Thursday, August 29, 2013

Happy Mom n Bub Photo Project: Week 12

It's Thursday again and to continue with what I have been doing in the past three months or so, I would like to present you with Happy Mom n Bub Photo Project: Week #12.

This week's Mom and baby who are at the limelight are:

Mommy Belina and Baby Michael from Balikpapan, Indonesia.

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It's on first come, first serve basis... so hurry up, Moms! Do send me a picture of you and your little bub, wherever you are!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Making Super Moist Marble Cake

Last Sunday I was feeling itchy to bake a cake but didn't really know what to bake because I didn't plan ahead.

I spent my whole Sunday afternoon browsing some random cake blogs and finally, came across a blog which shares a professionally done chocolate marble cake recipe and the recipe guarantees tender and moist cake texture too! The last time I made marble pound cake, it was nice but the texture was a little heavy for my preference.

Without thinking too much, at 5pm I began baking the newly found marble cake recipe which used egg separation method and at dinner time, I finished baking the cake.

I only used half of the stated recipe so my cake's final result was kind of thin. Also, I guess I put on too much chocolate cake batter too, hence I didn't eventually produce that wonderful marbled effect that I imagined. Nevertheless, the cake surely tasted really yummy, buttery rich and super moist too even until the next day - just like what I wanted.

Super moist chocolate marble cake.

Here's the moist marble cake recipe that I used.

Super Moist Marble Cake

  • 4 Eggs, separated
  • 130gr Sugar
  • 170gr Unsalted butter, at room temperature
  • 130gr Flour
  • 1 tbs Baking powder
  • 1 tbs Milk powder
  • 1 tbs Vanilla extract
  • 1 tbs Cocoa powder

  1. Preheat oven to 160 degree.
  2. Sift flour, baking powder and milk powder. Set aside.
  3. Cream butter with electric mixer until light and fluffy.
  4. In separate bowl, whisk egg yolk and sugar until light.
  5. Slowly add the egg yolk and sugar mixture into the creamed butter and beat them with electric mixer on medium speed until everything is incorporated.
  6. In separate bowl, beat egg whites using electric mixer until stiff peaks are formed.
  7. Using a spatula, slowly fold the egg whites into the butter and egg yolk mixture
  8. Add in the dry ingredients into the cake batter until just incorporated.
  9. Take 1/4 of the cake batter and mix it well with the cocoa powder.
  10. Pour cake batter into a 7 inch cake tin already lined with parchment paper - alternating between the two mixtures.
  11. Rap the pan on the counter several times before putting it into the oven.
  12. Bake the cake for 30-40 minutes or until a tester inserted in the middle of the cake comes out clean.

Fresh from the oven.

Initially, I hesitated whether I should share this recipe or not because the look of my cake's final result was a far cry from the original blogger's recipe. Anyhow, in the near future, I plan to test this recipe again, this time using the full ingredients and see if I can achieve that good looking tall marble cake as if it was made by 5-star hotel's pastry chef!

Saturday, August 24, 2013

From Day One to Year One

For first-time parent with no helper (but my husband) like me, the first year of raising a baby feels like a constant marathon of body and mind.

Everything is fast-paced and it happens every single day. Some days run faster than the other because I got so crazy busy doing a million things in a day. I am still very much sleep deprived because my baby's sleeping schedule at night is still irregular to this very date. I've even forgotten what a real proper holiday feels like.

Don't envy me but I did lose my pregnancy weight in no-time. My biceps and abdomen became toned (not exactly like Britney Spears's when she was a hot babe in her prime years though) without doing any exercise, stepping into a gym nor doing any strict diet.

Last year: Miss this little baby already.

Days, weeks and months glided by. Since the moment I first carried my newborn in my arms - almost a year slipped away. The baby who used to snuggle in my arms and fall asleep on my chest is no longer a baby and refuses to sleep when I cradle her. She is now a one active little kid who can talk baby language, is very curious of this wonderful world and able to walk around all by herself. The relentless early days that I thought would never end is now a distant memory.

This year: Ain't a baby no more.

Although I feel that I have accomplished pretty well in raising a happy and healthy baby on my own, I have two regrets.

