don't know. All of sudden, she behaved like this..." When I was trying to finish my sentence, I realized that Naomi got very cross because I cut her watermelon chunks into bites. She wanted her watermelon to be in a big size just like how her other cousins were enjoying their watermelon. Oh my! What did I just do?

Good thing that there was still watermelon in the kitchen and my husband was busy cutting it. Holding a crying toddler on my left hand, I hastily ran to my husband and asked him to cut one big chunk of watermelon for his daughter. There you go, Naomi's tantrums stopped the very instant my husband handed her a big chunk of watermelon. And Naomi was a happy kid again.

If only Naomi could speak our language or I could read her mind.