Monday, September 2, 2013

Naomi Debuts New Hairdo

These days I noticed that Naomi's hair had grown pretty long. Her curls got kinda messy, especially during hot days, and I could not stand looking at her bangs which almost touched her eyes.

Initially, I wanted my Mom to be in charge for Naomi's hair all the time. However, since she is only coming to Malaysia by the end of this month - I am quite sure by the time she arrives here, Naomi's bangs would be touching her nose. This said, I decided that it's time for Naomi's second trip to the hair salon.

Yesterday, when I came up the impromptu idea of taking Naomi to a nearby hair salon, my husband objected. He confidently thought he could handle his daughter's fringe (better than me!) and planned to cut it all by himself.

I instantly remarked "NO WAY!". This man insisted and was ready to find scissors to cut Naomi's hair. Then, I asked him to practice cutting the grass outside the house evenly first before cutting Naomi's hair. He just laughed my advice off.

Both my husband and I continued our debates about this matter in jokingly manner for quite a while. Thank God, my arguments triumphed at last.

I mean, come on.... There's no way on earth that my (soon-to-be birthday) girl's going to suffer the horrendous hairdo for months again. In fact, I have vowed that only real professionals get to do my baby's haircut even though there is not much hair will be cut or trimmed and to fulfil this pledge, I will always spare some budget for Naomi's salon trip(s).

So here you go - Naomi's new haircut.

1 September 2013: Naomi sports her 6 RM's new hairdo.

Looks good, doesn't it?

Probably her new hair doesn't look much dramatically different from the previous style but clearly it looks so much neater than yesterday afternoon and Naomi won't feel that hot every time the heat waves hit Malaysia.


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