1. I should have cherished the time and enjoyed my baby more.

In the beginning of my motherhood journey, I always felt so tired both mentally and physically. Also, shortly after the effect of epidural was gone, I felt so injured. This horrible post-delivery feeling went on for the next three weeks or so. This traumatic situation was also coupled with prolonged post-partum bleeding and exhausted body which was trying hard to fit my newborn's schedules. In short, my first month with my baby was not that euphoric and surely I was not able to fully enjoy my newly bundle of joy.

I wished the time away. When Naomi was still three days old, I wished she's one week old. When she was few weeks old, I wished she quickly turned to one-month old so she's not that fragile, could do more and had better routines. I could not wait for her to be able to turn her body over, crawl, walk, talk and so on. I tried to enjoy the moment but I think I didn't enjoy it optimally. I thought when she grows older, it would be easier to take care of her. Well, at some points, it is true - when Naomi grew bigger, I got to know her better and she was easier to deal with. However, she launches developmental milestones that present new sets of challenge for my husband and me on monthly basis so in that sense, both of us keep on learning and handling new things about the little human being in our house every single day.

In addition, I guess back then I was so overly busy caring my baby 24/7 that I missed the beautiful new Mom experience. I really should have taken more real time to hold, cuddle and do nothing else but bonding with Naomi without being distracted by my housework that kept on coming, iPhone or soap opera on TV.

Naomi's sweet smell, tiny fingers, little toes, chubby cheeks and cute button nose won't be there forever, will they?

That's why when you hear people say"Babies grow up so fast!". You must trust them because it's true. Just enjoy the moment and your baby more.

2. I should have taken care of myself better.

Soon after my Mom went back to Indonesia during my confinement period, I led a super hectic life attending my baby's needs mostly on my own to the point that I neglected my own well-being. I skipped meals (hence often suffered from gastric pain and became very thin), slept a little or slept few good hours but not quite rested and often lost my appetite when I heard my baby cried or my head was full of today's to-do-list.

Thinking back, I should have just chilled, taken my sweet time to eat my food, enjoyed more me-time like snacking, lying on my bed with my scary face-mask on (principally until I fall asleep and the mask dries up), going to a hair salon and letting someone else wash my hair, getting some pedicure, reading my favourite magazine undisturbed, putting my make up on before leaving my house or baking - just like the good old times. This way I would feel that raising a baby is not so taxing and doesn't cause ageing faster. Anyhow, a happy and healthy woman who eats and lives well is surely a good reward for her baby too, isn't she?

My advice is just to know the limit and give ourself a break. We don't have to be joined at the hip with our baby all day long. When the situation gets overwhelming, it's not a sin to get somebody's help. Asking for/getting a help or splitting the baby sitting job with our partner doesn't make one an incompetent Mom, provided if he is willing to help and capable of baby sitting of course.

Thus, now that Naomi barrels towards her first birthday next month, I intend to slow down and order my busy life (blogging, part-time work and daily housework) and have a little more fun with Naomi.

I will spend more time becoming the 'old me' again and at the same time carefully noticing my baby grow each day. I will dedicate more time to relax, sit on the floor with Naomi playing with her shape sorter toy, doll or whatever and enjoy the little girl in front of me.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Can't Play Quite Like Dad

A while ago, my husband bought a cheap remote control car he found on sale from a supermarket. When he did that, my initial reaction to him was "Why are you buying this thing? Why do you still want to play with this kind of toy?"  At heart, I continued my rambling and it sounded pretty much like this, "Did you not play with this thing enough when you were a young boy? It's time to grow up, man..." 

Then, one evening, my husband came home bringing a baby bike seat for Naomi, a bubble gun and water guns. Again, my first reaction when my husband happily showed me all the things inside his shopping bag was, "Why oh why did you have to spend your money on this stuff? It's not like Naomi can play with you with these stuff anyway...".

When I questioned him, he just said "Don't worry. Everything was so cheap! Like super cheap!" and still widely smiled to me and Naomi like a kid who just got a toy. Well, technically, he just got himself some toys anyway.

I did not entirely comprehend my husband's toy shopping spree but I let this matter go.

