Saturday, November 30, 2013

What Virus?

It's that time of the year for Naomi to get sick again. It was just very recently when my husband and I struggled tackling Naomi's measles for almost a week and now it's another uninvited continuous high-degree fever that paid my little one a prolonged visit, making her feel so miserable for days.

Let's flashback.

The whole thing started about 5 days ago. On Monday afternoon, Naomi suddenly got warm and she became very hot by night. I gave her some paracetamol and it helped her sleep slightly better at night but her high fever didn't really subside. It was the first time I've ever seen Naomi running a high fever that made her whole body feeling incredibly warm to the point that I felt warm too every time I held her. Not to mention that Naomi became very fussy and cried a lot, possibly due to her body aches. Since taking her last milk at 5pm, Naomi literally rejected all the food or milk that I offered her. She was practically only drinking water until the next morning.

Naomi and her persistent fever.

The next day, Naomi still had her fever and completely lost her appetite. Throughout the day, she ate very little and refused her milk feeds. My husband and I brought her to see a doctor and the doctor said Naomi's 39°C fever was very worrying. She scared of Naomi going into fits if her high fever persisted. At the clinic, the doctor tried to compress Naomi with wet cloth and prescribed paracetamol plus antibiotic syrup for Naomi as she suspected Naomi was perhaps having some throat infection.

By Thursday, Naomi still experienced on and off high-degree fever and uber fussiness. Since I really felt that there was something really wrong with Naomi's symptoms, I took her to see the paediatrician in town by cab. Moving on, realizing that Naomi had high fever for 4 days already - the paediatrician ran two blood tests on Naomi just to make sure that she was not suffering from Dengue Fever, especially since there is ongoing Dengue Fever outbreak in Malaysia.

Although Naomi's blood tests showed that her blood platelet counts and haemoglobin were lower than normal, her dengue diagnostic test came out negative. I was very relieved when I learnt the latter because I really don't want to see my daughter staying in hospital, being hooked up to IV drip and all. It's just purely heart-breaking for me to see small kids enduring the pricking needles in the hospital. Just before we left home, the paediatrician advised my husband and I to do blood test repeat on the next day just to make sure that Naomi is not getting Dengue Fever considering that one's blood profile changes every day.

Naomi after taking her evening bath - looking obviously slimmer.

After the fever medicine that the paediatrician gave, Naomi seemed to be feeling better and became more active and cheerful in the evening. However, at night, Naomi started feeling unwell again. She started crying non-stop and had trouble sleeping.

On Saturday morning (re: yesterday), Naomi's temperature suddenly spiked to 39°C again and I found rashes in her body. My husband and I quickly rushed her to the hospital's ICU and the doctor ran another blood test again on Naomi. Oh my! You have no idea how much tears my girl had shed this week because of the blood tests, taking medicines, etc. Naomi's eyes are now so swollen due to excessive crying. I am so sure that she has been crying enough tears for Niagara Falls and is so traumatic when she sees doctors or nurses.

"No baby likes any doctors, nurses and their pricking needles I assure you!"

Anyway, yesterday's blood test revealed that Naomi has no Dengue Fever (Thank God!). To find out more about Naomi's sickness, the doctor took a little bit of Naomi's mucus sample and ran it for further test in the hospital's lab. Turned out, Naomi is not suffering from influenza either. Doctor concluded that Naomi is having some unknown viral infection and I should just continue giving her the fever syrup and paracetamol to treat her fever and baby lotion for her rashes.

After seeing three different doctors in the past five days, Naomi's fever is finally pretty much gone today. However, I think she is still having some utter discomfort with her body aches and showing horrid dark red rashes all over her body and face (much worse than mild measles rashes). On top of that, to make her ordeals come full circle, seemingly Naomi is now teething 8 new teeth (including molars) at the same time!

As of today, Naomi has been literally fasting from her milk for 5 days in total and this is the first time for me seeing her being so ill and refuses milk altogether. She is only interested with plain water, porridge, rice with soup, white bread and whole grain cereal. I lost count of how many bottles of milk I had wasted when trying to make Naomi drink her milk. Also, Naomi, who is looking obviously slimmer nowadays only wants Mommy and only Mommy! She is incredibly clingy and irritable. She always wants me to hold her while walking or standing up. I am so exhausted, clearly sleep deprived and my left arm is so sore!

When will all this be over? =)

Any Mommies with toddlers out there experiencing the same thing? And yes, Naomi is still very rebellious (screams, kicks and cries) whenever we try to give her the medicines - which is not helping her parents cure her sickness any easier.


  1. Hey Christine, when I see you mentioned about high fever and low platelet counts, Kawasaki went thru my mind. Just observe Naomi tight okay? I'm worry about Naomi too.

    1. Hi Mary-Ann! Thanks for your kind concern. Never heard of Kawasaki before you mentioned it and just googled it. It looks very scary.

