Thursday, September 5, 2013

Happy Mom n Bub Photo Project: Week 13

It's Thursday again and psst.... my birthday is coming soon!

Anyway, I am delighted to present you with Happy Mom n Bub Photo Project: Week #13.

This week's Mom and baby who are at the centre of attention are:

Mommy Lily and Baby Michael from Malang, Indonesia.

Lily and I are actually BFF for the longest time. I can't even remember the first time we met but I am pretty sure it was when we were babies. We went through our kindergarten and school days pretty much together. As kids, we hung out a lot after school as we were neighbours for about 9 years or so. Although, I rarely see her these days but we never fail to catch up when I am in my home town. Our friendship is just beautiful.

Interested to show the world the sweetest picture of you together with your sweet little cutie pie in my blog every Thursday too? Read here to find out how.

It's on first come, first serve basis... so hurry up, Moms! Do send me a picture of you and your little bub, wherever you are!

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