Saturday, October 26, 2013

Naomi Comic Issue #5: Naomi's Prayers, K-Dramas and My New Hair

I didn't really like the look of my straight hair with my current shoulder length hair. As such, I always pony tailed my hair even when I went out. Yesterday afternoon, I made up my mind to perm my hair permanently as I demanded a new look and truly wanted to bid goodbye to my boring pony tailed hair. *Crossing item no 18 in my bucket list*

Yesterday was actually my second time of perming my hair permanently in my entire adult life. The previous one was done when I was in the university. Those days, my curls didn't last long on my head because I decided to turn it back to a straight hair after 3 days. Back then, I didn't have enough confidence sporting curly hair and was too used with my straight hair. Every time I looked at myself with the curls in the mirror, it always felt like I was not seeing the real me. Also, the curls I had was way too small and curly for my liking and there was a friend who called me Sarimi every time he looked at my curly hair. Thanks to that funky nickname, my self confidence level with curly hair sank to sea bottom and I was even more encouraged to straighten my hair back. Gah! My poor hair during my university years was an obvious victim of strong hair chemicals abuse; hence, often dry and frizzy. By the way, Sarimi is a brand of instant noodles in Indonesia, not exactly a popular name of some ulu girl in Malaysian or Indonesian village.

Back to the the present day's hair perming topic, perming hair at a salon took about 2 hours' time in total. The hair salon I went yesterday provided women magazines for customer reading but 97% of them were in Mandarin. Clearly, I could not read them. I only flipped pages after pages of a couple of the magazines in front of me and looked at some of the pictures of the fashion features. Then I got bored and played some puzzle games on my iPhone instead. However, as I failed the level I was playing again and again, I got silently angry at the iPhone games and quit playing them altogether.

My new curls and I.

In the end, I made another Naomi's comic from her old pictures to kill the time whilst getting my hair done. Here's the comic result made out of my boredom attack at the hair salon yesterday.

Issue #5: Naomi and her prayers.

The above comic was highly inspired by some of the Korean actors I really adore. OMG I'm almost 30 y/o, mother of a child and pretty obsessed with some Korean actors as young as my little brother!

After my siblings introduced me to some Korean drama series months ago, I got pretty attached to Korean dramas and suffer from mild Korean drama fever. I don't watch these dramas all year long but I do finish some Korean dramas when I have the opportunity i.e. no part-time work to do.

Finally, K-drama lovers out there, don't you always feel like you just broke up with your boyfriend/girlfriend after watching the last episode of a drama series? It is always utterly hard for me to move on to a new drama after finishing a drama series. I mean after all the laughters we had and tears we shed during the 20 episodes we go through with all the characters in one series - somehow, there should be some strong serious relationship built between them and us, right?


  1. Hi Christine, does your husband have an issue of your child practicing Christian whilst the rest of the family in her father side are Buddhist?

    1. Hi! Not really, he is okay with having our Naomi as a Christian. He himself registered Naomi as Christian (following my religion) in her birth certificate. :) My husband also accompanies me to church.

  2. That's pretty cool! I started to follow your blog only very recently as I'm doing a bit of research on cross-border marriages, Malaysia & Indonesia. I''ve just returned to KL from Australia for good, after 15 yrs living in there, where I met my indo bf (of chinese background), and now we both have decided to return to our home country for good. I found your blog extremely helpful to me, as our situations are very similar.


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