There were times when I felt like instead of having one kid in my house, I have two. It's just that the other one is in the form of an adult man.

However, after looking at how Naomi can actually play with his Dad with all the random toys that my husband brought home and actually enjoy every single one of it - I realized that I was so wrong about my husband and his ideas of playing with his kid.

I mean who knew that after watching his Dad playing his remote control car for few times, my then 9 months old baby could follow his Dad's steps in playing with the remote control and make the car move around? The best thing is that she enjoys playing with this remote control car so much that I found this toy is very useful in distracting Naomi when she's fussy and it indeed can buy me some time when I am busy.

Also, about the bubble gun that all along I thought was a complete silly playing idea - I guess I am licking my own spit here. I must shamelessly confess that I enjoy playing with it too - blowing bubbles and poking them. Naomi could not stop giggling when countless of bubbles that my husband or I blow come near her.

Naomi is buckled up in her baby bike seat - ready to hit the road with Mom and Dad.

And the baby bike seat that I thought was a total unnecessary buy - well, seemingly it is so much fun to ride a bike as a family. To begin with, we were given a tandem bike as a gift. Obviously, it is rather weird for one person to ride a tandem bike alone. In addition, it is not possible to leave Naomi all by herself at home when both of us ride the tandem bike around our neighbourhood. So yes, baby on board definitely adds different dimension for riding a tandem bike because it is recreational (and seriously attracts other people's attention too). As for our little lady boss, she clearly enjoys riding the tandem bike so much. I guess for her it must be an utter delight to just sit there at the back, do nothing but scream and babble whilst enjoying the scenery and the evening breeze.

My point is, Mom can't really replace Dad's role when it comes to bonding or playing with children. For instance, I certainly can't provide that impossible degree of fun for Naomi when playing with her like what my husband does with her. My style of playing with Naomi is more serious and old fashioned - peek-a-boo, tickles, hand-clapping, story books, educational soft toys and so on. Boring? Toys like water gun, bubbles or remote control car would absolutely never occur to my mind and I would never ever imagine that my kid will love them so much. Moreover, quite often after accompanying my baby playing with her shape-sorter toy or squeaky doll for a good 8 minutes, I get bored and likely turn to some repetitive kiddie song DVD to amuse her. There, another confession from my side.

In conclusion, let's try to minimize the prejudice towards our husband's somewhat playful character. Men and women are from Mars and Venus anyway. We are different in many ways and so are the ways we play with or entertain our kids. Perhaps, being a little bit playful in this context is good?

We're all little kids at heart after-all, aren't we?

Happy Mom n Bub Photo Project: Week 11

Hi, everyone!

It's Thursday again and it's time to present you with Happy Mom n Bub Photo Project: Week #11. Can't believe that I've been running this mini project for almost three months now (much thanks for your kind support!).

This week's Mom and baby who are at the limelight are:

Mommy Niken and Baby Daniella from Singapore.

Can you spot Mommy Niken's and Baby D's matching outfits?

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Attending Cabaran Mega Huggies Dry Pants, Kuala Lumpur

Huggies Malaysia in partnership with Malaysia's Book of Record did a one-day event called Cabaran Mega Huggies Dry Pants (Huggies Dry Pants's Mega Challenge) as an attempt for the title of "Most Number of Babies in a Diaper Pants Changing Event" on Saturday, August 17th 2013 at 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur. 

When Huggies Malaysia opened the online registration on their Facebook page, I was so interested to join this event because I thought this event was going to be a lot of fun and of course, I was somehow attracted to the goodie bag they offered too!

Finally, August 17th arrived and this morning the three of us headed to Malaysia's capital city to join the said event and also to pick some things up in an office in Kuala Lumpur. Naomi happened to wake up very early this morning (she must have felt Mommy's strong intention to go to Kuala Lumpur in early morning) so we could go to Kuala Lumpur earlier than usual. 

However, after our breakfast, Naomi fell asleep again and I didn't manage to give her morning bath before going to Kuala Lumpur. Fret not, my baby doesn't have body odor but 'milky' smell perhaps. Anyway, normally random people don't come to kiss her (because I won't let them) and I am perfectly fine with her smell even when she's sweating and all (well, except when her butt is poopy). Therefore, Naomi was excused to take a stroll in the mall without taking her bath today.

