Monday, October 7, 2013

Checking out KL Bird Park

A day before my parents went back to Indonesia last week, my husband and I brought them to visit KL Bird Park. We got cheap tickets priced at RM 12 per pax to enter KL Bird Park when my brother-in-law went to Matta Fair a couple months ago. Since my husband and I had never been to KL Bird Park before, we thought it was a great idea to visit this place while at the same time, taking my parents to have some sightseeing in a new place in Malaysia.

We left Seremban to KL Bird Park incredibly late on Sunday two weeks ago. Naomi was fussy beyond belief that morning and it was pouring at noon too. That's why, we only headed to KL at around 2pm something and by the time we arrived to KL Bird Park, the bird feeding or shows were already over. Sad.

KL Bird Park is apparently world's largest free-flight walk-in aviary and was first opened back in 1991. It is located within the serene and scenic Kuala Lumpur Lake Gardens, about 10 minutes away from the Kuala Lumpur city center; hence it was relatively not so difficult to find this place by car.

 Hello from KL Bird Park!

The first reaction my Dad gave when we were about to enter the Bird Park was "Wow, the smell!" Sorry to say but the birds' poop made this place quite smelly. However, once we entered the park, the smell got slightly better so the air inside this bird park was quite breathable.

Anyway, it was truly a hot day when we visited KL Bird Park. I began sweating already by the time we stopped by the first pond with lots of bird surround it to take picture.

As I slowly explored the KL Bird Park, I always thought that this place was really like a rain-forest. The bird collections, facilities and displays are sadly not so modern and beautifully arranged as in Singapore's Jurong Bird Park. In my opinion, KL Bird Park is more like a place to quietly taking a stroll in a massive peaceful park full of tall trees whilst noticing some birds roaming free and in cages such as eagles, parrots, cassowaries, etc.

Along the way, we encountered lots of Indian blue peacocks, Victoria Crowned Pigeons, doves and white birds whose name I don't know, walking around freely at the entire Bird Park.

The white birds I am talking about.

Victoria Crowned Pigeon at KL Bird Park.

Peacocks were literally everywhere in the park and it was seriously our first time interacting with so many peacocks. A peacock was in front of us. Another peacock was walking behind us. A peacock stood in a tall tree's branch. Peacocks here and peacocks there. Nevertheless, it was quite amusing too to be so near with lots of peacocks. Too bad, my husband and I didn't take any good picture of the extravagant peacocks to show here!

Happy kiddo exploring nature.

We put Naomi in her stroller and she found the peacocks and white birds that walked around her so interesting. I think Naomi was even trying to communicate with them in baby language when they came near her but clearly, the birds didn't understand her and walked away instead.

Naomi helped us eating reading the map!

Lonely bird at KL Bird Park.

Moving on, we arrived in an area with a small river beneath where it hosts lots of white egrets and only one or two scarlet ibis. My parents were so stunned with the appearance of the scarlet ibis which was so outstanding amongst the white egrets. At one point, my Dad purposely walked down near the river just to get some photos of the scarlet ibis in a closer range using his old Nokia phone. When he did that I commented "Dad, what are you doing? Trying to be a National Geographic or Discovery Channel photographer or what?"  He ignored me. Perhaps, my Dad didn't even know the National Geograpic or Discovery Channel I was talking about. My Mom really likes the scarlet ibis photo she captured using her phone and used that pretty bird picture as her BBM profile picture for a day.

Stunning Scarlet Ibis at KL Bird Park.

Another memorable stop at the KL Bird Park was the pond with lots of pretty Mandarin Ducks. Every time I see them I always think that Mandarin Ducks are used as popular regular models of calendars then and now for a reason. They are very pretty. Period.

 The prettiest ducks on earth!

I must say that exploring the world's largest aviary was so tiring for people who barely exercise like us. I mean this place is so huge and not to mention the heat too!

Taking a rest at a bench in front of the Mandarin Ducks pond.

We walked further down and found a site with lots of flamingos gracefully sun-bathing in a nice landscape pond.

In front of the Flamingo Pond.

Next, we checked out the scenery of the man-made Waterfall Aviary inside the KL Bird Park. This Waterfall is so picturesque but sadly by then, we didn't have much energy left to carefully explore this place other than taking a couple of pictures in front of it. In fact, my parents and I were already so anxious to find the exit of KL Bird Park.

Gorgeous Waterfall at KL Bird Park.

Sprawling approximately 21 acres of verdant valley terrain, KL Bird Park got us lost several times when we tried to find the park exit. I think there was some places that we circled twice as we tried to get out of this park because this park is really, really big.

Happy Naomi decided to walk around KL Bird Park too!

A while later, we finally found the correct way to get out of KL Bird Park and our 2 hour visit at KL Bird Park came to and end.

Bye-bye KL Bird Park. We were sweating like a pig by the time we found your exit gate.

Thanks to KL Bird Park, we had our healthy body exercise which we had not had for a long time whilst directly interacting with various birds at the park.

KL Bird Park
920 Jalan Cendrawasih, Taman Tasik Perdana 50480
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Phone: +60 3 2272 1010
Operating hours: 9am - 6pm
Admission fees: RM 48 (for foreigners adults) and RM 25 (for Malaysian adults)

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