Friday, September 20, 2013

Turning One

Naomi hit her special milestone today - she turns ONE!

It still feels a little surreal to me that 365 days have passed since I gave birth to Naomi exactly on this day last year. How baby grows up in one rapid blink!

Anyway, my husband and I didn't really plan much for Naomi's birthday celebration today because we intend to hold a small birthday party for her next week when my parents are here (there... the secret is out now!). My Dad told me that my husband and I must at least do a simple celebration for Naomi's very first birthday exactly on her birthday. That's why, although next week Naomi will have her birthday bash, we bought her a birthday cake today.

When the three of us did our grocery shopping this evening, we dropped by the one and only bakery inside the supermarket. My husband and I chose random small birthday cake with kiddie design for Naomi. I actually pretty liked the bakery's cute birthday cake with lots of colourful balloons decoration but the cake was way too big for us. The rests of the birthday cake design available at the bakery were not suitable for kid's birthday; hence, our option for Naomi's birthday cake fell to the below cake with extremely cheerful rainbow colour adorned by cross-eyed Doraemon (rocking his dashing bloody red lipstick) figure topper.

Naomi's first birthday cake.

Before dinner, we took some pictures of Naomi's birthday cake and hoped to snap some good pictures of the birthday girl and her first birthday cake at home. Apparently the latter was not possible to be done without drama if you have a super animated toddler as the main character. Alas, no good picture of Naomi and her birthday cake was taken today.

See how the birthday girl refused to pose nicely today?

Next, Little Miss Curious was always so eager to feel her birthday cake by hand and I was half a second late in keeping her hand away before she finally touched the cake. And boo... Now the cake's smeared in that instant second!

Dad, let me touch the cake!

After dinner, we went to my parents-in-laws' house because my husband wanted to do the birthday's cake cutting there. Soon after we arrived to Naomi's grandparents' place, all of us sang heartfelt birthday song in English and Mandarin to Naomi but apparently the birthday girl could not be bothered at all. When we sang to her, she was busy analyzing a toy on her hands. Trust me, I had been relentlessly singing "Happy Birthday to You" yesterday and Naomi always clapped her hands when I did that. Didn't know why our rehearsal didn't work out so well on the D-Day itself.

Family picture plus Naomi's cousin. The only picture with Naomi's smile.

Just when we were about to cut the smeared birthday cake, Naomi's almost two-year-old cousin helped Naomi blow the birthday's cake candle because the birthday girl has yet to reach her milestone in blowing candle.

Right after we cut the cake, as per my husband's family tradition, the birthday girl had the first bite of the birthday cake.

That's all about Naomi's modest birthday celebration today.

P/S:  Happy first birthday, my doll! Although you are a big girl now, you'd always be Mommy's little baby. Be happy and healthy. Mommy loves you to the moon and back!


  1. Happy happy birthday sweetie! Wishing you and your little one joy and love all the days of your lives :)

  2. Just find out that ur naomi just 1 day older than my daughter. Happy belated birthday to naomi!!!

    1. Thank you! Belated happy birthday to your girl too!

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