Thursday, September 12, 2013

Going Shopping

When Naomi was younger, my husband and I always put her in a stroller when we had our grocery shopping trip. She would then sleep or sit inside her baby stroller entranced by the supermarket's bright lights, sounds and colourful scenery while people passing by, gushing over her smiley face.

A good girl should sit on the shopping cart's child seat 
when Mommy's busy with grocery shopping.

As soon as she could sit without support, we let her ride in a grocery cart's child seat when we do about our grocery shopping.

All this while, Naomi had been a pretty easy baby to handle when we brought her along to our weekly grocery shopping. She sat in the cart's built-in infant seat with no fuss and enjoyed looking around all the people and stuff inside the store.

However, last night we had a different experience grocery shopping with Naomi. The moment we stepped in the local supermarket, my husband didn't immediately put Naomi in the cart's baby seat as per normal. Instead, he let Naomi set her foot in the supermarket for the first time. Needless to say, Naomi became overly excited and really hyper when she realized that she's now one free baby inside a massive shop with large space to explore and tons of colourful items to check out. When we realized this mistake, my husband and I tried to sit Naomi in the cart's child seat but of course, we failed to do so. This little girl wailed, screamed, kicked, etc. when we tried to make her sit in the cart's child seat - she just refused to sit down and wanted to walk around again.

Shopping for toys, madam?

Soon enough, Naomi became the new star of Dora the Explorer for the episode titled Roaming Tesco.

The first aisle she checked out when we arrived to the grocery store was the aisle which has shelves of various kid/baby toys. The section for kids' stuff is located around the supermarket's entrance; thus, without much thinking, Naomi hit this department first, as frenzied as possible.

Busy bee invading the toys' section.

I think Naomi was almost running with her mouth opened when she was surrounded by toys. She checked out almost all the different toys in the shelves while I kept asking myself on my chance in finishing my own grocery shopping attempt with snail speed (almost no chance to find my own stuff) and lots of pit stops to attend like this.

Moreover, when Little Miss Curious did her toys' browsing, I had to closely stay behind her because she loved dropping toy after toy after toy on the floor. She picked a toy she liked and dropped that toy on the floor. I picked the toy on the floor up and put it back to its shelf. Then, she'd find herself another attractive toy to admire for 3 seconds, dropped it on the floor and it was my task to return the toy to its shelf again. This went on and on to the point that I almost looked like a celebrity baby's personal assistant who silently walked behind this VIP individual when she's doing her shopping spree or wait... maybe I looked rather like a litter pick-up volunteer inside the supermarket instead.

Albeit it was nice and cute to see Naomi really happy doing her first 'shopping on her own' experience in the supermarket, eventually my patience ran really thin. Next, I randomly grabbed a purple doll next to me, put that doll on Naomi's hands and quickly put her inside the grocery cart's child seat.

My trick worked! She forgot that she's not walking on the ground again and was busy analysing the dolls on her hands when my husband and I began our shopping peacefully.

When Naomi got used to the normal shopping scenario in the cart's child seat and totally forgot the joy of roaming supermarket by foot, I took the doll back and put it back to the toy shelf.

Well, well... welcome to world of grocery shopping with toddler!


  1. love!!!! super cute!!!

    i have a daughter who just turning 1 yesterday and she just the same like naomi!! when she saw the toys rack she immediately point it out and told me to go there!!!!! and of course she refuse to go anywhere else until she satisfied looking around the toys!

    1. Haha... Maybe it's the baby's character at this age.. :)


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