Monday, September 30, 2013

Strolling Around the Historic Quarter of Malacca

Last weekend was a special weekend for me because my parents from Indonesia were here.

I asked them to come over to Malaysia because I thought it's been a while since they saw Naomi for the last time and I wanted to see them too.

On Friday, my husband and I brought them to Malacca for sightseeing. It was not their first time to Malacca so we didn't have any specific agenda for visiting Malacca last week. We did, however, plan to eat Malacca's famous Satay Celup for dinner.

We headed to Malacca from Seremban pretty late on Friday because I had to check my part-time work in the morning. We left home at about 2.30pm and reached Malacca at around 4pm.

Initially, my husband and I thought of taking a look at Jonker Street but as we struggled to find a car park in that area, my husband drove farther away from Jonker Street to find one. He ended parking our car around the Malacca's historic quarter area. Hence, I told my husband that perhaps we could just hang out at this area instead of taking a walk in Jonker Street since we've been to both locations before anyway.

After my husband parked his car, we hit the heart of the historic quarter of Malacca which was always crowded with tourists. We checked out the surrounding street market and my Mom bought some key chains for souvenirs. To make the trip slightly interesting for my parents, I offered my parents to take a rickshaw tour around the city of Malacca as I always find that Malacca's heavily decorated bicycle rickshaws pretty interesting and unique for tourists.

My Mom didn't mind but my Dad was not so keen. An old Malay rickshaw driver offered us RM 20 for a short tour around the town with visits to some famous historical spots and RM 35 for a more comprehensive tour which would take about 1 hour ride. I wanted to help the old driver and thought if my parents would take the ride, it would be a win-win situation for all of us. The old driver got a small business from us and my parents would experience something new during this trip too.

When I was trying to persuade my Dad to do this, one Chinese rickshaw driver approached my husband and me. He persuasively convinced us that he would do a small rickshaw tour for RM 15. Once I heard this offer, I sort of forced my Dad to take the rickshaw ride with my Mom and Naomi and told him that I found a bargain. My Dad finally said yes.

Our rickshaw tour in Malacca.

As my husband thought of joining the rickshaw tour too by hiring another rickshaw for him and me so the five of us can visit some historical spots and take some picture together; my parents' rickshaw driver introduced us to his rickshaw driver friend with the same tour fee. Of course, I agreed to my husband's suggestion because I've always wanted to ride one.

Next, the five of us found ourselves sitting in two heavily decorated rickshaws. My parents and Naomi sat on a rickshaw decorated with red and yellow flowers whilst my husband and I sat on a striking all-pink Hello Kitty rickshaw that would probably make die-hard Hello Kitty fans jealous.

Picture perfect in Hello Kitty rickshaw.

When the rickshaw driver helped us take the above picture, he commented that my husband and I could use the picture for a wedding photo. I think the Hello Kitty rickshaw that we rode attracted people's attention the most. Moreover, a group of female students from Sabah snapped our picture when my husband and I were riding the rickshaw. I didn't want to disappoint them, so I stroke a pose for them.

Anyway, below are some pictures that we took when we dropped by some historical spots in Malacca during this short rickshaw tour. The parents' talkative rickshaw driver acted like our tour guide during this short tour. He shared with us brief history lessons of the places that we visited and also helped us take the group pictures.

At Port A Famosa. 

 Old Train Station in Malacca.

 Historical train in Malacca.

Somewhere with unused old plane in Malacca.

About 20 minutes later, our rickshaw tour came to an end. After I got off from the rickshaw, I handed RM 30 to the rickshaw drivers. However, upon receiving my money, my parents' rickshaw driver suddenly said that the short rickshaw tour actually cost RM 20 per rickshaw. When we heard this, both my husband and I were perplexed and felt tricked. When my husband argued him in a nice way by saying that both of us clearly heard that the agreed fee for short rickshaw tour was RM 15 for each rickshaw, the other rickshaw driver mentioned that there's no way the tour price was that low. He said it was supposed to be RM 25 for short rickshaw tour. Learning this, I think my face turned black.

In the end, the talkative rickshaw driver apologized to us and told my husband and me to just give them additional RM 10 so he could give RM 25 to his friend and keep the RM 15 to himself. As we didn't want to further argue with them, we decided to give them additional RM 10 and left.

After this incident, we called our visit at the Malacca's historic quarter area a day.

To conclude our short day trip in Malacca, we went to eat McQuek's Satay Celup for dinner as planned.

 Dinner is served!

Malacca's satay celup.

Despite the small drama with the rickshaw drivers, overall we had a pretty nice and memorable sightseeing day in Malacca with my parents. Luckily, my parents enjoyed their special dinner which they last ate in two or three years ago.

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