At noon, we arrived to 1 Utama Shopping Centre and went straight to the mall's lower ground where the Huggies's event was held.

Joining Huggies Malaysia's "Most Number of Babies in a Diaper Pants Changing Event".

The organizer only allowed one parent and one baby to enter the event at a time, so my husband had to wait outside the event area whilst Naomi and I got busy at the event.

The massive set-up for this event. 

Full house. 
They even let you park your baby stroller just outside the registration area.

After registering at the counter, I was given a sample of Huggies Dry pants and asked to change Naomi's diaper on the spot at the available changing area. Good thing I didn't change her diaper since morning because by noon it was pretty heavy already!

Testing Huggies' Dry Pants for the first time.

Once I was done with changing Naomi's diaper, Naomi and I queued to take a photo at the available photo booth. Look at this below picture! Both Naomi and I didn't pose properly. I was trying hard to get her to see and smile at the camera and because of this, my smile captured at the following photo was nothing short of awkward. Further, Naomi was not cooperative at all during the photo session. She threw her smile to everyone and each baby she met at the event but when it's time to take photo with the photographers, she just didn't smile at all.

First time taking photo at a photo booth with Naomi.

After completing the two compulsory tasks of changing diaper and taking photo at the photo booth, I could now redeem the goodie bag and was given a certification of appreciation too! 

Lovely bag, isn't it?

All in all, we had a great fun at today's event and of course, we love the goodie bag too! *typical aunty syndrome*

Friday, August 16, 2013

Making Baby Food: Apple Oatmeal Cereal

This week, I started to add home-made oatmeal cereal to Naomi's diet.

Oats are high in fibre, calcium, protein and some B vitamins plus they are so delicious. I normally prepare Naomi's oatmeal cereal by cooking some spoons of oats with water and her formula milk powder. However, this morning, I added the goodness of apple into her oatmeal cereal and she loves it.

Mixing the goodness of apple and oats in one bowl.

Apple Oatmeal Cereal
Suitable for babies aged  10 months old ++

  • 1/2 Apple, peeled and cut into really small dices
  • 3 tbs of oats
  • 150 ml (formula) milk
  • a little bit of water to soften the apple dices

  1. Boil a little bit water in a pan and pour the apple dices. Cook until the apple dices are soft, drain them and set aside.
  2. Place the oats, cooked apple dices and formula milk in a pan. 
  3. Bring the mixture into a slow boil while whisking constantly.
  4. Cook the cereal until the oats and milk are well cooked.
  5. Serve the cereal to baby when it is not too hot.

As my soon-to-be 11 months old Naomi doesn't really eat very soft porridge any more, I don't purée the apple for her cereal. However, if your baby is younger than her, you might want to purée the apple (or any other fruits you prefer) for the oatmeal cereal. Another way is to run the cooked cereal and fruit in a blender before serving it to your baby so it's easier for your young baby to digest.

Remember, the ideal age for starting baby on solid food is 6 months old.

Need more nutritional information and recipes in using oats for baby food? Read more about it here.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Happy Mom n Bub Photo Project: Week 10

Hello, everyone!

It's Thursday again and it's time to present you with Happy Mom n Bub Photo Project: Week #10.

Please welcome Mom and baby who are at the center of attention this week!

Mommy Eva and her little prince Marvel from Malang, Indonesia.

Mommy Eva is a big fan of cross-stitching and these days, on top of blogging about her daily life and motherhood, she also writes her cross-stitching musings at her blog called eva!

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Look Alike

The instant our baby is born, we and everyone around us look for the parents' reflections in him on her.

While my husband always strongly believes that Naomi looks just like him, I never actually quite bothered with the fact of who Naomi looks like.

The other day, I was collating photos of me taken almost 29 years ago. I put those old photos side by side with Naomi's photos (this is one of the things that I do with my smart phone when I don't know how to utilize my free time wisely and my favourite romantic Korean drama series had come to an end!)

Come as no surprise to many, Naomi pictures that I collated kinda look like me when I was a young baby. Some friends who saw the picture on my Instagram say that my junior and I share the same smile and we both have the same chubby round face. I take the latter one as compliment because some Chinese people think that round face brings luck.

