Friday, January 24, 2014

Naomi: 16 Months Old

My Naomi turned exactly 16 months old some four days ago. While I planned to update my blog with her developmental milestones exactly on the day when she turned 16 months, I failed to do so. Why? Because I was busy, lazy and tired. My current project leaves me as a sleepy and exhausted woman on weekdays and on weekend, I just prefer to laze around. Do nothing, literally just do nothing other than taking care of my kid and completing the compulsory housework.

23 January 2014: My silly and happy Naomi.

Also, since I was back on WAHM mode a couple weeks ago, I put Naomi on my MIL's house in the afternoon so I can have some 'me-time' to finish my work on-time. I take care of Naomi until lunch time then my husband would drop her to MIL's house after lunch. Naomi'd stay there until dinner time or until my husband gets back from his office, only then I'd get to cuddle my baby and back to 'Mommy' mode again for the rest of the night.

Thus far, this arrangement works fine. MIL is willing to take care of two toddlers at the same time (the other one is Naomi's cousin), Naomi is very happy at MIL's house because she has her cousin as her playmate/fighting opponent (when they are in dispute) and I have my quiet time for my work. Anyway, the first few days when Naomi left at my MIL's house, I was blanketed with this massive mother's guilt and my head could not stop thinking about my little girl. I missed her and her smell was like everywhere. I just missed her. And here I am only talking about leaving Naomi at MIL's for 4-5 hours, not even at a total stranger's place. Can't imagine the feeling of those parents who only get to see their kids on weekend.

Next, here's some updates on what my little one can do at 16 months old.

Naomi runs a lot. Yes, apparently Naomi has been walking for about 6 months by now so she is very capable of running and jumping these days.

Naomi watching her cartoon in the morning.

Naomi loves cartoons. Her two favourites which can really capture her attention for the whole movie running time in the past few months were and are Despicable Me 1 and Tinker Bell. She doesn't really pay attention and mostly ignore other cartoon DVDs I play for her.

Naomi is an utter chatterbox. I can almost say that she is one very chirpiest kid I've met. Naomi is a very talkative toddler but sadly, she can't speak our language just yet. Think of Gru's minions. They are cute, the way they talk is so adorable but none of us hardly understands what they say. Same like Naomi.

To date, the only word that Naomi masters well and actually understands its meaning is "Ta-ta!" (or Dada which means bye-bye in Bahasa Indonesia). She'd say "Ta-ta! Ta-ta!" and wave her hand every time she realizes that she's leaving a house, going somewhere or saying goodbye to us. She still can say Papa or Mama but on random basis. Although I am glad to have a very chirpy baby, because it's really cute and ticklish to hear her saying nonsense in her baby language, I hope she won't get into a trouble with her teacher for talking too much during lessons in the class when she goes to school. Okay.. I think too much and too far here. By the way, have I mentioned that Naomi is super talkative that both my husband and I can't keep up with her talking that goes on and on until past midnight and we usually go to sleep first whilst she's still busy talking to us? Indeed, there are nights when we tell her to shut up and just go to bed. She's not tired but we are tired.

Speaking of talking, Naomi loves to be constantly on the phone like a real woman CEO running her multi-billion dollar company. She uses real cordless phone, our hand phone, wi-fi dongle, toy, TV remote control, ceiling fan remote control and any other thing that looks like electronic as her 'phone'. I don't know whom she talks to on the phone but from her expression, body language, length of conversation and volume of her voice when she is on the phone, all her phone calls seem to be pretty very important. Sometimes she sounds like she is reprimanding someone or angry at her 'imaginary' staff... Or maybe her stock price goes down or something. Go watch Naomi's video when she's on the phone in my Instagram.

New favourite game: Riding Papa's back.

Nowadays, Naomi gets really emotional when she doesn't get her way. She'd cry, scream, shake her head, bite, hit, pull my hair and so on when I take away my smart phone from her hands or when she wants something but we don't give her. Her tantrums stop the moment she finally gets what she wants. Naomi has been staying with her 2 y/o cousin in the past 2-3 weeks in the afternoon on weekdays and my MIL often reports to me how these two do their cat-fights. They'd hit, push, pinch and bite each other's hand. In the past two weeks alone, I have seen two bite marks on Naomi's hand when she returned home. Her cousin bit her when they were fighting over a toy and fearless Naomi did the same to her elder cousin. Kids...

On another note, I am quite proud of Naomi's social skills, especially with her peers. She is shy when meeting new (adult) people but overall, she is quite friendly and loves to join the kiddie crowd like she has known those kids since Ice Age.

Very tired Naomi.

Naomi's sleeping schedule until now is still very sporadic. In general, she still sleeps past midnight and sometimes wakes up early in the morning or late in the morning or noon. So unpredictable. Can't imagine how I'd get her to wake up early for school when the time comes.

Naomi loves feeding herself with spoon or her tiny fingers and refuses us feeding her. Of course, the mess she creates during every meal time is always phenomenal. Rice on the floor, rice on her pants, rice on her cheek, rice on her hair, rice is everywhere.

Naomi eats food that we normally eat like rice, bread, noodles, pasta, vegetables, etc. Often times, she refuses eating the food that we specially prepare for her and grabs all the food that we, adults, have on our plate when we sit together for dinner or lunch. She just wants to eat the exact same food that we eat.

Beginning last weekend, Naomi developed a new laughing pattern. She laughs "HAHAHAHA!" with her mouth opened wide and using a tone that I can't exactly mimic but it pretty much sounds like how an old fat uncle with loud voice would laugh. She laughs hard and loud when she's happy, not necessarily when there is something funny happening.

As I often complain how naughty and too active Naomi is, apparently I smile and laugh more because of her being naughty. Sometimes her naughty or silly deeds are just too funny to handle.

Motherhood is indeed so complicated, in a good way.

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