Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Catching Up with My Home Town

As you might have read from my previous post, I travelled to Indonesia with Naomi alone end of last month. It was my first time going back to my home town solo without my husband since we got married. It felt kinda weird going to Indonesia without my husband because I think I am so used to travel far with him.

Many people thought my husband and I had a big quarrel and I left him. Both of us chuckled whenever we heard people around us told us this. My husband was simply busy at work and mostly out-stationed while Naomi and I were somewhat free and didn't want to stay at our home in Malaysia alone for weeks. That's why I came with the brave idea of going back to Indonesia with my toddler. Initially, Naomi and I planned to stay in Indonesia for two months but our plan changed according to my husband's latest work situation; hence, we're back to Malaysia after two weeks in Indonesia.

Anyway, I think it was a good thing too to come home alone without my husband. This way I could do many things that I used to do before we were together. Just being the old me. Not to say that I can't do lots of things back home when he is around... but you know, when my husband was not with me in Indonesia - I could eat the local food that he doesn't like or deems weird without the need to be considerate, stay at home the whole day doing nothing much without feeling guilty, didn't have to think our itinerary of the day like "What is the plan for today?" or "Where do we go today?", meet my girlfriends for as long as I wanted without the need to tag my man and let him wait for us, women, chit-chatting until our lips dry and so on.

Me visiting my alma mater again.

So yeah, it was a good short break for me to get together with my family and best friends back in my home town. My parents and siblings were so excited to have Naomi at their home as they seldom see her and I think their house is normally pretty 'quiet' without any children around. I mean small kids do add flavour to and breathe life into your home, don't they?

Food wise, I was gastronomically satisfied with my recent holiday because I managed to eat almost all my favourite local food to the point that I barely felt hungry any more. Feel free to see the Indonesian food galore that I had here. My parents didn't mind seeing me going crazy with food and in fact, they kept on feeding me with heavy meals 3-4 times a day because they think I need to gain weight. 

Dinner with my one and only grandparent.

Moreover, Naomi seemed to be fitting well at my parents' house and she was very happy socializing and meeting quite a bit of friends or cousins around her age or older in Indonesia; thus - plenty of playdates!

 Fighting over toys with Darlene.
Never let go Jennifer's hands. 

Naomi loves playing at the pool of balls with Melody. 

 Naomi D'Arc says "Fight the good fight with all thy might, Lord Matthew!".

Naomi and cousin Meagan.

The only thing that I missed during my holiday was probably sightseeing. I was mostly staying at home, going to the malls in the evening or just visiting friends' or relatives' houses! Nobody was available to take me around for sightseeing because technically it was not a holiday season. Everyone else was busy working and I was the only one who was on holiday. LOL.

Nevertheless, going home and short break are always a good thing. Can't wait for spending Christmas in my home town next month. And feeding my stomach non-stop again.

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