1985 vs. 2013.

Next, I think Naomi looks way more mature than me when we were at the same age - erm, thanks to today's formula milk which probably contains more nutrients and has higher standard than 30 years ago? In the above photo collage, I compare 8 m/o me with 4 m/o Naomi and 1 y/o me with 9 m/o Naomi.

As of now it seems like Naomi is indeed Mommy's mirror image (except her thick eye brows, perhaps?) but clearly she inherits her curly hair from both Grandpas because my husband and I have really straight hair and so do our Moms.

I reckon, in the next few months, we will figure if Naomi is a complete picky eater (God forbids) and one homely personality like Mommy or a popular social butterfly and an outdoor fan like Daddy.

Don't you think the complex gene pool that a baby hands down from their parents (or perhaps from grandparents) is interesting?

Who does your baby look like? Mommy, Daddy or both?

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Making Banana Muffins with Chocolate Chips and Dates

Yesterday when I paid a visit to my Bro-in-Law's house in KL, I had a chat with my Sister-in-Law who just started learning to bake. She showed me all the baking ingredients and utensils that she recently bought and we talked a lot about making muffins, simple cookies and stuff.

I realized that yesterday I forgot to feed Naomi with banana that I bought for her earlier this week; this said, today I had two very ripe bananas that were superb for baking ingredient. On top of that, I also happen to have a box of cheap dates at home and I don't really like them because they are too soft to my liking (even after I put them in the fridge!). I mean they're so incredibly cheap and I should have expected the substandard quality.

Anyhow, after our late breakfast, I asked my husband to babysit Naomi and decided to make muffins (just like what I discussed with Sister-in-Law yesterday) by adapting this recipe. I could't follow the exact ingredients stated in the original recipe because my rum for baking expired long time ago (but I still kept it in somewhere in my kitchen cabinet because I have no heart to throw it away).

Banana Muffins with Chocolate Chips and Dates.

Here's the recipe I used for making the banana muffins that sure taste like they are from out of this world (they are so yummy!).

Banana Muffins with Chocolate Chips and Dates


  • 1/2 cup Chopped dates or raisins
  • 1/2 cup Chocolate chips
  • 50gr Butter, melted
  • 1/2 cup Sugar
  • 2 Eggs
  • 2 Ripe Banana (medium to large size), peeled and mashed
  • 1/2 tsp Vanilla extract
  • 1 tsp Milk powder
  • 1.5 cups Flour
  • 2 tsp Baking powder
  • 1/2 tsp Baking soda

  1. Preheat oven to 160 degree Celcius.
  2. Coat the chopped dates and chocolate chips with a bit of flour. Set aside.
  3. In one large bowl, combine all the dry ingredients (flour, baking powder, baking soda and milk powder).
  4. In another large bowl, combine mashed banana with sugar. Add melted butter, vanilla extract and eggs. Mix all ingredients thoroughly by using a wooden spoon.
  5. Pour the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients.
  6. Fold the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients until well combined. Don't over-mix.
  7. Add dates and chocolate chips into the muffin batter and fold them together carefully.
  8. Scoop the muffin batter into muffin pan already lined with muffin paper. Fill the muffin batter all the way to the top.
  9. Bake the muffins for 25-30 minutes or until they are golden brown. 
  10. Best served warm.

Large muffins we had today!

Light, fluffy and fragrant - these muffins are great for breakfast or paired with afternoon tea.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy Mom n Bub Photo Project: Week 9

TGIF tomorrow but it doesn't matter much to those who live in countries like Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore because we are enjoying long weekend starting from today!

Anyway, I am elated to present you with Happy Mom n Bub Photo Project: Week #9

This week's pretty Mom and cute baby who get their fifteen minutes of fame are:

Mommy Jennyfer and Baby Jason Akira from Tokyo, Japan.

Want to show the world the cutest picture of you and your sweet little darling in my blog too? Read here to find out how. It's on first come, first serve basis... so hurry up, Moms! Do send me a picture of you and your little bub, wherever you are!

