Sunday, January 12, 2014

Going Swimming for the First Time

Today is one of Naomi's important days because her parents spontaneously took her to enjoy her first plunge in a real swimming pool! Well, Naomi had played water in her inflatable swimming pool months ago at home but I guess that did not count as 'swimming' experience per se.

Getting ready for her first swim.

My husband and I got  really excited to bring our little girl to swim for the first time and Naomi wore her brand new Speedo swimming suit that we recently bought in Indonesia.

Showing off her cute little back!

The weather this evening was somewhat perfect for little kids to swim. The water in the swimming pool was rather warm, which was good. Sadly, we picked the busy time of the week for Naomi's first swimming experience as the kid swimming pool was kinda crammed with children around Naomi's age and those older and bigger than her.

Anyway, after the three of us changed into our swimming suits, we quickly took a dip in the kid's swimming pool. My husband put the armbands on Naomi's arms and made her sit in her baby swim seat.

All good to swim now!

In the beginning, my husband was the one who introduced Naomi to the water and the crowded swimming pool environment around her. Naomi didn't look so scared but she was indeed really alert and curious. She looked around the pool and watched every kid splashing water and swimming passing by.

Happy baby in the pool!

Minutes later, Naomi began slowly walking around the pool inside her baby float. She walked towards her Dad and me. Again and again. She was really having fun playing with the water. As I watched her playing water with her Dad, I accidentally witnessed a little girl stood next to Naomi vigorously blew her nose. Then, I saw the things that I really didn't want and wish to see. That girl's yellow mucus came out and dangled below her nose. She wiped it. Not long, she did it again! She blew her nose for the second time and another mighty yellow mucus came out again. This time around, her mother noticed, quickly wiped her mucus and washed her dirty hands in the pool. Good Lord, my heart sank as deep as Titanic's wreck in the north Atlantic Ocean when I saw this. I really wished Dettol had come out with some baby bath soap range to combat germiest situation like this. Horrified, I mumbled to my husband and myself, "Welcome to the public swimming pool."

Naomi checking out her surroundings.

Naomi didn't say a word for the first 15 minutes in the pool but she kept on smiling when she was in the pool. Since I guess Naomi was now brave enough to play in the pool, I told my husband that he can have some swim in the adult swimming pool and I will take care of Naomi in the pool. After my husband went to the other pool, I followed Naomi wherever she walked in the pool. I watched her real closely and kept her away from the water slide and bigger kids splashing water. Whilst I was trying to protect her from a kid sliding in the pool, some water splashed by that kid went into my left ear. I was and am really grumpy about it!

As Naomi began babbling happily, I got a bit tired from babysitting Naomi in the pool. At the same time, I thought that it was the time for Naomi to call swimming a day because I think 30 minutes of swimming is enough for her. When I wanted to take her out of the pool, I was trying hard to locate my husband in the other swimming pool. I just could not spot him. So many men wearing grey swimming caps and dark goggles! When I finally saw him and tried to make eye contact with him, he just didn't see me and continued swimming some more laps! Gah. Fortunately, by the time I made up my mind to get Naomi out of the water all by myself, he came!

After my husband got Naomi out of the pool, he gave her some shower. When Naomi finished shower and already wore her clothes, my husband went to take some shower too. Who knew that as soon as my husband left to the shower room, Naomi became so defiant and uncontrollable when she saw the kid pool. She fervently wanted to run and get inside the pool again. I tried really hard to stop her and she threw her very best summer storm on me. She screamed, kicked, cried, hit me in the face when I took her away from the pool. This full blown screaming fit happened not only once but several times until many people looked at us and I was that close to lose my cool. 

Joy of swimming had clearly backfired me. 

I got so desperate and thought of bringing Naomi to ladies' shower room with me so I can change my wet clothes. Thank God, when I was just about to enter the ladies', my husband saved me again. He came out and took Naomi to the car. 

End of drama.

Lesson learnt - next time, one of us needs to take shower and change into a dry clothes first before giving Naomi some shower after swimming. We need to work on our systematic plans to better handle a toddler after swimming.

That's all for our eventful Sunday.


  1. Where is mummy? Didn't join in the pool?

    1. I did! I joined them after I took photos as mementos, thus no picture of me or the three of us =)

  2. Err, next time get a 3rd person to help too? Friend or sibling perhaps?


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