Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Real Culprit

As a result of the whole body rashes that Naomi had since yesterday, my husband and I decided to make another paediatrician's trip this afternoon.

After seeing Naomi's rashes, the doctor suggested us to run a blood test on Naomi just to make sure the real culprit of her rashes and on-and-off fever on the previous days because these symptoms may lead to Dengue fever, measles, etc.

We agreed.

I expected dramatic situation with lots of screams, kicks and tears when drawing blood from a toddler but none of those happened. Apparently, drawing a blood test on a toddler is not as scary as I imagined. The doctor poked Naomi's little finger when she was busy watching minions video from her Dad's iPhone, then took about three drops of her blood into a mini container, smaller than Yakult's straw. Next, he put Naomi's blood in a machine that almost looked like a large printing machine with scanner and less than 5 minutes later; we got the blood test result out.

Minutes later, the doctor explained to us Naomi's blood test result and based on that, he concluded that Naomi is currently suffering from a mild case measles. Phew! To us, measles is still slightly better than dengue fever which would require staying in hospice.

The doctor said that Naomi's measles is not severe as she already had her MMR shot. In Chinese community her mild measles is commonly referred as 假痲. Because of this, he didn't prescribe any medicine and told us that no medicine required to treat Naomi's mild measles other than the cream he gave yesterday to ease the itchiness from the rashes. He also mentioned that Naomi can take bath as per normal and the rashes should subside by Monday. Basically, nothing to sweat.

Further reading from internet source and Mommy friends' sharing reveal that some children do develop mild case of measles or short-lived measles-like rashes about a week to 12 days after receiving the MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella) shot. Naomi was given her MMR jab about 10 days ago so I guess now everything makes sense. Her current measles could be either the side effect of her MMR shot or simply viral infection she contracted when her immune system happened to be weaker.

With this, I can stop worrying sick about my kid and just wait until the rashes go away. Another good thing is that my husband and I don't have to be in the war zone with Naomi again when making her drink her medicine because no specific medicine is needed to treat her mild measles.


  1. same goes to my baby!! she just receive MMR 2 weeks ago and now suffered mild measles. :(

  2. I guess our baby are the unlucky ones after MMR shot.. Hope you kid will get well soon. Naomi's rashes were gone already yesterday. Don't worry so much!


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