Last but not least, Selamat Hari Raya to those who celebrate!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

One Lazy Sunday and Candid Baby Photos

It's a slow Sunday today. My husband and I got no exciting plan for spending our Sunday. I tried to think of some interesting places to go but just couldn't come up with any idea. At first, I wanted to take a stroll in a mall again but considering that Hari Raya is coming next week and malls in town must be so crazily crammed today - I dropped this fantastic idea. On top of that, this afternoon Seremban was blessed with blazing sun and sweltering hot weather so today is indeed not a good day for outdoor activity either, unless you have slathered every inch of your skin with some SPF 3000 anti UV lotion. Just kidding. I think SPF 15-30 sunscreen lotion is good enough for hanging out with Mr. Sun today.

Anyway, after our late breakfast today, my husband and I decided to visit our friend's house.

This particular friend of ours that we visited today is an avid photographer and he just loves taking photos. Once, he took couple photos of my husband and me at a vintage shops area in Seremban and they all look nice.

When Baby Naomi 'attacked' his house earlier today, our friend snapped some pictures of Naomi-in-action using his DSLR camera. I could not help but posting the candid photo results here because each of them looks so cute.

My little girl was in such a good mood playing with Uncle Tuck and messing his house so undoubtedly, today's pictures are so sweet and full of smiles. Well, at least for me.

Here are some of the pictures of Naomi that our friend took today. Nice, right?

I'm an all smiley baby today.

Naomi loves playing with Uncle Tuck.

Naomi is showing off her walking skill she learnt last night.

Little sunshine.

P/S: Well, Tuck, like we said today, you are a good babysitter. Thanks for taking and sharing these pictures.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Naomi: 10 Months and 2 Weeks Old

My little Naomi is surely beginning to leave her babyhood behind - I am both happy and sad with this fact. I am happy that my baby grows well, happy and healthy but on the other hand, I am a little sad thinking how fast time has flown. I mean where's my clingy little baby who used to snuggle in my arms or chest when she's sleeping?

Am I cute or what?

As my baby approaches her 1st birthday, she has shown plenty of signs of becoming an independent toddler.

Naomi walked her first 10 tiny steps solo on 25th of July 2013 (Don't you agree that walking is a monumental milestone? I even remember the exact date when my baby did this for the first time!). Both my husband and I were so shocked when this happened as just the day before that, Naomi was still cruising and only be able to walk 2-3 steps. Now, she has not been practising her walking skill that much but she does that when she has the mood. I guess, somehow, she still prefers crawling (at turbo speed on some occasions) than walking.

Naomi is a little chatterbox. She has clearly found her voice and her gibberish baby talk sounds like music to my ears. She babbles a lot and sometimes I feel like she is trying to communicate with us. Although I don't understand her, I still respond to her. Just by keep on talking to her.

Whistling is fun!

Sometime last month, Naomi was playing a toy that has a whistle on it. As she played with it, she began blowing the whistle part and actually managed to produce a whistling sound from it. The moment she realized a sound came from the toy she blew, she kept on doing it over and over again. Every time her blowing attempt's successful, she'd giggle.

Now that Naomi is a master in standing up, crawling and showing separation anxiety - whenever she sees her Dad leaving a room or entering a toilet, she often crawls to that closed door, stands up and knocks on it non-stop until her Dad comes back to pick her or open the toilet door for her.

Next, I guess Naomi's little fingers are getting stronger and now she loves picking up small objects using her thumb and forefinger. The worst part is that she is often intrigues by any tiny things that she can find and pick and then put it in her mouth to taste it. This said, my husband and I really have to constantly keep a good eye on her so she won't eat random stuff like bugs, dirt, rubbish or tiny plastic bits.

I didn't know that a baby as big as Naomi would be so clingy too on some days and when it happens, she just wants me to carry her all the time. She'd follow me wherever I go and if I fail to cuddle or carry her because I am busy, she'd cry. Anyhow, I guess one day I'll miss Naomi's koala bear days.

Also, I am not sure that babies younger than 1 year old can actually show tantrums. I think in the past few weeks, Naomi has shown us her anger and frustration in very strong manners when she doesn't get what she wants. When she's angry she'd cry, howl, kick, hit and even bite my shoulder. This little girl really needs some serious anger management.

