Thursday, December 5, 2013

Making Brown Rice and Oatmeal Cereal

Since Naomi fell ill about 10 days ago, although she is relatively healthy now, she has not been drinking her formula milk again. I've tried giving her milk a little bit almost every day but she always pushes her milk bottle away and refuses to take some gulps. "Why you no like? Milk tastes no good?"

Therefore, with Naomi not drinking her milk for the time being, I have to scratch my head to substitute her daily milk intake with something else. On top of the 3 x heavy meals, small fruit serving, rice rusk/biscuit and white bread that she consumes daily - I came up with the idea of offering Naomi the infant cereal (which contains milk) that she used to eat occasionally since she was a 6 m/0 ++ baby. This time around, instead of just mixing the cereal with hot water, I added oatmeal into it for some extra goodness, both nutrition and texture wise. Lately, I've tried cooking the oatmeal with formula milk a few times but Naomi didn't really fancy eating it like before and left me with quite a bit of cereal leftover in her bowl which I frowned upon.

The infant cereal that I chose for Naomi is Brown Rice cereal. Apparently the slightly sweet and delicious Brown Rice cereal is really all-time baby's favourite and I reckon its taste is totally designed to appeal to any baby's palate (I've tried most of the infant cereal variants in the supermarket shelf, ate each of them a bit and Naomi and I love this one best!).

Here's how I prepare the Brown Rice and Oatmeal Cereal for my girl.

Naomi's favourite cereal now.

Brown Rice and Oatmeal Cereal 

  • 3-4 tbs Brown rice infant cereal, any brand of choice
  • 1 tbs Oatmeal
  • 1 tbs Formula milk powder, optional
  • 1/2 to 3/4 cup Water, depends on the desired consistency

  1. Put all of the ingredients in a small pan and mix well with a spoon.
  2. Bring the mixture into boil on small fire whilst whisking constantly.
  3. Cook the cereal until the oatmeal is soft.
  4. Serve the cereal when it is not too hot.

I feed Naomi with this cereal about twice a day. Thus far, she loves eating it and always finishes the cereal that I prepare for her. Since normally Naomi drinks her milk before bed time and her last rice dinner is around 6-8pm - this means, with the absence of her milk feeds at night, I have to purposely go to the kitchen late at night to cook this cereal and spend extra 15 minutes downstairs to feed her. When Naomi is really hungry again by midnight and is not sleeping yet, I let her snack on some white bread which nowadays is a permanent resident in my bed room.

My cheeky baby is back!

Anyway, Naomi is doing fairly happy and healthy again now and I am slowly trying to make her chubbiness back to its rightful place!


  1. Have you get some Chen Hok Yuen for Standby ?

    Here one of the cereal organic for my kids...they love it very much ...may be you can try on it too

    1. Hi! Not yet.. haven't got the chance to go to TCM shop!

      Thanks much for the tips on the cereal.. Am browsing the website now. Have your kids tried eating Happy Baby puffs? Look very interesting.




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