Sunday, September 8, 2013

September 7th This Year

Yesterday I was another year older.

I was excited for this week's Saturday to come because my husband promised me a nicer birthday than last year's and my old friend from Singapore, Irish, happened to be in Malaysia so I was meeting her at a resort yesterday afternoon.

As Naomi doesn't wake up with the roosters, her normal waking up hour every day is between 9am to 10 am. Yesterday morning, my husband made unusual efforts to wake his daughter up so the three of us could make a move to the resort that my friend was staying earlier before her check-out time. However, little sleeping beauty was not easy to be woken up and only at about 9.40am, she greeted sunshine.

After our quick late breakfast, off we went to Golden Palm Tree Iconic Resort and Spa. We drove for about one hour from Seremban before we finally reached this place. When we were about to enter the resort, my husband was grilled by the security guard who tried his best to do ultimate security measurements to non-resort guests who try to enter the resort premise. After some explanation and clarification, the security guard granted us the green-light to meet my friend at the resort's lobby.

Minutes after we set foot at the resort's lobby, we finally saw Irish riding a pink bicycle approaching the lobby to see us. Apparently, it was quite a distance to walk from her villa to the resort's lobby area so she opted to ride the bike that the resort provides for the guests. How cute.

Irish was my ex-colleague when I worked in Singapore years ago and despite our last meeting back in Christmas 2010, we still occasionally kept in touch in the virtual world. I was very happy to see her again and I think she was looking forward to meet Naomi too.

After I introduced Naomi to Irish and had a quick 'hello' chat with her at the lobby area, she asked us to ride the buggy to see the water villa she was staying.

Buggy time.

This resort's villa is so nice. The bedroom is beautifully arranged with spacious bathroom and beach view too!

Kodak moment in front of the water villas.

After briefly checking out her villa, Irish took me to see the resort's club house which also hosts an infinity pool. We hung out by the pool for quite a while to catch up on our lives. I found it amazing that every time I meet my old friend who I haven't seen for a long time, we still manage to be chatty and not run out of topics to talk about or joke around.

 Are girls meant to be talkative?

When I was busy talking with Irish, my husband was kind enough to bring our Little Miss Curious, who was always in the mood of walking, around the club house area.

 First time seeing a beach.

My little girl was so excited to see the beach and explore the outdoor environment today.

"Woah! Woah! This place is so cool!"

Irish had to head to Kuala Lumpur at 2pm so we had a lunch together at one of the resort's restaurants to continue our chit chat.

Cute bikes for the resort's guests to tour around within the resort area.

I thought when we arrived to the restaurant it was still 1pm something. Apparently I was hugely mistaken. By the time our food arrived to our table, the clock showed 1.55pm and we saw the bus coming right before our eyes. Except Naomi, we were frantic for few seconds. Luckily, the resort's staffs were nice enough to spare some time for Irish and her companion to finish their lunch before going off to KL.

About 15 minutes later, Irish got the last call from the bus driver and was rushed to get into the bus. That was it. We only managed to catch up for about 2 hours after almost 3 years of not seeing each other.

Last picture before we split.

Anyhow, it was great to see Irish again and I had a fabulous short visit at the Golden Palm Tree Resort and Spa.

When I thought that my good Saturday was about to end just like that, my husband had a different plan and took us to Setia City Mall for shopping and dinner.

He bought me a top from H & M which I supposed was my birthday present and we had Taiwanese cuisine for dinner.

We arrived home at about 8pm today and I was a little flat out from going out the whole day. My husband thought that my birthday would not be complete without a birthday cake. Hence, after shower he asked me to get ready to go out again, buy a birthday cake and eat the cake at his Mom's place.

I was hesitant with his latter plan because I thought having a slice of cake for Naomi, my husband and I was more than enough. He was persistent and we ended up buying a whole birthday cake.

 My birthday cake this year. 
Count the number of the candles to find out how old I am now.

When we reached my Mom-in-Law's place, I repeatedly warned my husband not to ask everybody to sing birthday song to me as I always feel awkward and shy when people sing birthday song to me.

Who knew, by the time my niece found out that the birthday cake that her uncle was serving was mine, she got the rests of her sisters and cousins gather at the dining table and sang birthday song in English and Mandarin to me.

I felt so sheepish when the kiddos, my husband, brother-in-law and sister-in-law sang the birthday song to me. When it was time for me to blow the birthday candles, I totally forgot to make a wish before blowing the candles.

 My little family.

In summary, this year I had a memorable birthday. My very first birthday celebration with my little firecracker. My last twenty-something birthday. And of course, I would not be able to have a fantastic birthday this year without my husband. Also, much thanks to all my friends and relatives who remembered my birthday and sent their lovely birthday wishes to me via Facebook, SMS, Instagram and Whatsapp!

OK, happy birthday to me. Older means wiser and calmer.


  1. Yeah, I almost forget that this year is our last twenty something birthday, as next year we will reach another head around, sigh....hahahahahahah.....


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