Thursday, December 12, 2013

Introducing Foodpanda: Malaysia's Online Food Ordering Service Portal and A Giveaway

As an Indonesian, my favourite food or the kind of food that I can totally eat every single day is indeed Indonesian food. The only type of food that makes me feel at home, to be honest.

When I first came to Malaysia three years ago, there was no authentic Indonesian Ayam Penyet restaurant available such as Ayam Penyet API in the city where I reside, Seremban. Every time I had the urge to eat something spicy, particularly cooked in Indonesian style; I always begged my husband to drive and accompany me all the way to Kuala Lumpur to just eat our Indonesisan lunch or dinner. Ah, those days.... Nowadays, things has gotten better as Seremban has a couple of Indonesian Ayam Penyet restaurants in town.

But wait... Have you ever experienced some days when you are very hungry, happen to be not cooking, Mom is out of town (hence, no proper food at home), run out of fresh ingredients in the fridge, very lazy to go out because say it's pouring outside, don't feel like eating instant noodles again and again or bored ordering the same old fast food delivery? What if when one or some of the above situations happen and suddenly you are told that "Hey, you can have your favourite food from top restaurants in Malaysia delivered right to your doorsteps with just few clicks"? Well, in this case perhaps some Ayam Penyet, Bakso Penyet and hot steamed rice delivered to my house... Ah-mah-zing right?


Well, the above-mentioned best-scenario of having your favourite food from famous restaurants in Malaysia delivered to your house is now possible with Foodpanda. Foodpanda is a food delivery service portal where you can place your food order from various top restaurants in Malaysia online! Participating restaurants/merchants include Old Town, Chatime, Sushi King, Sakae Sushi, Secret Recipe, Dome, Starbucks, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Pappa Rich, Ayam Penyet API and many more! Interesting, isn't it? Also, imagine some cold bubble teas delivered to your house on a hot Saturday... Heaven on earth at home!

Some of the participating merchants..  familiar with most of them?

So, how this thing works?

First, go to Foodpanda's website or just click the Foodpanda's very eye-and-tummy-catching banner ads in my blog to start. Enter your location and you will be presented with a list of best restaurants in your neighbourhood from which you can order food online.

Then choose the restaurant that you like and click their menu.

Next, click the dishes that you wish to be delivered to you.

Once done with your menu selection, fill in your personal details or create an account if you haven't to proceed with your food order online.

The final stage would be choosing your preferred delivery time and payment method for your food delivery. And ta-da your favorite food for your hungry stomach is already in-the-making and soon will be sent to your house.

So, friends in Kuala Lumpur, JB, Melacca, Penang and other places in Malaysia - if you got no time to cook for you or your family, too lazy to buy food outside or not in the mood to eat out, fret not! Just make your lunch or dinner orders with a few clicks and a short while later, your fave food will arrive fresh and tasty to your doorstep or even to your office! Ordering food has surely never been so easy and convenient like this, hasn't it?

Finally... *DING DING DING* As Christmas is coming in just a week or two, I have 5 x RM20 vouchers from to 5 of my first blog readers in Malaysia who:
  1. Share this post link to your Facebook wall, Twitter or other social media platform. Make sure your post is public so we can view it.
  2. Leave a blog comment below this post stating your name, email address and the city where you live in Malaysia.
The RM20 vouchers' code will be sent to these 5 readers' respective email addresses so make sure you type your email address correctly. These vouchers are for you to use within 1 year with a minimum purchase of RM50. You can use the promotion voucher yourself or give it to your family, friends, colleagues or whoever dear to you, if you wish to!

Remember, this giveaway is on first come, first serve basis - so hurry!

Merry Christmas! Ho Ho Ho!


  1. Done!
    Name: Nurul Husna Abd Hadi
    Email address:
    City: Kepala Batas, Penang

    1. Thanks! Voucher code was just sent to your email address. Please check =)


    2. Thank you so much Christine! Merry Christmas in advance to u! =)

  2. Wong KY,, Puchong.


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