Sunday, December 8, 2013

Naomi Comic Issue #7: Naomi at the Party

On Saturday afternoon, the three of us attended a friend's son's second birthday party in Kuala Lumpur.

It was one enjoyable kid's birthday party I've ever attended thus far. I loved the birthday party venue (very cute!), the awesome super diabetic Smurf-themed dessert table and the sumptuous lunch buffet spread (call me crazy but I cannot stop thinking about the pasta and black pepper chicken breast from yesterday's party until this very moment!).

Moving on, seemingly, it was not only me who took delights in eating the food at the birthday party yesterday. I am quite sure that my little tyke had a great time snatching and gnawing on all the food on Mom and Dad's plates as well. She only showed us her "Blah" expression when she tasted the satay sauce. My husband and I told and tried to make her not to touch the satays many times but she insisted so yeah... now she knows why we tried to stop her from eating certain food. Also, Naomi could not stop munching the various small biscuits as Mom and Dad checked out the sweet and festive smurftastic dessert table at the party.

Below is Naomi's comic based on the smurfing awe-spiring birthday party she attended yesterday.

Issue #7: Naomi and her sugar tooth.

Finally, here are some pics of us taken at yesterday's birthday party.

 A smurfy birthday party.

 Just us.

Trying to take one good picture with my daughter but it's not easy.

That's all about our Smurfday in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

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