Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Look Alike

The instant our baby is born, we and everyone around us look for the parents' reflections in him on her.

While my husband always strongly believes that Naomi looks just like him, I never actually quite bothered with the fact of who Naomi looks like.

The other day, I was collating photos of me taken almost 29 years ago. I put those old photos side by side with Naomi's photos (this is one of the things that I do with my smart phone when I don't know how to utilize my free time wisely and my favourite romantic Korean drama series had come to an end!)

Come as no surprise to many, Naomi pictures that I collated kinda look like me when I was a young baby. Some friends who saw the picture on my Instagram say that my junior and I share the same smile and we both have the same chubby round face. I take the latter one as compliment because some Chinese people think that round face brings luck.

1985 vs. 2013.

Next, I think Naomi looks way more mature than me when we were at the same age - erm, thanks to today's formula milk which probably contains more nutrients and has higher standard than 30 years ago? In the above photo collage, I compare 8 m/o me with 4 m/o Naomi and 1 y/o me with 9 m/o Naomi.

As of now it seems like Naomi is indeed Mommy's mirror image (except her thick eye brows, perhaps?) but clearly she inherits her curly hair from both Grandpas because my husband and I have really straight hair and so do our Moms.

I reckon, in the next few months, we will figure if Naomi is a complete picky eater (God forbids) and one homely personality like Mommy or a popular social butterfly and an outdoor fan like Daddy.

Don't you think the complex gene pool that a baby hands down from their parents (or perhaps from grandparents) is interesting?

Who does your baby look like? Mommy, Daddy or both?

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