Thursday, February 20, 2014

Where's My Water?

It has not rained in the past two months or so.

The weather was and is so hot these days. The heat is so unbearable and can really make one woozy and all. As drought bites Malaysia, my plants are definitely suffering too in the past couple of months because they have to endure such hot weather the entire day. Me watering them twice a day or so in the morning and evening is proven not sufficient.

Just bought them like two months ago! 
Thanks, Sun!

When I saw someone posted a status on Seremban Facebook group last week - saying that her household had no water for days, I really could feel her frustration and felt sorry for her. Deep inside, back then I felt fortunate as we had no problem at all with the water supply in our house and our area is far from the neighbourhood which was affected with the water supply issue.

Last night, the 8pm news on TV reported that my district is on the verge of water crisis. Should the current dry spell persist, the water supply in the area can only last for 41 days. I was like "Holy Cow!" "Why the officials haven't made any artificial rain yet?", I screamed. Nevertheless, I am pretty sure that these folks must have had considered making artificial rain and true enough, another report on TV said that the current weather conditions, as in the cloud and wind, were not favourable for cloud seeding; hence no artificial rain yet. Oh crap!

When I watched the news, for a moment I was really worried about having no running water in my house and imagined the problems I would encounter if the taps at home had run dry. However, I didn't think about it that much since I thought we don't have that problem yet and for I believe that each day has enough problem of its own and for tomorrow will worry about itself.

But then again, worrying is one thing and when the thing we worry turns into reality, that is certainly another thing.

Who knew that today is indeed that dreadful day when there is finally no water in my house?

To my horror, there was very little water running from the taps in my kitchen this morning. When I learned this, I hastily filled out some bottles with whatever water I could get from the kitchen taps as our drinking water supply. I managed to get about 5 litres of drinking water before the taps stopped running water at all. There's not even a drop of water from my kitchen taps now.

By the way, this was not my first time experiencing no running water in Malaysia or Indonesia but this time around, I got a little panicky because this issue was not caused by temporary pipe maintenance or something like that, but more because of the dwindling reservoirs.

Auntie in action: Collecting water like mad. 

Okay .... So no more cooking as cooking and cleaning dishes today as they would require lots water and clearly we don't have any. No more washing clothes today (*Sobs* I should have done my laundry last night if I knew I had this problem today!). No more twice-a-day showers as we need to be wise in using our water supply in the tank (at least for this morning and let's see how things goes later today and tomorrow). No more watering plants for sure (desperately need the water for shower and flushing toilets now!).

What if this problem continues? I will run away to Indonesia and bring my Naomi with me. LOL.

Updates: It looks like by noon there is water in my kitchen already (yehey!). Maybe I was overreacting (a.k.a kan cheong) when the water stopped running this morning and prepared for the worst. Anyhow, given the current weather situation, I guess we still cannot underestimate the water woes in Malaysia and need to be wiser in using it.

Rain, this is an order. Please come back here!

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