Saturday, August 3, 2013

Naomi: 10 Months and 2 Weeks Old

My little Naomi is surely beginning to leave her babyhood behind - I am both happy and sad with this fact. I am happy that my baby grows well, happy and healthy but on the other hand, I am a little sad thinking how fast time has flown. I mean where's my clingy little baby who used to snuggle in my arms or chest when she's sleeping?

Am I cute or what?

As my baby approaches her 1st birthday, she has shown plenty of signs of becoming an independent toddler.

Naomi walked her first 10 tiny steps solo on 25th of July 2013 (Don't you agree that walking is a monumental milestone? I even remember the exact date when my baby did this for the first time!). Both my husband and I were so shocked when this happened as just the day before that, Naomi was still cruising and only be able to walk 2-3 steps. Now, she has not been practising her walking skill that much but she does that when she has the mood. I guess, somehow, she still prefers crawling (at turbo speed on some occasions) than walking.

Naomi is a little chatterbox. She has clearly found her voice and her gibberish baby talk sounds like music to my ears. She babbles a lot and sometimes I feel like she is trying to communicate with us. Although I don't understand her, I still respond to her. Just by keep on talking to her.

Whistling is fun!

Sometime last month, Naomi was playing a toy that has a whistle on it. As she played with it, she began blowing the whistle part and actually managed to produce a whistling sound from it. The moment she realized a sound came from the toy she blew, she kept on doing it over and over again. Every time her blowing attempt's successful, she'd giggle.

Now that Naomi is a master in standing up, crawling and showing separation anxiety - whenever she sees her Dad leaving a room or entering a toilet, she often crawls to that closed door, stands up and knocks on it non-stop until her Dad comes back to pick her or open the toilet door for her.

Next, I guess Naomi's little fingers are getting stronger and now she loves picking up small objects using her thumb and forefinger. The worst part is that she is often intrigues by any tiny things that she can find and pick and then put it in her mouth to taste it. This said, my husband and I really have to constantly keep a good eye on her so she won't eat random stuff like bugs, dirt, rubbish or tiny plastic bits.

I didn't know that a baby as big as Naomi would be so clingy too on some days and when it happens, she just wants me to carry her all the time. She'd follow me wherever I go and if I fail to cuddle or carry her because I am busy, she'd cry. Anyhow, I guess one day I'll miss Naomi's koala bear days.

Also, I am not sure that babies younger than 1 year old can actually show tantrums. I think in the past few weeks, Naomi has shown us her anger and frustration in very strong manners when she doesn't get what she wants. When she's angry she'd cry, howl, kick, hit and even bite my shoulder. This little girl really needs some serious anger management.

These days, Naomi is able to show a simple gesture of saying 'no' by shaking her head. At first, I found this new milestone really cute but eventually, it got really irritating especially when it happens during her feeding time. So yes, feeding time is now a bit challenging especially when Naomi now is able to refuse her porridge or milk by shaking her head.

My Mother-in-Law taught Naomi to wave bye-bye sometime last month. Although her skill on this is not perfect yet but she can imitate us doing it.

By the way, sometimes we let Naomi mingle with her almost 2 y/o cousin at my Mother-in-Law's place. They look cute together but they can't really play peacefully together yet. Either they fight for each other's toy (and my little one surely won't give in easily to her elder cousin) or they'd fight for Grandma's or Grandpa's attention. If Grandpa carries Naomi, her cousin will surely make noise asking to be carried too, and vice versa.

Last but not least, to those of you who are curious about Naomi's feeding schedule at this age - I feed her with rice porridge twice a day, 1 serving of mashed fruit (if I have any at home) plus 5-6 feeds of formula milk in a day. Usually I begin her day with formula milk and only feed her with first bowl of porridge in late morning or afternoon. I give her the second bowl of porridge in the evening or around dinner time. Feeding her now is definitely not as easy as when she was younger as she is now able to show emotions and refuse food from us when she's not that hungry yet or not in the mood for eating or drinking milk.

** Health record:
Current weight: 10.4 kg.
Current height: 78 cm.

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