Sunday, August 4, 2013

One Lazy Sunday and Candid Baby Photos

It's a slow Sunday today. My husband and I got no exciting plan for spending our Sunday. I tried to think of some interesting places to go but just couldn't come up with any idea. At first, I wanted to take a stroll in a mall again but considering that Hari Raya is coming next week and malls in town must be so crazily crammed today - I dropped this fantastic idea. On top of that, this afternoon Seremban was blessed with blazing sun and sweltering hot weather so today is indeed not a good day for outdoor activity either, unless you have slathered every inch of your skin with some SPF 3000 anti UV lotion. Just kidding. I think SPF 15-30 sunscreen lotion is good enough for hanging out with Mr. Sun today.

Anyway, after our late breakfast today, my husband and I decided to visit our friend's house.

This particular friend of ours that we visited today is an avid photographer and he just loves taking photos. Once, he took couple photos of my husband and me at a vintage shops area in Seremban and they all look nice.

When Baby Naomi 'attacked' his house earlier today, our friend snapped some pictures of Naomi-in-action using his DSLR camera. I could not help but posting the candid photo results here because each of them looks so cute.

My little girl was in such a good mood playing with Uncle Tuck and messing his house so undoubtedly, today's pictures are so sweet and full of smiles. Well, at least for me.

Here are some of the pictures of Naomi that our friend took today. Nice, right?

I'm an all smiley baby today.

Naomi loves playing with Uncle Tuck.

Naomi is showing off her walking skill she learnt last night.

Little sunshine.

P/S: Well, Tuck, like we said today, you are a good babysitter. Thanks for taking and sharing these pictures.

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