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13 Days in My Home Town

Hello and belated Happy New Year 2014 to all of you!

I just came back from my home town in Indonesia yesterday afternoon and intentionally didn't want to be in touch with my laptop during my holiday, hence the long silence in my blog in the past two weeks or so.

I did a little bit of sightseeing around my home town during my Christmas and New Year holiday. Also, I had several short dates around the town with my husband as I had many trusted nannies for Naomi, including my parents, at my parents' home. Moreover, I enjoyed very satisfying culinary tour as we often ate out during this period. Please follow my food trail in my Instagram account. It's just so much easier to do real time updates of all the food I ate or bought in Instagram instead of my blog. During this visit, unfortunately I didn't have any meet ups with my good friends like what I did in my recent visit to my home town two months ago because either I already had plans or they were out of town for holiday. Christmas and New Year are two big holiday seasons in Indonesia because schools usually are on long holiday too during these periods.

Moving on, here's a little journal of what I did in my home town in the past two weeks.

23 December 2013: Arrived to Surabaya. Naomi still remembered my parents very well although she had not seen them for about two months. We met my brother who just started his job in Surabaya then had lunch together with him, my parents and sister. Not long after sending my siblings to my sister's house, the five of us continued our journey to my parents' house in Malang.

25 December 2013: It's Christmas Day and on Christmas morning, we went for a Christmas service with my Mom. Psst.. It was actually my first time bringing Naomi to church. She was mostly bored during the service, thus, my husband had to bring her out of the room so she wouldn't disturb the church goers. Below are some of the pictures taken after the Christmas service.

Merry Christmas!

 Naomi and Grandma after Christmas service.

On the night of Christmas, my parents asked us to join a birthday event as they were performing Angklung with their friends there. It was quite a boring event for us and the venue was really hot and crammed. With so many people invited at the event, I bumped into two school friends. One of them I had not seen since primary school.

27 December 2013: My parents, husband, Naomi and I went to Dampit, my Mom's hometown, to visit my relatives and Grandma. It's Naomi third time meeting her Great Grandma and her first time meeting Aunt Cicilia.

 Naomi went gaga with the broom she found at Aunt Cicilia's shop.

My Grandma.

The whole time I saw my Grandma when we visited her, I didn't take any picture with or of her. The only picture of her I took was when we were ready to go home and she already locked her house's front gate. Nevertheless, my Grandma gave me her perfect smile when I snapped her picture.

29 December 2013: I was relaxing at my parents' home and took a look an old album of mine which my husband found. Needless to say, I had a joy in digging my old pictures and felt very much nostalgic as I flipped each page. Every picture I saw in this album reminded me of the lyrics of this nursery rhyme "Row, row your boat. Gently down the stream. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily. Life is just a dream."

 Two year old me. Pictures were taken by my late uncle.

 My grandparents and I on my 2nd birthday party.

Do I look like Naomi here?

Happiest time - Final year of high school.

Looking at all the pictures when I was still schooling, it's funny to think that I often wanted to grow up fast, get done with relentless school assignments and be a working adult the soonest possible. Now, I realize that school was like forever ago and I do miss those fun and silly moments with my friends at school - the times when we didn't have to sweat about making money and such.

30 December 2013: My husband, Naomi and I attended my BFF's son's belated first birthday party. Few hours before attending this party, my husband and I hunted Michael's birthday gift at one of the malls in town. We hope the birthday boy likes his birthday present from us. Anyway, Lily did a good job in planning the small birthday party. Apparently, I was the only friend she invited at Michael's birthday party - the rest of her guests were her family members and relatives. I enjoyed the food selection very much and totally loved the Shaun the Sheep's birthday cake and decoration for Michael's birthday.

Happy birthday, Michael!

31 December 2013: As Naomi could not sleep well due to her runny nose and phlegmy cough the night before, my Dad and I took her to see a paediatrician not long after I woke up. Later that afternoon, my parents said they'd take care of Naomi and asked me to go ahead with my plan to go to Batu with my sister and brother-in-law for sightseeing. It was a fun day and I will share more details of our visit in Batu in separate blog post.

Testing the Dragon of Rumah Sosis, Batu.

That night, my sister was pretty sick (thanks, flu!) and we didn't really have particular plan to celebrate the New Year's Eve; my husband, bro-in-law, sister and I decided to kill the time at home by playing monopoly game that she just bought. It's been a while since the last time I played monopoly and the four of us had a blast 'buying and trading' properties for about an hour or so. While we were about to get richer by collecting the rents from each other as we had pretty much bought all the properties in this board game, Naomi got really bored playing in my parents' bedroom and noticed us playing monopoly in the living room. As predicted, Naomi tried hard to join us and I, too, tried hard to stop her come near us and our board game. Measly seconds later, I lost control of everything and eventually Naomi raided our monopoly money. With that, we sadly called our monopoly game a day.

Happiest New Year to you and me!

2014 arrived when we were already in our bedroom, ready to sleep. This year, we had one of the quietest New Year celebrations we ever had.

1 January 2014: Happy New Year! We didn't do anything special to welcome the year of 2014. My parents' businesses ran as per normal on New Year day and I helped them working on their shops during the day.

Random picture of Naomi I took on the New Year.

In the evening, we were invited to my uncle's 60th birthday dinner at one of our favourite restaurants in town.

New Year means my uncle's birthday.

3 January 2014: OMG! Only one more day before heading back to Malaysia and my long holiday for this year was going to be officially gone. After I packed some of our stuff, I brought my husband to join my sister and her BFF (whom I know as well) chilling at Taman Indie Restaurant near my house as I had never really gone there in a broad daylight. I went there once for my other BFF's wedding party at night. This restaurant has really nice ambience and I love the serene scenery it offers. After we chatted for about one hour, both my husband and I opted to rush home as the sky suddenly poured like it was angry at someone.

Will surely go here again some other time!

Later that day, my aunt who just got back from Jakarta came to our house and not long after that my Grandma from Dampit arrived to our house. Grandma had accident at her home a couple days earlier (which she didn't admit) and she hit her forehead. Scary black bruise covered almost all of her face following the injury on her forehead. My aunt and I took her to see a doctor and doctor advised her to have further scan and medical check up in the hospital on the next day.

4 January 2014: Woke up at 5am as we had to go to Surabaya to catch our flight at 10.30am. My parents sent us to Surabaya and I didn't have the chance to meet my brother again as it was too early to pick him up before heading to the airport. Again, I left Indonesia with a heavy heart. End of holiday.

At 2.30pm, the three of us arrived to Kuala Lumpur safely and had to take a cab home as parents-in-law were in Johor Bahru for urgent family matters.

5 January 2014: Back to my routine and devastatingly homesick. Definitely not ready to face Monday again tomorrow.

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