Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Naomi Comic Issue #3: Grandma and Hair Cut

Last Sunday was the typical one of those days. It was the day when Naomi was kinda fussy and grumpy the whole day. She wailed and cried all day long and asked me to carry her all the time. Nobody could console or carry her but me (imagine my sore arm!). Such a clingy baby. I don't know why she acted so difficult to deal with but I was guessing she was probably not feeling well or too tired from her birthday party the night before.

Anyway, on Sunday morning, we sat her in her baby bike seat and Naomi's regular hairdresser, my Mom, was trying to trim her hair before she went back to Indonesia on Monday.

Naomi was unusually not a happy baby when my Mom did her thing on Naomi's hair.

Issue #3: Grandma and Hair Cut.

See Naomi's obvious sad face during her hair cut?

Apparently, babies do have their bad days too.

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