These days, Naomi is able to show a simple gesture of saying 'no' by shaking her head. At first, I found this new milestone really cute but eventually, it got really irritating especially when it happens during her feeding time. So yes, feeding time is now a bit challenging especially when Naomi now is able to refuse her porridge or milk by shaking her head.

My Mother-in-Law taught Naomi to wave bye-bye sometime last month. Although her skill on this is not perfect yet but she can imitate us doing it.

By the way, sometimes we let Naomi mingle with her almost 2 y/o cousin at my Mother-in-Law's place. They look cute together but they can't really play peacefully together yet. Either they fight for each other's toy (and my little one surely won't give in easily to her elder cousin) or they'd fight for Grandma's or Grandpa's attention. If Grandpa carries Naomi, her cousin will surely make noise asking to be carried too, and vice versa.

Last but not least, to those of you who are curious about Naomi's feeding schedule at this age - I feed her with rice porridge twice a day, 1 serving of mashed fruit (if I have any at home) plus 5-6 feeds of formula milk in a day. Usually I begin her day with formula milk and only feed her with first bowl of porridge in late morning or afternoon. I give her the second bowl of porridge in the evening or around dinner time. Feeding her now is definitely not as easy as when she was younger as she is now able to show emotions and refuse food from us when she's not that hungry yet or not in the mood for eating or drinking milk.

** Health record:
Current weight: 10.4 kg.
Current height: 78 cm.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Malaysian Moms Wanted for Market Research on Diapers

Recently, I was contacted by a marketing agency from Denmark, called Action Europe Copenhagen, with regards to a market research on diapers that they are currently doing.

Action Europe Copenhagen plans to fly from Denmark all the way to Kuala Lumpur sometime this month to do a market research on diapers with 6 selected Malaysian moms. Basically, they would like to conduct casual face-to-face interviews with some mothers who live in Kuala Lumpur on how they take care of their children in general. For instance, who takes care of the kids on daily basis, are you a working mother or stay-at-home mother, what brands of diapers that you use and so on. Indeed familiar topics for you, yes?

Original photo source is here.

I have personally seen the leading questions prepared by Action Europe Copenhagen for this interview and found them really interesting and relevant to me (and any other moms with young babies!). I am sure these questions will be very easy for you to answer as they are based on your daily life dealing with your baby and his/her diapers.

The interviews will be held on 20th and 21st of August during daytime at one of the cozy restaurants inside the Hilton Kuala Lumpur Hotel. Each interview (individual) session will take about 1 to 1.5 hours of time (and trust me, it will be fun and you won't feel the time passes by during this chit-chat session!).

Now, here are some of the requirements for you, Moms, if you are keen to help Action Europe Copenhagen with these interviews:
  • You must be a Malaysian citizen (Chinese/Indian/Malay of race)
  • You must reside in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Currently, you must ideally have a baby under 1 year old
  • You must be able to speak English (as the interviewer is a European lady)
  • You must be able to travel to the interview venue on your own

Those selected Moms who actually show up during the interview will be given cash reimbursement of RM 150 as a token of appreciation.

If you meet the above criteria and feel that you can share your motherhood story in this one-to-one short interview session on either day of the above-mentioned dates, please do contact me at before Friday, August 16th, 2013 for further logistical arrangements.

Thank you so much and I look forward to see some Malaysian mothers joining this interesting interview on the subject that you definitely know the most!

Updates: This opportunity has been closed. A lot of Moms showed their interest to join this interview; however, at the end of the day, we could only pick 6 of them due to time constraint. Thank you very much for your enthusiasm!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy Mom n Bub Photo Project: Week 8

Friday is coming tomorrow and I can't wait for it!

Anyway, as usual, it's my pleasure to present you the Happy Mom n Bub Photo Project: Week #8

The Mom and bub who are in the centre of the limelight this week are:

Mommy Feei Min and Baby Samuel from Seremban, Malaysia.

Don't you wish to be the next Mom and Bub featured here? If so, read here to find out how. It's on first come, first serve basis... so Moms (wherever you are), I'll be waiting the submission of your picture and your little bub soon, okay!