Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Naomi: 13 Months Old

Entering her second year, Naomi is now a toddler with unremarkable burst of energy when she is awake. She is one very active kid who seldom sits still and with her daily energy burst, I often lose mine. Naomi's being exceedingly energetic overwhelmed me at times and led me to consult her paediatrician about this matter a while ago. I was seriously wondering if Naomi is hyperactive because I don't think that she ever feels tired and can't stop moving even for a minute, just like the Energizer bunny. Doctor's verdict said that Naomi is not hyperactive. She is just in the phase when she is very active, loves to explore things around her and very curious about everything. Doctor told me that usually after a toddler hits 2 years old, he/she will slow down. Can't wait!

How can I be angry at her looking like this?

These days, with more confidence on her feet, Naomi walks non-stop even when she is confined in a closed-door room with me. On top of that, Naomi is also quite a relentless climber. I just cannot comprehend how scrambling onto chairs, tables or chairs with wheels is so much fun. I don't know how many times in a day I have to scold her and drag her out of a chair she is climbing because I don't want her to fall down. This girl is just living life with gusto. 

In the past few weeks, Naomi's language skills are growing without boundaries. When she talks, she talks around the clock. However, almost none of us understands what she says. Unless Naomi wails, says "Mamamama" and points her fingers into something, then we'd know that she wants something. To date, her vocabulary that matches to our Mandarin vocabulary words namely Papa, Mama, 这个 (means this/this one) and 报报 (which to her means carry me now!). She also make specific sounds that I can't copy when she sees dogs in the real life or on TV.

Naomi and her DSLR.

Nowadays, Naomi is in love with playing sorting toys and bead roller coaster very much. She hardly cuddles her soft toys - not sure why. She enjoys making scribbles on the erasable drawing board her Grandpa bought her not long ago. In addition, she finds enormous joy in filing and emptying stuff from a container, thus making a mess everywhere without being able to clean them back. She also loves spilling water from her bottle or cup and playing around with that spilled water on the floor. Further, she thinks that dustbins are interesting objects to explore thus she loves playing with them. I usually vehemently carry her away from these 'toys' before she takes the dustbin's contents out and at the same time, nag like a grandma about how disgusting and dirty dustbins are (but she just doesn't get the message!). Another skill of hers that I find rather irritating is her ability to inspect a place's hygiene. She is able spot the smallest speck of dust and dirt on the floor, then she will pick it up and eat it. Gawd!

Also, Naomi now starts learning doing stuff all by herself. For instance, drinking from a straw cup or sippy cup or a bottle by herself, feeding herself with food in a small bowl with her hands or a small spoon, letting off adults' hands when we want to hold her when walking in a public area. Where's my fragile and dependent baby gone?

Next, speaking about her attitude again, recently Naomi has also appeared to be defiant. When I tell her "no" to something bad, she does it anyway. When I take away something because I want her to have something else, she'd throw the thing I offer to the floor and scream. Oh, did I mention that now she throws tantrums when her wish is not fulfilled? 

On another note, I feed Naomi with steamed rice soon after she turned one. With this, another Mommy's duty for me is to cook a soupy, tasty and healthy dish for Naomi every single day. Else, she won't eat her solid food. She still sleeps very late at night. Sometimes my husband and I sleep first before she sleeps because we can't keep up with her timing any longer. I guess bad habit is hard to break.

Anyway, although Naomi is now kinda naughty, I know that she is actually not being deliberately good or bad because she is still very young. Overall, she remains a strong-willed, happy, funny and jolly kid even though she doesn't really that approachable to strangers who try to talk to her as before. Naomi dances and claps her hands when she hears music. She hums when I sing to her. Moreover, her ability to imitate adults is just amazing. I mean look at how she holds my broom below. She must have known that Mommy desperately wants a maid seen me sweeping the floor so many times that she mimicked me sweeping the floor too!

Ah, my new maid is here!

Finally, if you complain that taking care of a newborn is tiring, wait until you babysit a very active toddler. You'd see why at the end of the day you become so tired and just crave lying on your bed all day long. Nevertheless, it's been wonderful to see how your kid grows everyday and being mesmerised with his/her surprising developmental milestones.

By the way, if you wish to see Naomi in action e.g. dances, piles pillows, plays peek-a-boo, shares her pacifier with me and more - watch her funny short videos in my Instagram account.

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