Thursday, July 18, 2013

Two Babies' Studio Photos

Still remember Naomi's first studio photo experience taken about three months ago in my home town in Indonesia?

We had a studio photo shoot together with my best friend and her baby who is about a month older than Naomi. My best friend and I, who are now physically a thousand miles away, always think that our babies are also best friends forever (BFF) like us. We always program our brain cells to think that our babies are already and meant to be BFFs even when they were still inside our tummies. There were times when we did FaceTime together so Baby Naomi could meet Baby Darlene live. On top of that, I often show Darlene's pictures to Naomi.

Like what BFFs normally do, Baby Naomi and Baby Darlene were supposed to take photos together.

Truth is, Naomi and Darlene were practically total strangers. They did not know each other and had never interacted with each other. When they first met in person, both had not really developed their social butterfly skills well and Naomi, being a baby in a completely new place surrounded with lots of new people she just met, back then was a bit sensitive in meeting people she was not familiar with.

In short, my best friend and I forced our babies take studio photo together, side by side. Both of us were hoping to capture the sweet, heart-melting and cute moments of these two little darlings shared together. We expected to see them smiling, lovingly bonding or happily playing with each other in pictures. Nevertheless, we figured that those were really just empty hopes. In reality, when Naomi and Darlene were sat next to each other, these two girls seemed to be very confused and gave each other weird look as if they were saying "Who on earth are chu?" "Whatchu doin' here?" "I dunno ya.." 

They just didn't pose nicely together.

Moving on, to give you a clear depiction of the above situation, let the below pictures speak for themselves. Darlene's Mom just got the photos from the photographer a couple weeks ago.

One is looking at something on her left, one is looking at the ceiling.

And the following is probably the most proper shot we had from the photo studio.

The only photo when both babies look at the camera.

Erm.. Wait.. I guess, in view of the ongoing Ramadhan period, I shall not tell lies here. 

Honestly, the latter photo was heavily edited. The photographer cut Darlene's photo from another picture and pasted it next to Naomi's so both of them would seem as if they're focusing to the camera. Initially, the photographer was reluctant to show, let alone sell our babies' photo results to us because none of them was considerably good. No single picture had the two babies looking at the camera and being in a pretty awkward situation, both Naomi and Darlene didn't bother to smile at all. Anyway, my best friend somehow managed to get the photographer creatively produced at least one nice photo of Naomi and Darlene and the above picture's the grand final result.

With that, I think I have no tips to share when it comes to successfully taking studio photos of two or more babies. At least for now.

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