      Naomi is doing better now. No more high fever in the past 2 days but her rashes are still pretty bad, esp. in her face. Her mood is better today too. Take care!

  2. Have you try chinese pil like "cheng hok yuen" it for fever and nite crying babies

    1. Yes, I gave her smtg like Baoyindan these two days.. :)

    2. Bo yin dan not that good or effective ....may be you can get Chen Hok Yuen which is Green Box one ...much effective child have been cry non stop when she having a high fever...once she took half of the pill ...her mood getting better and after 2 hour continue with doctor mecidine.....and give her alot of water

    3. Oh I see. Thanks a lot for the advice. I will get my husband to get the pills from local TCM shop soon. Yes, sometimes Boyindan doesn't give fast reaction. BTW, my Dad gave me Keng Foong Powder from Indonesia (manufactured in HK).. Not sure if Malaysia sells them too but it's quite good for babies/small kids. Usually we use that in Indonesia, not Boyindan :)

  3. Hi Christine,

    I commented on your previous post about Naomi having the measles. Not too sure whether you remember me. I commented yesterday but I don't think my message went through.

    My baby had the high fever for 4 days last month. His temperature was hovering between 38-39.5 and he came out in rashes. The rashes were extra bad on his thighs and hands. Luckily his face was spared. He rejected all milk and food as well, just drinking very little water. He was really clingy and refused to be put down. We spent hours just carrying and rocking him. He didn't want to play or anything, just wanted to be cuddled.

    One evening, we put him in the bath as usual but I noticed that he wasn't splashing like previous times. Instead, he started whining a bit and was a bit limp so I sensed that something was wrong and quickly told the husband to take him out of the bath. Baby threw up after that and we changed him. That was when he started shivering really hard and his lips turned blue. He started slipping in and out of consciousness as well and didn't respond to us calling him. That was really the scariest moment in my life. For a while, I thought that we were going to lose him. We quickly rushed him to the hospital.

    At the hospital, the doctors couldn't tell what was wrong with him as his lungs were clear. They really didn't know what was the rash. They said that his temperature was really high but it meant that his body was trying to fight the germs. They then took swabs of his saliva as well as his rash. It was 2 days later when we got the results. Baby was diagnosed with this viral infection called pityriasis. It was highly contagious and Tristan had to miss daycare for weeks till his rashes dried up.

    Tristan is now well however the signs of his rashes still remain. Apparently the rashes will only fully disappear after 48 weeks?

    I really hope that Naomi recovers soon. It is heartbreaking to see the lil ones suffering. I felt so helpless when Tristan was ill. Just felt like taking his place.

    Hang in there, Christine! Remember to take great care of yourself as well. It didn't help that the husband and I caught Tristan's viral infection after that and 3 of us were lying on the bed groaning in pain :)


    1. Hi Joanne,

      Thank you for sharing this story with me... What happened to your son was really scary. I could imagine your frustration and worries esp. when he turned blue and all :( And also, rashes only go away in 48 weeks - that is really a long time.... OMG!

      You're right, we parents need to take care ourselves too when lil one is not well.

      I am glad to learn that Tristan is now doing well :) I hope he won't get any more scary virus like this. It really is so heartbreaking for parents to see small kids suffer like this.

      BTW, Naomi is doing okay now, it's just that she still has some rashes on her body and face.

      God bless you and your family.



    2. Hi Christine

      So glad to hear that Naomi is getting better :) Naomi is really cute and lovely and it has been really depressing to see her unwell.

      The doc did mention that they will feel better when the rashes appear. It means that their fever is breaking. He also said that they will become more immune to such infections in future, it makes them stronger.

      We have been having drastic weather in Perth lately and lots of people are ill. Been monitoring Tristan's health like a hawk! He is turning 1 in 2 weeks and we really hope that he will be all well at his birthday party. Fingers crossed.

    3. Hi Joanne,

      Yes, thank you very much for your kind concern.

      I agree, usually after the rashes appear, the fever should be gone (tho' still kinda fussy and clingy than normal).

      Oh, bad weather, huh! Hope Tristan is doing fine and strong. How about giving him 1-2 slices of orange or a bit of fresh orange juice everyday to boost his immune system? My friend's baby often got sick and after my friend gave a bit of freshly squeezed OJ every day, the baby falls ill less frequently..

      I hope Tristan will be healthy and happy on his birthday party (Anyway, better not to stress out too much and focus more on happy things like his birthday party preparation hehe).

      Best of luck with Tristan's birthday party preparation and big hugs to your boy from Naomi and I.




    1. Thanks for sharing this, Clemmie! :)

      Not sure if the rashes are because of the antibiotics that Naomi took for a day (paediatrician told us to discontinue it because Naomi was likely having viral infection, instead of sickness due to bacteria). I think there is a possibility that her rashes came out as a result of her body heat after having high fever for days...


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