Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Nanny

Since I went back to the WAHM mode, my husband and I agreed that it's time for us to have someone who could help me baby-sit Naomi and do minor house-chores on weekdays. This way, I could have more time alone to do my work and we don't have to trouble MIL so often. As we both ruled out the idea of putting Naomi at someone else's house or day care during the day, we could only consider having a nanny who is willing to come to our house to do the job.

Finding a nanny who is willing to come to our house is not an easy feat. Most nannies in Malaysia would prefer the babies or kids to be sent to their house everyday because they are generally housewives and still need to take care of their household during the day.

After few calls and references here and there, finally two candidates contacted us. One was an aunty who could take care of Naomi the whole day but lived not so near our house and could only come to our house if her daughter drives her or if we pick-up/fetch her everyday. The second candidate was an aunty who lives nearby and has her own transport to get to work but she could only work in the morning as she needs to take care her own grandchild after school in the afternoon and start this job after CNY. After some consideration, my husband chose the latter one. I personally would prefer to have a nanny who can take care of Naomi in the afternoon but eventually didn't mind to have one for the morning because I thought a help in the morning is essentially better than no help at all.

Long story short, CNY passed by. Yet, the nanny still could not start babysitting Naomi because her grandson got chicken pox. When I heard 'chicken pox' I became frantic and told this nanny to come to work when her grandson was completely recovered.

On one evening last week, the nanny visited our house to have a quick look of Naomi, ourselves and our house in person. We had pretty good first impression of her (I mean she's not the sort of a very 'loud' middle-aged woman) and yesterday was her first day working in our house. The plan is to have her work at 8.30am to 12.30pm on Monday to Friday.

17 months later, here comes the nanny.

As expected, my toddler didn't welcome her new nanny because this nanny is practically a total stranger to her. Further, at her age, Naomi can already recognize people very well. Every time this nanny came near her, Naomi screamed and held me tighter. Whenever her nanny talked to her, Naomi became so stoned and super clingy on me. Even the sight of this nanny gave her creeps and annoyed Naomi so much that Naomi was like my Siamese twin yesterday morning.

As Naomi didn't want this nanny just yet, while the nanny observed how I normally take care of my girl; yesterday I still bathed Naomi myself in the morning and accompanied her downstairs almost the whole time because Naomi totally refused the presence of her new nanny. Also, I cooked Naomi's food yesterday because this nanny wanted to know what kind of food I usually feed Naomi with so she can do pretty much the same in the coming days. I think after about 1 hour of this nanny's arrival, I almost told her to go home and come back again tomorrow.  But I did not do that. I convinced myself that this process really takes time as I actually included a stranger in Naomi's life now and Naomi needs her own sweet time to adjust. I must give Naomi, the nanny and myself a chance. Once Naomi fell asleep in the sofa because she woke up way too early yesterday, her nanny helped me with some house cleaning work, which was good. I let her to go home at 12.15pm because Naomi was napping already.

Today marks the second day for Naomi to meet and be with her nanny again. When she woke up this morning, she was still not friendly to her nanny and wanted me to carry her. Her attitude towards her nanny was still cold. After I bathed Naomi, I played some cartoon DVDs for Naomi in the living room and quietly left her alone with her nanny downstairs. Looks like today is way better than yesterday because Naomi miraculously could stay alone with her nanny downstairs for almost 20-30 minutes before she wanted to go upstairs and find me again. Today, I also asked the nanny to start cooking our simple lunch because my husband is out-stationed and I would like to taste her cooking too.

Let's see how this nanny thing work out this week but I have a feeling this thing may turn out just fine. We'll see.

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  1. WAHM? Work At Home Mom? I'm interested to know what jobs I can work from home too. So you work only in the daytime? Hope you can PM me coz I'm interested to know more about WAHM but hard to find these jobs in my area..


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