Thursday, February 27, 2014


Guess what. We're pregnant again.

After contemplating for days whether I should spill the beans this early or not, I have a made concious decision to do so. Our immediate family and a couple of close friends are already in the loop about me being pregnant once more. As a Mom blogger, I think pregnancy is a big thing for me and it is only natural for me to jot down the pregnancy journey in my blog. I just can't keep mum about it as if this wasn't happening. In addition, I don't like dealing with pregnancy related blog posts' backlog later on. It's just so much easier to document my pregnancy on time as my pregnancy progresses. Moreover, I did make online announcement in my blog pretty early when I just fell pregnant with Naomi few years back anyway. So yeah, I did not wait the typical 12 weeks before announcing my pregnancy to the whole planet and of course, my blog readers are among the first peeps who get to know this news.

Based on my rough calculation, baby #2 will arrive sometime this October and we're obviously thrilled with this soon-to-be new addition in our little family. My little girl is going to be a proud big sister and instead of just taking care of one kid, I will have to raise two children towards the end of 2014. Sweat Sweet!

This is another planned pregnancy because my husband and I felt that we are quite ready to expand our family of three this year. Further, Naomi is big enough to be a big sister and we don't want our first and second children have a huge age gap. This way, we hope Naomi and her sibling can get along well, enjoy each other's companion and become compatible playmates.

Just after a month of trying to conceive our second baby, we were blessed with the positive pregnancy test result (yay!). For this, we're really grateful.

When I first administered the home pregnancy test on one early morning  last weekend (the sky was still dark and the sun had not even risen yet), I got a very faint second line. Seeing that, my husband insisted that I was not pregnant and pat me on on the shoulder. His sleepy statement indeed shattered my hope and all, but my guts told me I was pregnant again. Why? Because if I was not pregnant, I would not produce the hCG hormone. And without the presence of this hormone, there's no way the second line in the test kit, even the very faint one, would appear, right? Well, unless the home pregnancy kit was faulty but in my case, I believe it was not. It's just because I took the test too early I got the very faint second line on the home pregnancy test. Been there, done that.

Positive x 4.

So after missing Aunt Flo for days plus positive results on 4 home pregnancy tests later (reading the result of home pregnancy test is always suspenseful by the way), we went to the hospital in town to confirm this pregnancy so if I were really pregnant I could get my prenatal care as soon as possible. Based on the urinal pregnancy test at the hospital, my gynae confirmed that I am pregnant again and scheduled me to see him again a week later to do my first ultrasound scan.

Thus far, I only feel incredibly lethargic and get tired really fast. I just want to sleep all day long. I have never been so madly in love with my bed like this before. Or maybe I did when I was preggers with Naomi. On some days, lifting a finger or opening my eyes is such Herculean task for me to do. When this happens, I mumble to Naomi "Give Mommy another 5 minutes, okay? I will prepare your warm meal after I lie down for another 5 minutes. Just 5 more minutes... Now, behave please..." ...Zzzz... I also experience mood swings and very intense irritability. I am just very emotional these days but have yet to reach the phase where I cry a lot due to random anger. On some days, I feel perfectly normal. On some days, I feel so sh*tty, grumpy and wrathful (mostly to my husband) because of unworthy matters or no reason at all. Strange? No, no. Sometimes pregnant women do this to their husbands. Also, I had been having dry and itchy skin on my chin since the past week. *scratch, scratch* On top of these, dizzy spells and light-headedness for about a week or two now but to date, they are still manageable.

Yesterday morning, I went to see my gynae again for our first peek ultrasound on my second bundle of joy. At first, my gynae could not see anything when he did the scan and said he may need to do the vaginal scan on me. I was horrified and didn't feel comfortable with his suggestion (I mean I always hate doctor checks that involve my lady bits). Then, he asked me to drink a lot of water first before doing the scan again. Shortly later, I went out of his room, dashed to the hospital's canteen and bought mineral water. After gulping almost a bottle of mineral water, I came to see the gynae again with very full bladder and strong urge to urinate.

And there you go; we finally saw something in my womb - the amnion sac. At about 5-6 weeks gestation age, baby #2 is now still too tiny to be seen via ultrasound scan and we will check the baby again in another two weeks' time.

There, there.

Before I forget, I have created another pregnancy journal for my second pregnancy and you can follow it here.


  1. Congrats Christine!! A second baby means double the cuteness, double the sweetness and double the happiness in your family. Have a great and happy second pregnancy :)

  2. congrats christine :) take care

  3. Congrats Christine! I can't wait to read your second journal. Pls keep us updated and take care of yourself :)


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