Friday, October 11, 2013

Naomi Comic Issue #4: Naomi and Her BeeFF

My parents bought a musical bee toy for Naomi when they visited us more than a couple weeks ago. This toy has loud song, wheels that make it move around and colourful bright lights similar to disco lights when its switch turned on.

When my parents first gave this toy to Naomi, this toy scared the hell out of her because actually its shape is not that cute and its loud song is pretty annoying. Furthermore, its giant eyes almost look like the eyes of a monster fly. Nevertheless, days later Naomi started befriending this scary bee.

These days Naomi is already so smitten with this toy and she would cry if I turn off the toy's switch. She just loves the crazy song and bright lights when this toy moves around the room. Naomi would cry and cry and cry if I ignore her requests for turning this toy's switch on because I think she has overworked this poor bee toy already. I mean we have changed this bee's batteries like 3x3 already since it first entered our house on end of September.

Additionally, I find Naomi's love towards this toy is kind of weird. She loves this toy yet she loves to abuse it at the same time. She bites its antenna which produces green light. She lifts this plastic bee toy by holding one of its wing and carries it around in this way without mercy. She bites the bees' wings all the time. She munches the bee's feet. She kicks the bee from behind and many more.

Anyway, TGIF and here's the latest comic of Naomi and her BFF (Best Bee Friends Forever).

Issue #4: Naomi and her BeeFF.

Hop over my Instagram account if you want to see the 15 seconds video of how Naomi treats her dearest BeeFF.

Lastly, happy long weekend to those who stay in countries which celebrate Hari Raya Haji this coming Tuesday and decide to take leave from work on Monday.

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