Saturday, January 25, 2014

Making Cute Doggies Cookies

The New Year begins next week and while I thought I would not be baking any cookies as we gallop into the Horse Year, I just did. I baked my favourite doggies cookies because I crave for them and they are not available in any store.

The first time I baked these cookies was in 2012 and if I calculate correctly, today is my third time making them. Last year, I also made these cookies together with my niece too. These prove how much I like these cookies and how good they are because I have baked them more than twice. This afternoon, I quickly made these cookies again when my little one suddenly fell asleep as she watched Despicable Me. Kid's nap time is indeed Mommy's golden opportunity to do all the important things she needs to do during the day.

Anyway, these egg-less cookies are so delicious (definitely addictive if I may add), easy to make and surely would make one fun baking project with kids.

Ain't these babies so cute?

Here's how I made my version of doggies cookies. I slightly adapted the recipe from its original version because I prefer somewhat sweeter cookies.

Cute Doggies Cookies


  • 180gr Unsalted butter, at room temperature
  • 50gr Icing sugar
  • Few drops of vanilla essence
  • 80gr Horlicks (original flavour)
  • 180gr Flour
  • 25gr Corn flour
  • 25gr Milk powder
  • Some chocolate chips
  • Some chocolate rice
  • Some Koko Krunch

  1. Sieve together flour, corn flour and milk powder. Set aside.
  2. Cream butter, icing sugar and vanilla essence using electric mixer at low speed for 3 minutes. 
  3. Gradually fold the flour mixture into the butter mixture until they form a dough. 
  4. Divide the dough into around 10gr each. 
  5. Put 2-3 chocolate chips into each piece of dough and roll it into a small ball. Do this for the entire cookie dough. Place the small balls on baking trays which are already lined with parchment paper. 
  6. Place two pieces of chocolate rice to form the dog's eyes. Insert a chocolate chip into the cookie dough's centre to form the dog's nose. Lastly, insert two pieces of Koko Krunch on the sides of the cookie dough to form the dog's ears. Repeat these processes for all the cookie 'balls'.
  7. Bake the cookies in a preheated oven at 150 degree Celsius for 25-30 minutes.
  8. Leave them cool for a while before storing them in airtight containers.

Easy peasy? 

Naomi eating Mommy's home-made cookies.

Have heaps of fun making these cookies and eating them. Don't worry too much about holiday weight gain. Festive seasons like CNY or Christmas only comes once a year.

Finally, wishing you a happy and prosperous Lunar New Year!


  1. Hi Christine,
    Can I omit the Horlicks? I don't like Horlicks, and if I add inside, means I have to purposely buy a packet just to make these.

    If I don't use Horlicks, what can I use to substitute? And if I can make-do without the Horlicks, how many gram of flour I have to use?

    1. Hi Louiz,

      I have not experimented making these cookies without Horlicks.. So I can't really tell you yet the amount of flour you need to use without Horlicks. How about changing Horlicks to Milo instead? But you will have brown coloured cookies...

  2. Hi there...comeing here from Louiz blog..wanna ask...what sort of flour? plain flour or self rising flour?

    1. Hi there! I used cake flour because that's what I normally keep for baking at home but I think normal plain flour should do the job for cookies.

  3. Hi there! Isit a must to put milk powder? What can I substitute with that?

    1. Hi, I think you can omit the milk powder since it's just 25gr or ard 1 table spoon.. Maybe you can substitute it with flour or horlicks? nt too sure about this one.

  4. Hi, how many pieces can 1 portion make?

    1. I think about 40 cookies.. Not sure also, it's been a long time since I baked these.


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