Tuesday, September 17, 2013

At the Playground

Last Sunday evening, my husband and I brought Naomi to the playground in our neighbourhood. The playground was quite a distance from our house so we rode our tandem bike to get there.

Although it was not Naomi's first visit to the playground, Naomi had a total blast playing at the playground. We let her check out most of the recreational equipments that were suitable for her age. She was a lucky girl that evening because there were no other kids invading the playground so she could have the entire playground for herself.

First, she played with the spring rider for few minutes but didn't do much with it other than looking around and nodding her head several times whilst riding this outdoor bouncy playing device. Then, Naomi got bored, made cat-like noises to signal us that she's done playing with this rider and wanted to move on.

Hmm... Boring?

Next, my husband let Naomi try the smallest slide in the playground (whilst holding onto her body all the time). However, apparently, slide was not Naomi's cup of tea. I mean look at the below expression!

Thinking back, slide was not my favourite item at the kindergarten or playground either because I had terrible fear of height. Like mother, like daughter.

Stop, Dad! No more slide.

Moving on, Naomi discovered much fun when playing with the toddler swing at the playground. She was very happy and could not stop giggling when her Dad gently pushed the swing.

And to depict my lines above, here's a short video of Naomi playing with the toddler swing.

Can we bring the swing home, Daddy?

Overall we, or mostly Naomi, had a fantastic evening playing at the playground - well, except for the ending.

Naomi found herself too attached to the playground after less than half an hour exploring it and refused to go home. She screamed when I carried her away from the playground. Worse, she cried when we sat her in our bike's child seat, which was very unusual, and only wanted to be carried instead. I couldn't ride the tandem bike alone so I got no option but carrying Naomi home while my husband rode the bike to get home.

So yeah, last Sunday Naomi threw a strength test for Mommy. I had to carry my girl who's almost as heavy as the 12 kg LPG cylinder in walking motion for a couple of blocks. Halfway home, I almost gave up. I panted a lot. My left arm got really sore from holding Naomi for too long too.

Fortunately, I passed the fitness test and both of us arrived home safely, in one piece.

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